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    Ignoring quarterback, imo, severely drops the Bears' grade. That and a questionable choice of a tight end -- where we already have a solid 1-2 punch in Olsen and Clark -- I would say drops the Bears to a B-/C+ range.

    NFC North right ends are shaking in their cleats.

    Or @ least they had better be.


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      Originally posted by JeffSamardzijaIRISH View Post
      CJ was actually in the ACC and damn the bears had A LOT of 7th round picks
      ****, yea I knew that. ACC, SEC. Same thing. ;)

      What other good College WR's were there in the SEC? Hmmm...Josh Reed, Dwayne Bowe, Ike Hilliard, Jabar Gaffney, Reche Callwell, Hines Ward (although I don't know if he was actually a WR), Sterling Sharpe, Wendell Davis, Ozzie Newsome, Don Hutson...That's pretty good company, and he was only a Junior.

      But yea, my bad on the Calvin Johnson thing lol. It's late.

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      Originally posted by JBCX
      Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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        Originally posted by DaBears9654 View Post
        Ignoring quarterback, imo, severely drops the Bears' grade. That and a questionable choice of a tight end -- where we already have a solid 1-2 punch in Olsen and Clark -- I would say drops the Bears to a B-/C+ range.
        Clark is probably gone after his contract is up this year, therefore we have no depth behind Olsen. Davis may have been a questionable pick need wise, but value wise it was fine.

        And this whole QB thing is blown way out of proportion. Would I have liked to get one? Sure. Did we HAVE to get one? Nope. We have Orton and Grossman right now, and they're going to get one final shot to prove themselves. I liked some of the QB's in this draft but I wasn't that wowed by them. I still believe Ryan is overrated but that's me. And it's obvious that our staff wasn't too high on the QB's either.

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        Originally posted by JBCX
        Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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          Originally posted by DaBears9654 View Post
          Ignoring quarterback, imo, severely drops the Bears' grade. That and a questionable choice of a tight end -- where we already have a solid 1-2 punch in Olsen and Clark -- I would say drops the Bears to a B-/C+ range.
          After the big 4 QBs there was nothing even remotely good. What if Greg Olsen or Dez Clark get hurt? We would be left with 1 TE. The only pick i'm not sold on was the Bowman pick.


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            Clark got a contract extension Sweetness, he should be around for a while.

            Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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              Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
              Clark got a contract extension Sweetness, he should be around for a while.
              It says his contract is up in 2008 on the website....Look at the transactions:

              "Signed through 2008"



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              Originally posted by JBCX
              Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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                HOUSTON TEXANS

                1. Duane Brown, LT - #26 Overall
                He was a reach to most in terms of value. To some a big reach. That said, he was the top guy left at a position of need (no idea when Spencer will be back and if he will still be a Left Tackle, and Ephraim Salaam isn't the answer, even though hes been serviceable). He was apparently hand picked prior to the draft by Alex Gibbs, and was said to be the guy we'd take if Chris Williams was gone. We traded back and picked up an extra 3rd and 6th, and still got the guy that Gibbs wanted. Brown is perfect for Gibbs and this system. I didn't like the pick when it was initially made, but I've come to trust what Kubiak and Smith do, and I'll trust them on this one as well. Grade wise, pluses for being a great fit at a position of need and picking up an extra 3rd and 6th, minus for being a reach. B-

                2. Antwaun Molden, CB - #79 Overall
                With Dunta out until around midseason, Cornerback was a must for us in our first few picks this year. Fred Bennett was very very good for us last year, but behind him we have relatively nothing. Dominique Rogers Cromartie was taken just ahead of us by Arizona, and Dallas jumped up and took Jenkins right before us in round one (though I doubt we'd have taken them anyway, if reports are true), and there was a small run on CB's before our pick in round 3, so it seemed to just be bad luck. That said, I really like Molden, even if I don't know a ton about the guy. Mayock said hes basically DRC without the push and notoriety from the senior bowl appearance, I'm going to go along with that, cause it sounds good. Ohhh yeah. Grade wise, pluses for being very talented at a position of need. Minuses for being raw, even though I've heard from reliable sources (.. okay, my sources are a post from toonster, but thats as reliable as anything, right?) .. anyway, according to him, Molden may be a lot more close to 'ready' than people think. B-

                3. Steve Slaton, RB - #89 Overall
                Our running back situation is far from pretty. When Ahman was healthy last year, he was good. That said, he was healthy for about 13 minutes of the season. Ron Dayne isn't completely awful, but in no way is he good. Walker and Taylor have had very little playing time to know how they'll be, but neither looks to be any type of long term fixture as a starter. Slaton is another good fit at a position of need. Hey look, a theme. Players being taken that play at positions of need. Will add some much (much) needed speed to the running back position, and the overall offense. Grade wise, Pluses for being a good scheme fit at a position of need. Minuses for me not liking the guy. Jerk. B-

