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    Originally posted by neko4 View Post
    what, I thought Favre was washed up?
    Oh I've already said that I sold Favre far too short. He actually was washed up at the end of Mike Sherman's reign. Mike McCarthy, as terrible as his plan against the Giants was, doesn't get nearly enough credit for getting Favre to play within his limits again. It really reinvigorated his career.

    I still think Rodgers has a better chance of beating the Bears next year than Favre would have, however.

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      Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
      This year's Giants team had Acorsi's fingerprints all over it.

      shhh don't tell EAcantdraft, cuz like Accorsi sucks and all his picks were reaches and busts *rolls eyes*

      but you're right, this was mainly EA's team, with more maturation, especially of Eli
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      Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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        where is EAcantdraft?

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          It's definitely polian... finds guys who fit the system
          Originally posted by Charm City Byrdgang
          Waaaaaaaaah!!! It was totally cooler when I was the only one who made a truth thread. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I thought that when I "retired" people would honor me by never making truth threads. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!
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          It's called Auto Fellatio!


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            Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
            That's far too small of a sample size. Not to mention that Thompson was more often than not picking in the top half of the draft. It's easier to have good drafts when you have bad teams, and Favre.
            He's had 3 drafts. I said he was the 2nd best drafter over the last 3 years. Yes it's too small to determine if he's the overall best GM in the NFL. But like I stated 3 years is 3 years. I didn't imply that because he's been the 2nd best drafter over the last 3 years that he is the best or 2nd best GM overall. But if he continues on this pace he will be there soon.
            I remember: Sean Taylor



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              Originally posted by neko4 View Post
              where is EAcantdraft?
              haven't seen him in forever....

              Reese did do a good job though brining in guys through FA for little price and making big impacts. Also our draft was phenomenal. Reese shouldve gotten a little more than 9 votes at least


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                Absofruitly. The white wizard is busting out to the world baby.

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                they get smoked.

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                Hint:Not the Bears.


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                  if we were having this discussion a few years ago, the ozzie newsome would most surely be in this discussion...that is before kyle boller truly busted and michal clayton tooka big step backward...although i still say that when push comes to shoove, he hits on his picks more then 90% of teh GMs in the league.
                  Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                  The APS is strong in this one.
                  Originally posted by killxswitch
                  Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                    Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                    Is he the best GM? No. That's Bill Polian. Ted Thompson didn't draft Favre, and unless Rodgers turns into Favre, he can never put that notch on his belt.

                    But did he deserve the award this year? Yeah I think that's fair. This year's Giants team had Acorsi's fingerprints all over it.
                    Both Accorsi's and Reese's. The problem with Accorsi was he was too active in FA, and often kept around talent or drafted talent that was injury prone. Reese got rid of all our cancers, and injury prone guys and drafted guys that fit our system.

                    Thats another thing Accorsi never did, Accorsi didn't draft guys into a system, he just drafted whoever he thought was good. Reese specifically targets talent that is maximized under the systems theyre being drafted into: examples being Ross, Alford, Smith, and Bradshaw.

                    I don't disagree with Thompson getting the nod, theres a lot of good GMs in this league. Reese could very well be a one year wonder for all we know.


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                      if the G-men go into the playoffs next year, then reese should get it
                      if in 2 years the fins sniff the playoffs, parcells should get it

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                        IMO Phil Savage. In 3-4 years he took the very worste team in the NFL to possibly top 5 in the hard AFC.

                        Everyone remembers some of our horrible draft picks. Free agents despite us having money, refused to play here.

                        We get the top free agents now, great pro bowl quality draft picks. Hes unbeleavable at getting players as undrafted FA's getting Cribbs and Bodden of late. He was also in charge of bringing in and having faith in Derek Anderson.

                        He played a huge part in the Ravens superbowl and the solid teams they had and brought the same style to Cleveland.

                        Ted Thomas deserved to win, and I also like AJ Smith, but Phil easily did the most with less.

                        We didnt have a simgle pro bowler for a span of about 5-6 years, and we had 6 this year.

