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Brett Favre back in the NFL ????

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  • Brett Favre back in the NFL ????

    GULFPORT, Miss. (AP)—If the Green Bay Packers are ravaged by injuries this season, Brett Favre might consider returning should the team reach out to him.

    “It would be hard to pass up, I guess,” he told the Biloxi (Miss.) Sun Herald. “But three months from now, say that presents itself, I may say, you know what, I’m so glad I made that decision. I’m feel very comfortable in what I’m doing and my decision.

    “Yeah, I can probably be up there doing that and playing, but again, I don’t know. It’s only speculating. I think the world of that team. I had a lot of fun, not only this year, but over my career.”

    But if Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury?

    “Aaron has fallen into a great situation,” Favre said. “And if that opportunity presented itself and they did call, it would be tempting. And I very well could be enticed do it.”

    Favre understands the kind of challenge he would face should he opt to go back to the NFL after ending his record-setting 17-year career. And he made it clear he is not changing his mind at this time.

    “But to think that if they called me in October and told me, ‘Hey, we need you this week.’ That would be hard,” Favre said in a story that appeared on the paper’s Web site on Tuesday. “I’m sure mentally, I would be refreshed. I’d be away from it for a long time. But mentally versus physically, the last thing I’d want to do is go up and it’s ‘Oh this is great’ and all that stuff and me be excited and then just flop.

    “You just can’t show up and play.”

    There has been a steady flow of speculation that Favre would have a change of heart in the wake of the March 4 announcement the league’s only three-time MVP was retiring.

    “I guess the best response would be, right now no,” he said of a possible return to the game.

    Favre added he would not return unless he was in shape.

    “It would be hard to go up there at 38. It was hard to stay in shape. I say that, I worked out and I worked out hard,” he said. “Week in and week out, I was just drained. Finally, for the first time, I felt, not that 38 is old, but I looked around at practice and these guys are bouncing around. And I practiced every day and all the time people would ask me … `How do you do it? Inside I’m saying, ‘I have no idea.’ It’s a struggle.”
    Speculation but still he could be back sooner than expected if injuries occured.


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    Oh Brett..This is why we love you so much


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      yeah yeah, we've read this already

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        yeah, like i agree hes one of, if not the best of all time, but im getting kind of sick of all the on again off again stuff with him. Its annoying
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        The APS is strong in this one.
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        Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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          Originally posted by A Perfect Score View Post
          yeah, like i agree hes one of, if not the best of all time, but im getting kind of sick of all the on again off again stuff with him. Its annoying
          Honestly I don't think its him though, its more so the media. Its not like Brett Favre is putting this stuff out on the internet.

          But yeah I admit its getting a little riddicilious.
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            He's retired and still the Packers #1 backup. Nice.


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              Jesus Christ give it a rest already.


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                Give it up, Brett. Live in the now.

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                  Originally posted by BrentN View Post
                  Give it up, Brett. Live in the now.
                  It's the media like another indivudal pointed out...Brett has not created all this ******** since he retired

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                    I agree with everyone who is sick of hearing about Favre. This is Aaron Rodgers team now. Favre didnt make these rumors and he also said he would have to be in shape to consider it. Now what if Rodgers is out from week 8-10 would u bring Favre in? What happens when Rodgers is back healthy?? Would all the Favre crazy fans keep wanting Favre to play over Rodgers? Yea im sick of it and Rodgers better not get hurt.

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                      He's not gonna come back


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                        He better not! I already drank away my sorrows of him leaving! Don't want to go though the heart break again! lol


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                          Originally posted by Lions WMD View Post
                          He's retired and still the Packers #1 backup. Nice.
                          his retirement papers still havent been filed....


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                            Originally posted by EvilMonkey View Post
                            his retirement papers still havent been filed....
                            I think thats the least of his worries right now. He probably wants to just enjoy the family and relax. Anyone I have seen go through retirement that loved their job went through a very slow and thoughful process before saying goodbye to something you have done for so long.
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                              I don't like this at all. Sure, he wasn't the one who wrote this article or asked him the question, but he had to know what would happen if he answered the way he did. I wish he could just say, "Nope, I'm retired. As much as I love the game, nothing could bring me back."



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