                4. Xavier Adibi, LB - #118 Overall
                Ya know, I love this pick. It's not necessarily because I think he'll be great, it's just that I absolutely loved watching him play at Virginia Tech, and am thrilled to be able to see him every week in the NFL. That aside, he really does have a good shot at coming in and winning the Weakside spot sometime this year. He's a playmaker to go beside the unbelievable solidness, consistency, and football smarts of DeMeco Ryans. And he looks like a complete badass in uniform. Always a plus. Finally, someone who at least has a chance, even if its a small one, at being able to cover Dallas Clark while in the nickel. Grade Wise, pluses for being a playmaker at a position of need, having an awesome name, looking like a complete badass in unfiorm, and being fun to watch. Minuses for nothing, becuase Adibi is a god. And yes, I realize some people will completely and utterly disagree with me on this. A

                5. Frank Okam, DT - #151 Overall
                I'm pretty sure everyone thinks this, so its not some huge revelation, but he could either be very good, or a complete flop. But even as a flop, theres no chance in hell he can be as unbelievably stupid on the field as Travis Johnson is. If he can get motivated, it'll be a good pick for us. He has the talent around him to be effective, playing next to Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye. Grade wise, pluses for being a Longhorn (Hook em!), being absolutely massive, and being smart as hell. Minuses for being absolutely massive, and for not always giving effort. You know. Same old **** from him. Ill give him a middle of the road grade because this pick can go either way, and can do so in an extreme fashion both ways. He could be very very good, he could end up sucking. Who knows. C

                6. Dominique Barber, S - #173 Overall
                Uh. Well. Here's where my lack of draft knowledge, or lack of really caring enough to read up on anyone hurts. I don't really know a thing about this guy. He's a safety though. We need safeties. Grade wise, plus for being at a position of need, minus for uh, me not knowing who he is. Besides, brothers of good players rarely work out. C-

                7. Alex Brink, QB - #223 Overall
                Yea. Again, no idea. I told get to see many (or rather any. I might as well not lie) Washington State games. So I can't say I really know anything about this either. He's a 7th rounder though, so what do I care. Pluses for me not caring enough about him to look for negatives, minuses for me not knowing who he is. C-

                Anyway. Overall, we filled a lot of needs with some guys who have some good upside. None were sexy picks, and our #1 was a reach, so it'll be looked at negatively, but as a fan, I'm perfectly fine with this class.
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                  would any none packer fan care to grade our draft, Im curious to see what outsiders think.

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                    New Orleans Saints

                    1-Sedrick Ellis, DT, Southern Cal- I love this pick. Defensive tackle is an area of huge need for the Saints, and Ellis is the stud DT we've been craving for a while. What makes this better for me is that the Saints moved up for only a third round pick, which is nothing compared to what they offered the Cheifs to move up for Dorsey. Ellis is going to be an impact player immediately for the Saints and it fills a hole. A+

                    2-Tracy Porter- CB, Indiana- I don't know much about him, but from what I've heard and seen he should help out a really shallow secondary. Great athlete with what are considered by some scouts to be the best pure cover skills in the draft. Solid pick. Grade: B+

                    3- Traded to New England.

                    4- Traded for Vilma. Another move I adore. We had quite possibly the worst group of starting linebackers in the NFL last year and Vilma immediately improves the situation. If he stays healthy we finally have a real threat other than Fujita at linebacker. Grade: A

                    5- DeMario Pressley- DT, NC State- Another pick I really like. As I said earlier, DT is a huge need area for the Saints. Brian Young and Hollis Thomas are adequate, but after them there is little depth. Pressley gives the Saints another explosive athlete to throw into the mix. He has the frame and skill set to be a solid pass rusher, but he needs to learn to play with better leverage and keep his motor running a little more consistently. Could end up being a solid player. Grade: B+

                    5- Carl Nicks- OT/OG, Nebraska I think to get Nicks in the 5th is an absolute steal. Hes versatile enough to play tackle or move inside to guard. Very athletic for such a big man, and he threw up 30 reps at the combine. I think this is the heir apparent to John Stinchcomb. Very good pick. Grade: A

                    6- Taylor Mehlhaff- Kicker, Wisconsin- Eh..I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Hes definitely got a big leg but his mechanics are kind of funky sometimes. I guess it does address a need, though, since Martin Gramatica can't be seen as the answer. Grade: C+

                    7- Adrian Arrington- WR, Michigan- This is another guy I kind of like. I was actually a little shocked to see him still around in the 7th. Hes big with a little bit of a burst, so I think he could end up being a player. Plus, the last time we took a receiver in the 7th round it worked out. =P Grade: B

                    Overall: A-. I really like this draft. We got the guy we wanted in the first and filled the rest of the class with solid players. I don't think we reached on anyone (unlike last year) and we got some guys with great upside like Pressley and Nicks.


