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Ayodele and Fasano to Miami for 4th rd pick

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    Thats highway robbery. Miami straight up STOLE him. Watch how baller he is in Miami, he is a good TE who never got a chance behind a top 3 TE in Witten.

    This reaffirms my questioning of the Saints and why they didn't try to get Fasano. Fasano went for a 4th. Shoot, Im upset the Giants didn't trade Shockey and in turn trade for Fasano. This was robbery.


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      Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
      LOL wow, I forgot all about that conversation...I have to give it to BBD he called this last week.

      :D good stuff BBD, not like it was the Saints, but I remember you saying something about trading him for a 4th.

      Shame Fasano didn't get a chance in Dallas. I really liked the guy. But i guess you can't complain when you have Witten.


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        His value certaintly took a bit of a hit with that reconstructive shoulder surgery. Still, he may end up being a steal for them.

        Thanks BoneKrusher^ (the man)
        KO KNOWS


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          Tony Curtis >>>>> Anthony Fasano


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            Originally posted by M.O.T.H. View Post
            Parcells doesnt want him. He was already approached about a deal a while back. Most scouts dont even think Carp can play in a 3-4 these days. I've been looking for the article on this but, I cant find it. I posted it somewhere on this forum. haha.
            If the Patriots can steal Carpenter for a mid round pick i think they'll do it.


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              I think Parcells said Fasano is more fullback than tight end. I expect him to be used in a h-back type roll with the Dolphins.
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