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Bryant McKinnie to Dolphins?

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  • Bryant McKinnie to Dolphins?

    how much do you think it wil cost to get him?
    also how much does this hurt Jackson & Peterson

    who do they have to even replace him?
    Peterson ran more then 65% of the time to the left
    also whos going to block young Jacksons blind side
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    Speculation. I'd say it would cost them their second rounder. But the article says it would be for Jason Taylor.


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      If they traded him they would need two starting caliber tackles.

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        Anthing less than a 2nd would be a steal for the Dolphins. He may have some issues but he's a premier tackle.

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          That'd be a dumb trade for the Vikings. Yes they could use a DE, especially the level of Jason Taylor, but where are they going to find a LT now? There was already some speculation that they might take a right tackle early, they can't afford to take two tackles early. The top level tackles should all be gone before their first pick too. Not to mention that Jason Taylor will be 34.


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            This rumor has no merit. It was written by Charley Walters who comes up with bogus rumors such as this one all the time.


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              Sigh. Can we just make an NFL rumors thread?



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                And the rumor is dead already...

                McKinnie to remain
                Contrary to what I wrote earlier, it doesn't appear Vikings tackle Bryant McKinnie will be leaving the club despite being charged for his involvement in a brawl in Miami on Feb. 24. McKinnie has since pleaded not guilty to the four charges.

                NFL clubs that have checked on McKinnie's availability have been told he will remain with the team. Of course, if somebody came to the Vikings with a fantastic offer, it might be different.

                McKinnie could get some type of punishment from the NFL.

                But his close friends on the team believe he has learned his lesson and things will be different in the future.



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                  And yet again the hypocrasy of pro sports teams rears its head. Brad Childress is all about cracking down on trouble makers, so long as you're an unimportant player.

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                    haha, this would not even be considered. Why in the world would the vikings, a run oriented team, trade away a good left tackle who can pave running lanes and protect its young QB. The defense is solid enough without trading a young and talented offensive tackle for an older DE

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                    Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
                    You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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                      Trading McKennie would be a stupid move by the Vikings if it happened.


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                        Man I would love this trade! I really hope it happens!

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                          Originally posted by Crazy_Chris View Post
                          Trading McKennie would be a stupid move by the Vikings if it happened.

                          I think he's pretty overrated, but with the style of offense with run he would be a huge loss.


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                            I do not think that this trade is gonna happen Bryant McKinnie is one of the best players on the Vikings. Plus the vikings o-line is probably their best unit on the team so i can not see any reason for them to part with their standout RT.


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                              If the Vikes did that they'll plunge themselves right back in mediocrity... I doubt they will.

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