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    Originally posted by ChargerCohen View Post
    They traded their 4th for the most productive wide receiver season of all time, plus whatever the hell else they get from Randy from the next three years. How is it even possible to criticize that draft?

    Wes Welker for their second and seventh too. Bizarre that this would even occur to anyone.
    Yea you have to factor those in, those 2 alone are enough to call that draft a success, Welker and Moss took that offense to new heights, as well as Brady, and should continue to do so...hinders the development of Chad Jackson though, who I was always high on.

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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      Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
      Patriots drafts since Bill Belichick took over:

      2007 - Brandon Meriweather
      Mike Richardson is on the team as well. Both should get some playing time this year. This draft also netted Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

      2006 - Laurence Maroney, Stephen Gostkowski, Ryan O'Callaghan
      Three productive picks from this draft so far. Maroney started to break out towards the end of the year, Gostkowski is a solid kicker, and O'Callaghan was a fifth-round starter. Chad Jackson, David Thomas, Le Kevin Smith, and Willie Andrews are still on the team.

      2005 - Logan Mankins, Ellis Hobbs, Nick Kaczur, James Sanders
      Mankins is one of the top three or so guards in the league, and Hobbs/Kaczur/Sanders are all starters as well. Four starters in one draft is very impressive, especially when one is a Pro Bowler.

      2004 - Vince Wilfork, Ben Watson
      Two starters. Vince Wilfork is an absolute beast and perhaps the best 3-4 nose tackle in the NFL, and Ben Watson has been a productive starter as well, causing mismatches on the field.

      2003 - Ty Warren, Eugene Wilson, Asante Samuel, Dan Koppen, Tully Banta-Cain
      Warren is one of the best ends in the league, Wilson was a decent starter for a few years, Samuel is one of the best corners around, Koppen is one of the best centers in the league, and TBC was a decent starter.

      2002 - Daniel Graham, Deion Branch, Jarvis Green, David Givens
      Four very solid players. Graham and Givens eventually landed huge contracts with other teams after producing, Deion Branch was very productive and landed a first-round pick, and Green has looked good in situational work.

      2001 - Richard Seymour, Matt Light
      The first two picks are both Pro Bowlers.

      2000 - Tom Brady
      The rest of the draft wasn't good, but they also didn't have a first-round pick and I think Brady covers for the rest of the draft pretty well.

      To summarize, I have decided to go through the round-by-round. To determine success rate, a starter is one point, a backup is half, and a bust is zero. I don't count incompletes, and so I divide the number of points by the number of picks, not counting incompletes.

      First Round: Seymour, Graham, Warren, Wilfork, Watson, Mankins, Maroney, Meriweather

      No busts there. All but Graham are still on the team, and are starters, with the exception of Meriweather, who hasn't really had any opportunities.

      Starters: 7 (6 remain)
      Backups: 0
      Busts: 0
      Incomplete: 1 (1 remains)

      Success Rate: 100%

      Second Round: Klemm, Light, Branch, Wilson, Johnson, Hill, Jackson

      Klemm and Johnson were busts. Light, Branch, and Wilson were starters. Marquise Hill died and Chad Jackson hasn't had any chances, so they're incomplete. The team also traded for Wes Welker.*

      Starters: 3 (1 remains)*
      Backups: 0
      Busts: 2 (0 remain)
      Incomplete: 2 (1 remains)

      Success Rate: 60%

      Third Round: Redmond, Williams, Scott, Hobbs, Kaczur, Thomas

      Redmond was a decent fullback. I'll list him as a backup even though he started a bit. Scott and Williams were busts. Hobbs and Kaczur are starters. David Thomas has been hurt, and is incomplete.

      Starters: 2 (2 remain)
      Backups: 1 (0 remain)
      Busts: 2 (0 remain)
      Incomplete: 1 (1 remains)

      Success Rate: 50%

      Fourth Round: Randall, Jones, Holloway, Davey, Green, Klecko, Samuel, Reid, Cobbs, Sanders, Mills, Gostkowski, Brown

      Randall was a decent backup, so was Jones. Holloway and Davey were busts. Jarvis is a spot starter who I'll list as a backup. Klecko was a decent backup. Asante Samuel was a great starter. Reid and Cobbs were busts. Sanders is a starter, so is Gostkowski. Mills was a bust (I guess, he was just injured and then was a RFA signing or something), and Brown was a bust.

      Starters: 3 (2 remain)
      Backups: 4 (1 remains)
      Busts: 6 (0 remain)
      Incomplete: 0 (0 remain)

      Success Rate: 38%

      Fifth Round: Stachelski, Marriott, Akbar, Koppen, Sam, Claridge, O'Callaghan, Oldenburg

      The first three I don't even remember, so busts. Koppen is a great starter. Sam and Claridge were busts. O'Callaghan was a starter for about half of his rookie year and started a bit last year. Oldenburg was a bust.

      Starters: 2 (2 remain)
      Backups: 0 (0 remain)
      Busts: 5 (0 remain)
      Incomplete: 0 (0 remain)

      Success Rate: 29%

      Sixth Round: Harris, Brady, Nugent, Love, Myles, Kingsbury, Mincey, Stevenson, Smith, Rogers, Richardson, Hairston, Hilliard

      Harris stuck around as a backup for a long time. He's on the Browns now. Brady is self-explanatory. Nugent/Love/Myles/Kingsbury/Mincey/Stevenson/Rogers/Hairston/Hilliard are busts. Richardson is a backup.

      Starters: 1 (1 remains)
      Backups: 2 (1 remains)
      Busts: 9 (0 remain)
      Incomplete: 0 (0 remain)

      Success Rate: 17%

      Seventh Round: Tisdale, Pass, Pochman, Turner, Womack, Givens, Nead, Banta-Cain, Kelley, Morton, Cassel, Stokes, Andrews, Lua, Elgin

      Don't remember Tisdale or Turner - busts. Pass was a starter. Pochman was a bust, but started for a bit with someone else (Tampa Bay?) Womack was a backup, Givens/Banta-Cain were starters. Nead was a bust, Kelley was a backup, Cassel is a backup, Morton was a bust, Stokes was a bust, Lua was a bust, Elgin was a bust.

      Starters: 3 (0 remain)
      Backups: 3 (1 remains)
      Busts: 8 (0 remain)
      Incomplete: 0 (0 remain)

      Success Rate: 32%

      Take all that for what you will! It took a pretty long time to do that all!
      one hell of a post :) good job, positive rep

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        I don't recall there being any overwelming proclomations that the Patriots were god like at drafting. I do remember them being lauded for having the insight to trade well in regards to moving up or down and finding value that fit the team needs. Belicheck's and Pioli's handling of the relationship between talent and the salary cap is what is most often discussed as what set them apart as a franchise in the early part of the decade. The draft is a total crap shoot. No team can have consistent great drafts, but poorly run organizations can have consistently bad drafts. Continuity in the management team is vital and having (as well as sticking to) a philosophy as well.



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