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    Originally posted by Nitschke-Hawk View Post
    lol. I won't turn this into a debate but the only thing I don't like about his managing is pulling starting pitchers too soon sometimes. He wins games. They were awful last year and he can't hit/pitch for them.
    I simply cannot consider someone who hit Posednik and Erstad 1-2 in the line-up a good manager. That's all I have to say about Ozzie in this thread. I do frequent the MLB thread, though.

    As for Favre, I'm pumped he's on the cover.


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      Well, that's over...

      What do the vikings and marijuana have in common? Every time you put them in a bowl
      they get smoked.

      2010-2011 Super Bowl Champions
      Hint:Not the Bears.


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        I hope Favre doesn't come back. And Packers fans shouldn't either. Not saying that he's not one of the top QBs in the game, now or all-time. But if he retires, he should stay retired. If he chose to come back, he should give it his all. I know it's gotta be a tough adjustment for him. But he shouldn't hurt his career or his team by coming back. Green Bay knew this day would come one day. Now they've got to move forward with A-Rod (and in my opinion, Brian Brohm...)

        Thanks BoneKrusher! The Sig King!


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          This isn't the last we're going to hear about this. He's going to be dancing around the issue long into the summer.



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