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    3rd and a 4th do it danny boy
    RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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      Originally posted by Bengalsrocket View Post
      We don't need Chad Johnson to be a successful team, but we have to replace the numbers he put up, which an average receiver like chatman / Holt / Gabriel are not going to do. And Receivers are notorious for being terrible their 1st year - so drafting one won't help with 08'. And if we repeat our running game from last year, then we certainly aren't getting those numbers out of it.

      Now, with the loss of a top tier talent WR and our incredibly strong division (browns 10-6 last year, and they fixed a lot of their problems in FA already. Steelers are always good. And Ravens can always put pressure on this league simply because that defense is so good) I honestly do not think we have a shot to win our division this year with out chad johnson.

      Also, the AFC-North's schedule is so ridiculously tough right now, I can almost garuntee it will produce no wild cards.

      So we're banking on miracles at this point =/
      You guys have had Chad Johnson and haven't had a winning season since 2005. I would trade Chad Johnson for an upgraded defense no question. I have confidence that your offense could still be productive. But really, I think your problems have come on the defensive side of the football, not the offensive side. You shouldn't have to have a shootout to win your games every single time. You need balance.

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      Originally posted by Borat
      Oh, my bad. Didn't realize SWDC was the pinnacle of class and grace.


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        I guess Chad doesn't want to be the Marvin to Carson's Peyton anymore. Oh well. He's a great player, and he's caught way too much flack for Cincy's losing ways. I look forward to seeing him in another uni, as long as it's not in the AFC West.


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          I read this today, thought it was relevant

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            pretty interesting article. it makes a lot of sense.


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              Originally posted by Bengalsrocket View Post
              I don't think that is that fair. The 28th pick for 46th pick? so we move up less than 20 spots and get a 4th/5th round pick for at least a top 5 WR? I realize he's devalued because he wants out of Cincinnati, but I also doubt that trade works out
              the diff in picks is either a mid 3rd or a late 2nd depending on what trade value chart your using (not including the 4th/5th)


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                Originally posted by JagHombre22 View Post
                I'd quickly give a second and third to the bengals for him...
                I would too, but you have to worry will he be as big of a headache where ever he goes just like he was in Cincy?


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                  Originally posted by themaninblack View Post
                  we could still win our division without Chad. We need another receiver for sure, but im confident enough in what Carson can do that without Chad we could still be successful. The defense needs to come into its own though.
         aint got a chance to win the division untill the defence gets sorted out. You'd do well to get an extra pick or two for CJ, and stock up on D'.


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                    Send him to the Eagles after June 1st. I think the Eagles will work out a trade and be like we will do it after June 1st.


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                      This was posted earlier on the Raider forum:

                      well for starters im not a fan of that show it sucks I was just browsing. Chad was the special guest and they start talking about the celebrations, the bengals blah and Carson asks him about "who is the cb you love to go up against?" and he said "Deangelo is my boy"
                      "we talk so much smack in a game you could make a book about it" then chad out of nowhere is like " know he signed ummmm with the Raiders right???"

                      Then out of nowhere Chad is like "Come on get me Al, Ill help your rookie serious!!!" and everyone was like silent.

                      just wanted to share this


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                        Originally posted by Geo View Post
                        The Bengals in 2006, like the Jags that season, were on the doorstep of making the playoffs but just couldn't make it.

                        Hilarious how he thinks he's the best player on the Bengals. LOL, he's not even the best receiver on his own team, nor has he for some time (and I've been saying this for over a year now, glad some are starting to see it).

                        I feel for Carson, for having had put up with this **** for so long. It's hard enough playing quarterback in the league, Michael Irvin would say he'd blame himself for a bad pass rather than Troy Aikman to not place any additional pressure/grief on him.

                        Chad might be acting like a d*ck, but I disagree with TJ being better...and its pretty hard for you to make that claim being that Chad sees #1 cornerbacks week in and out, coverages shift towards Chad, and defenses gameplan to stop Chad, TJ has yet to play a full season with all that going against him, and until he does, I refuse to say he is better then Chad, he hasnt seen nearly the coverage Chad has, and hasnt played at a high level for as long...I just think its funny when certain guys start to act crazy off the field it makes people want to act like their not as good of a player, just because he whines like a baby doesnt mean he's not their best WR.

                        Originally posted by Scott Wright
                        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                          chad you idiot, carson is a top 5 QB in the NFL, where is he gonna go to find one as good as him?

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                            Fabian Washington and a 4th for Johnson. I'd do it.

                            Oldie but a goodie.


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                              Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                              chad you idiot, carson is a top 5 QB in the NFL, where is he gonna go to find one as good as him?
                              he should goto the patriots


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                                Alot of reports from forums on the internet i searched on google say

                                "According to radio reports in Oakland and Cincy the Raiders have offered a deal for Chad Johnson. The deal includes Stuart Schweigert, Fabian Washington, and a 2009 draft pick (2nd and 4th) for Ocho Cinco."

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