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    We had a breakout sophmore thread so here's a breakout player one

    rules, to make things a bit more intresting

    If you name a breakout player on your team you must also name one for all of your divisional rivals

    Green Bay:
    Aaron Rodgers and Nick Collins (Way over due)

    Calvin Johnson will be a stud

    Sidney Rice and Cedric Griffin I think could become the team's best CB

    Kyle Orton!!!!! jk Rex Grossman!!!!! jk a again
    Greg Olson should become the starter this year and play well
    Cedric Benson needs to breakout

    Sig thanks to Bonekrusher

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    Lamarr Woodley!!! Lamarr Woodley!!! Lamarr Woodley!!!

    Ravens: Troy Smith (if starting)
    Bungles: Robert Gaethers
    Browns: Eric Wright


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      Bears: Orton seriously he will prove that he deserves to be the starter and imo he will play well.

      packers: not really a break out but Barnett will make the pro bowl.


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        My big one is D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Something like 24.5 sacks allowed in his first two years, but now he gets an established LG in Alan Faneca to play next to him, so I expect him to finally live up to his billing.


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          Broncos: Tony Scheffler
          Chargers: Eric Weddle
          Chiefs: Tamba Hali


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            Break out player for the Cowboys: Adam Jones!!!

            Giants - Steve Smith. (showed up plenty last year, but he's earned trust in the coaching staff and QB, so he should get the ball a lot more this year).

            DeadSkins - Jason Campbell (should finally shine)

            Iggles - Kevin Curtis


            • #7
              Eagles- Stewart Bradley
              Cowboys- Anthony Spencer
              Redskins- Laron Landry
              Giants- Gerris Wilkinson


              • #8
                Saints= Bush
                Bucs= G. Adams
                Panthers=Jake D.
                ATL= Chris Houston

                Sick Sig by BoneKrusher

                WHO DAT


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                  Reggie Bush... Finally... Please....


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                    Originally posted by SaintsFanForLife View Post
                    Saints= Bush
                    Bucs= G. Adams
                    Panthers=Jake D.
                    ATL= Chris Houston
                    delhomme is gonna breakout, again

                    Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                      Buffalo: John McCargo or Paul P.

                      Pats:Ellis Hobbs CB
                      Phins: Abraham Wright OLB
                      Jets:no1 really


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                        Falcons: Jamaal Anderson will become an average pass rusher.
                        Saints: Reggie Bush will average 4.5 yards a carry.
                        Panthers: DeAngelo Williams will get 1000-1100 rushing yards.
                        Bucs: Gaines Adams will get 10 sacks or more. Either him, or I think one of their other DE or DT. Forgot his name, but he was a beast during one of our games.

                        "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                          Ravens- Antwan Barnes/Jared Gaither/Demetrius Williams/Troy Smith

                          Other terrible teams in my division...

                          Steelers- Lamar Woodley/Lawrence Timmons/Bryant McFadden
                          Browns- Eric Wright/DQwell Jackson
                          Bengals- I have always liked kenny irons, so if hes healthy i guess him...

                          and does anyone else not love having avatars back? i sure do
                          Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                          The APS is strong in this one.
                          Originally posted by killxswitch
                          Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                            Chargers: I think Castillo will finally have a huge year. All he needs to do is stay healthy and he can hit double digit sacks.

                            Raiders: Michael Huff will be able to play his more natural position with Wilson on board.

                            Chiefs: Both safeties are impressive but I think Jarrad Page is going to become a very good player.

                            Broncos: Cutler could be in store for a nice year.


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                              Eagles - Stewart Bradley
                              Giants - Ahmad Bradshaw
                              Cowboys - Marcus Spears
                              Redskins - Carlos Rogers



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