                        The Browns could have around 9 pro bowl players this year if everyone plays up to par.
                        Derek Anderson
                        Braylon Edwards
                        Kellen Winslow
                        Lawrence Vickers (without Lorenzo Neal Vickers is a near lock)
                        Joe Thomas
                        Eric Steinbach (has made 2 before)
                        Josh Cribbs
                        Shaun Rogers (has made 2 before)
                        Kamerion Wimbley

                        Its just nasty what Phil Savage has done with the talent level of this team and I didnt even include the solid players like...
                        Jamal Lewis
                        Donte Stallworth
                        Corey Williams
                        Sean Jones
                        Eric Wright
                        Andra Davis
                        Dqwell Jackson
                        Brodney Poole
                        Kevin Shaffer
                        Hank Fraley
                        Joe Jurivicius
                        Brady Quinn

                        THis team is going to be pretty nasty. He has also brought an unbelievable coaching staff in from the horrid Butch Davis years.

                        His been credited for genius salary cap meneuvers that have since been picked up by teams all around the league.

                        Who would have thought 3 years ago when he took over for the Browns we would be talking deep playoff runs? If this team was in the NFC they could easily be considered the 2nd best team by more than one guru.

                        Before Phil Savage/after Phil Savage
                        Tim Couch - Derek Anderson
                        William Green - Jamal Lewis
                        Terrell Smith - Lawrence Vickers
                        Kevin Johnson - Braylon Edwards
                        Quincy Morgan - Donte Stallworth
                        Dennis Northcutt - Joe Jurivicius
                        LJ Sheldon - Joe THomas
                        Joe Andruzzi - Eric Steinbach
                        Jeff Faine - Hank Fraley
                        Cosey Coleman - Lecharles Bentley (finally healthy)
                        Ross Verba - Kevin Shaffer

                        Kenard Land - Corey Williams
                        Gerard Warren - Shaun Rogers
                        Alvin McKinley - Shaun Smith
                        Ebinezer Eukuban - Robair Smith
                        Ben Taylor - Dqwell Jackson
                        Kevin Bentley - Kamerion Wimbley
                        Daylon Mccutcheon - Eric Wright
                        Michael Jamison - Brodney Poole
                        Michael Lehan - Sean Jones

                        Derek Frost - Dave Zastudil
                        Andre King - Josh Cribbs
                        anyone see a difference in 3 years?
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                          Polian could win the award every year as he annually finds players that fit his teams style of playing on both OFF and DEF. Think of all the recent gems he's found in rounds 3-7.

                          Here's a list of players drafted in the 3rd round or later since Polian has been in Indy:

                          2007- LB Clint Session, DT Keyunta Dawson, DT Quin Pitcock
                          2006- LB Freddie Keiaho, S Antone Bethea
                          2005- G Dylan Gandy, LB Tyjuan Hagler
                          2004- Jason David, Jake Scott
                          2003- Cato June, Robert Mathis
                          2002- David Thorton
                          2001- Ryan Diem, Rick DeMulling
                          1999- Hunter Smith

                          Players in bold are ones that I feel are impact players for the Colts and are starters. Look at the Colts first pick that they have had in the draft going back to 1997 when Polian arrived in Indy, the guy does not miss. Heres a list of the Colts 1st picks in the draft back to 1998:

                          Anthony Gonzalez, Joseph Addai, Marlin Jackson, Bob Sanders, Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney, Reggie Wayne, Rob Morris, Edgerrin James, and Peyton Manning. Six of those ten players have played in at least once Pro Bowl. Stack this together, and you have the resume of the best GM in the NFL in the last ten years.


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                            Ted Thompson
                            Great or Greatest

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                              I think most people forgot what huge homers Browns fans are because they've been bad for so long.

                              I mean, I'm from Cleveland so I never forgot, but I think most did.

                              Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                                Originally posted by DawgBone View Post
                                IMO Phil Savage. In 3-4 years he took the very worste team in the NFL to possibly top 5 in the hard AFC.
                                He would have been fired if they were under .500.



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