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Who Are the Best QBs in the League?

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    1 Peyton Manning
    2 Tom Brady
    3 Big Ben
    4 Drew Brees
    5 Carson Palmer
    6 Matt Hasselback
    7 Tony Romo
    8 David Garrard
    9 Eli Manning
    10 McNabb
    Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

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      1. Shady Brady
      2. Peyton
      3. Brees
      4. Big Ben
      5. Eli - meh, we're all homers and I love having Eli under center when we need a late score, for his late game cool he gets a lot of props from me, now he just needs to beat up on inferior teams like Romo and Big brother.
      5. Romo - I like Romo but let's see him lead that team through the fourth against a top team when it matters.
      6. Palmer
      7. Hasselback
      8. Marc Bulger - if that oline can bounce back and keep from being shell shocked like they failed to do with Kurt Warner
      9. Rivers
      10. Jay Cutler

      I think Trent Edwards and Shaub could really gain some ground on the bottom of the top 10 as I love both's toughness and decision making on the move.


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        1. Peyton Manning - Not even close.

        2. Tom Brady - Was not that great a quarterback statistically before this year.

        3. Ben Roethlisberger - Really stepped it up this year and already has a superbowl ring.

        4. Carson Palmer - Went down to injury and still put up very good numbers on a team that does little to nothing for him on defense.

        5. Tony Romo - One of the best playmakers in the league at the position.

        6. Marc Bulger - One of the most consistently good players for the past 5,6 years.

        7. Drew Brees - Has put up very solid numbers once he got out of a bad situation in San Diego.

        8. Matt Hasselbeck - Just like Bulger, has been very consistent in his career.

        9. Donovan McNabb - Playmaker in every sense of the word, but can't seem to stay healthy.

        10. Eli Manning - Shaky regular season player but has been solid in the clutch, so he makes the list.


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          Originally posted by Sportsfan486 View Post
          1. Peyton Manning
          2. Tom Brady
          3. Drew Brees
          4. Carson Palmer
          5. Ben Roethlisberger
          6. Tony Romo
          7. Eli Manning
          8. Aaron Rodgers *
          9. Matt Hasselbeck
          10. Philip Rivers

          * = I think there's a big dropoff after Manning, well, actually before Manning but he DID win a Super Bowl against the Pats so.. mad rep to him. Point is, I think with the Packer's offense Rodgers will be rather impressive if he stays healthy.

          I don't include QBs that are really good but can't stay healthy or are madly inconsistent/not a focal point of the offense/etc. This means someone like Donovan McNabb, Derek Anderson or David Garrard doesn't make my list.
          Yet, you include a player that hasn't started an NFL game based on what you think he can do and put him ahead of players that have made multiple Pro Bowls and led their teams to Super Bowls (i.e. McNabb and Hasselbeck)?



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