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Roy Williams bidding war?

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    Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
    Carpenter would make a great LB in a Tampa 2 scheme...I still remember the reports that had Carpenter and Spears on the chopping block, Fasano is another hot name as of lately, not sure what's Detroits use to him.

    Carp is underrated because he doesn't do much for us, but he has great instincts and would fit well in that type of scheme, just not really sure how Millen would value him, or if there would be somebody he wanted at 28(Mayo?)

    Gives them the option of going Mendenhall, Mayo in the first, Carp could play weakside(Sims is strong side correct?), and Mayo fills out the LB core...At worst case he is competition for somebody who is still only 24 yrs old.
    You beat me to the punch. Although I would like Carp in the middle of a Tampa 2 a lot better than outside. And as already mentioned, Sims is a WILL 'backer.

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      I wasnt sure if Sims was a Will or not...Carp could play middle, I dont think he would be as appealing as Mayo for that defense, but I think he's a good fit in general in the Tampa 2 at least to push somebody for a spot...But I agree another future pick would be needed which would be fine by me...I'd also be fine with giving them another player...Spears could probably be a heck of a 4-3 NT but that's another story.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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        I think we will move him if they can get a 1st, I would trade him at this point, he's going to leave after next year if we dont franchise him anyways.

        Wouldn't mind get a vet and a 3rd for him


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          I thought I was out... AND THEN THEY PULL ME RIGHT BACK IN!

          Sweet Living

          I remember 9/24/08


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            Originally posted by GB12 View Post
            Trade the one draft pick that has worked out so Millen can get more picks and blow those? I like it.
            I really don't think he signs with us long-term. Do we trade him this off-season, franchise him and trade him next off-season, or let him go for nothing? I guess a fourth option is to throw $20+ million guaranteed at him so both of our receivers combine for $50 million guaranteed. That seems like a good strategy...



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