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    Originally posted by The Legend View Post
    so 33 teams would just be werid even 34 wont be that great

    unless the 3 teams per divison 5 conference
    Another team shouldn't and hopefully wont be added. Moving a team would be fine but messing up 8 divisions with 4 teams would be stupid. I don't know how you got 3 teams in a 5 division conference that would be 15 teams. If u meant AFC+NFC both having 5 divisions that still would only be 30 teams.

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      Originally posted by P-L View Post
      32 teams is pretty much perfect. If anything, it's too many. No need to add any more.
      That's why it's necessary to get this damn purple team away from me instead of adding another.

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        Itd be funny if the vikes went to LA since thats what the lakers did

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          Originally posted by eaglesfan_45 View Post
          No no no, don't bring it to Los Angeles, bring it to Las Vegas .
          Would never happen. The NFL doesn't want to be associated with gambling, and thus, Las Vegas (the heart of all gambling) wouldn't make that possible.

          I don't see the point of having a public press conference over something the NFL hasn't even looked at, much less considered.
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            Originally posted by nobodyinparticular View Post
            Seeing as how my college is about 10 minutes away from this freeway intersection, all I have to say is that CalTrans had better start widening those freeways right now if they want this to work. These freeways, especially the 57 are already too small to hold the traffic that goes on it. The 210 (which connects to the 57 from Pasadena) is also one of the worst and would need to be addressed as well.

            For an NFL team to survive in the L.A. area, the planning must include a way to keep the fans from having to deal with the L.A. gridlock. If traffic becomes a problem, most people won't go.
            Where do you go to school? I'm about 5 mins away from city of industry.

            The first thing that popped in my head when i first read was concerning traffic.


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              Move the Bills to Toronto and assassinate Al Davis and move the Raiders back to Los Angeles.

              Problem solved!


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                Expansion drafts and the entire process is always fun but, I agree the league's pretty set w/ 32.

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                    that's actually pretty badass looking...


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                      maybe a team is relocating


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                        i'm not opposed to an nfl franchise being that close to my house. actually would enjoy that.

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                          Originally posted by Aftermath View Post
                          We dont need any more teams.
                          Yep, the number is perfectly even right now. Unless they are moving a team that is getting poor attendance? But I cannot think of one.

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                            i don't want an expansion team, or 2 for that matter.

                            the league is watered down as is, adding 2 teams would water it down even more. i don't want that. LA is too fickle anyway, they don't deserve a team.

                            If a team moves there, so be it. But im heavily opposed to expansion teams.


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                              thats a nice stadium drawing


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                                I think a relocation of an existing team to LA is very possible.



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