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NFL to announce Week 1 primetime and Thanksgiving games Monday

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  • NFL to announce Week 1 primetime and Thanksgiving games Monday

    Schedule on deck
    11:05 AM Sun, Mar 30, 2008
    Albert Breer

    The NFL is expected to release its national television schedule for the season's opening weekend and Thanksgiving tomorrow, during the first day of the league's owner's meetings.

    The rest of schedule was tentatively slated to be released on Thursday, though that has come off the NFL Network television schedule since.
    (Similar to this announcement in 2006.)

    Post your guesses or games you'd like to see, if willing.

    A little help: It is Fox's turn to host the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, meaning they will play an NFC team.
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    Packers and Lions has been a tradition on thanksgiving for the most part except a couple years recently.

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      My guess is for the Thursday game, it will be the Colts @ Vikings.
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        Originally posted by djp4516 View Post
        My guess is for the Thursday game, it will be the Colts @ Vikings.
        Wouldn't it be the Redskins @ Giants?. In the past years the Thursday game has been the Winning Superbowl team at Home.

        Maybe Colts @ Vikings on Monday Night. Which I hope the Vikings play on Monday because I think it with September 8th and thats my Birthday so that would be cool.

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          The Lions' Thanksgiving game this year will be against an AFC opponent....and the only AFC teams visiting Detroit this year are the Titans and Jaguars.

          So on Thanksgiving Day, it'll either be Jags@Lions or Titans@Lions .


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            as always I'd love to see the Jags play on Thanksgiving but I doubt it will happen anytime soon...


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              My guesses as follows.

              TNF: Washington Redskins @ New York Giants. Given.

              FOX afternoon/nationally-televised game: Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers. Colts have opened the season in primetime four straight years, but only the Cowboys could bump them. No Favre might mean this isn't worth keeping for November sweeps.

              SNF: Dallas Cowboys @ Pittsburgh Steelers. That's a real nice primetime game, plus it's the 30th anniversary of the 78 season, which ended in Super Bowl XIII where the Steelers beat the Cowboys 35-31.

              MNF double-header: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers. First game opens up on the east coast, Bucs give the game legitimacy as a playoff team last year. Plus it's a divisional game which hopefully helps scoring, and the Panthers have added weapons this offseason.

              MNF double-header: Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders. Second game on the west coast, similar situation to the above in having two division rivals - who turned in two good games last season.

              Thanksgiving CBS: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Detroit Lions. CBS hosts the Lions and has to have an AFC team, it's either the Jags or the Titans. I'll give the nod to the Jags.

              Thanksgiving FOX: Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys. Fox hosts the Cowboys and has to have an NFC opponent, but I think it might be too long a trip for the Seahawks to travel on a very short week. Bucs ... eh, we saw the Cowboys destroy the Bucs on Thanksgiving in 2006, do we need a repeat? We don't often see NFC East opponents against the Cowboys (twice in 15 years according to the linked blog, both times the Redskins), but I'll go with the Eagles because they are a feasible opponent to have when a 2007 NFC playoff team isn't available.

              Thanksgiving NFLN: Anybody's guess, but I'll just say Chicago Bears @ Houston Texans. Texans fans will pack the dome, and having a dome is big, plus the Bears will bring ratings. Could be a really good game.
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                raiders wont have a monday night game again :(

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                  im guessing Giants vs Cowboys & Vikings vs Lions & Chiefs vs Broncos thanksgiving


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                    Nice...they released the schedules later last season. I wasnt expecting them so soon.

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                      would love to see the chargers get a thanksgiving game.


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                        The Lions I think play on CBS this year because they rotate.

                        So that means its either Tennessee at Detroit or Jacksonville at Detroit.


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                          I wouldn't be surprised to see Browns Colts on monday night.


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                            cowboys at packers MNF week one
                            giants at cowboys Thanksgiving

                            those are my guesses


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                              anybody know the time they are gonna release it.?
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