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                      Jacksonville Jaguars

                      #8- Derrick Harvey, DE
                      Harvey by many accounts would not have gotten past the Bengals at when the Jaguars traded up 18 spots to get him...needless to say I was gasping for air...Harvey brings a nasty pass rush mentality to the Dline and he's also a very quick everydown's DE. I'm predicting he's starting on day 1.
                      GRADE: A

                      #52- Quentin Groves, DE/OLB
                      Groves is a tweener but with added weight can become an every down's DE. He's quick and will be used right away on third down situations. Regarded by many to be a late first round pick he slipped into the second round due to "Character" concerns and a heart murmur. All is well though and the Jaguars got another steal.
                      GRADE: A-

                      #155- Thomas Williams, MLB
                      Williams was USC's 4th best linebacker...started some games for them in his career there, but played most special teams and the backup role. But JDR felt that Williams was good enough at USC to start for 80% of the rest of the nation. Williams will be a STer if he makes the team and would likely backup Mike Pete or Daryl Smith.
                      GRADE: C-

                      #159- Trae Williams, CB
                      Williams was awesome value in the 5th round. Mike Jenkin's field partner in the secondary many believe Williams out played Jenkins for the most part, it's just that Williams doesn't have the athleticism or quickness to be an everydown's CB in the NFL. He's second in USF history for interceptions and holds the record for INT's returned for TD's with 4 (3 in 2007). He is almost certain to play nickel or dime for us.
                      GRADE: B-

                      #213- Chauncey Washington, RB
                      Washington played in 31 games at USC and started 15 of them. He gained 1800 yards and 19 touchdowns in his career at USC. Washington is put in a win win situation seeing how the Jaguars need a third down back or 3rd back overall. He will be given every opportunity to keep a roster spot. He really was BAT (Best Available Trojan). Washington's best game came against Cal last season in which he ran for 220 yards.
                      GRADE: B+

                      OVERALL GRADE: B+


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                        I'm gonna try to do all 32 grades tomorrow during the day

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                          Rams first round: A+

                          The rest of the rounds I could care less, I turned the draft after we took Donnie Avery cuz I was pissed off. I watched baseball instead.


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                            Originally posted by sweetness34 View Post
                            It says his contract is up in 2008 on the website....Look at the transactions:

                            "Signed through 2008"



                            He was signed til 2010 this offseason.


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                              Atlanta Falcons

                              Matt Ryan: A-
                              This pick can really come back and bite us in the draft. We took him over what many teams had as the number one overall player in Glenn Dorsey. I guess Dorsey's injury concerns didnt check out, which played a factor is us taking Matt Ryan over him. What I like about this pick is a face to the franchise. He is a high character guy who brings immediate leadership to a team that is in rambles. With an adequate skillset and great intangibles, I think he should be a solid addition to the Falcons.

                              Sam Baker: B+
                              The more I think about this pick, the more I like it. It was clear that we had to protect the blindside of our $60 million investment. Trading up to get one of the other OT's would have cost too much (possibly a future 1st) so we had to settle for Sam Baker. I guess trading up that high was needed, because of the run of OTs that were being taken. With 7 or 8 OT being taken in the first round and none in the 2nd, it was clear that there was a large drop off in talent after Baker and Brown. People think if we stayed at 34, we could have gotten Sam Baker, but that just isnt true. The Texans would have jumped all over Sam Baker and Duane Brown has alot of flaws. I like the trade up because of his potential at LT with his quick feet and lots of experience. He may not be the most physical LT in the league, but he is going to do a good job protecting Matt Ryan in passing situations.

                              Curtis Lofton: A-
                              Great instinctual LB at the top of the 2nd (DeMeco Ryans anyone? :)). He should come in and start day 1 and rack up the tackles while playing next to Michael Boley. He should be in contention for DRotY with Gholston and Mayo and Connor and Long (I may be forgetting some other LBs). Once again, we get a high with a great character and leadership abilities.

                              Chevis Jackson: B-
                              Not the biggest fan of this pick to be honest, but he fits our scheme. We will most likely be playing alot of zone and he is a guy who flat out knows how to play football. Very instinctive and comes from a great program. He should be able to contribute his rookie year I think with his experience.

                              Harry Douglas: B-
                              I think we reached for this pick. He would have been available a round or two later I think. He is the perfect slot receiver and it looks obviously like we are going to give Matt Ryan some weapons. I would have rather preferred a TE for a young QB though.

                              Thomas DeCoud: C
                              I really dont like this pick. I think the only thing he has going for himself is his leadership ability. I dont think he is athletic enough to play safety in the pros. He has great awareness and was a leader at Cal, but I really dont think his athletic ability will translate well in the NFL. Hopefully he proves me wrong.

                              Robert James: D
                              Wtf a WLB? I really dont like this pick only because I think we could have gotten guys we need. We already have a developmental guy in Nicholas to take over WLB when Keith Brooking is cut or retires. Hopefully he turns out to be a stud. Falcons 5th round OLBs hopefully start to set trends

                              Kroy Biermann: C
                              I like this OLB pick more than the previous one, but once again...OLB? Really? I really dont think so much depth is necessary at the OLB, especially when we have no depth at DT.

                              Thomas Brown: B-
                              Not a terrible pick. Norwood cant handle the load, and we dont know what Turner can do as a starter. I like Thomas Brown's skillset and I bet he reminds alot of people of Warrick Dunn.

                              Wilrey Fontenot: A-
                              A day 2 pick that I actually like. He knows how to play ball and is a good athlete but dropped because of his lack of physicality. He breaks well on balls, and that is good to hear. Hopefully he will have time to make some plays. I like this kid alot.

                              Keith Zinger: B
                              Finally we address TE, even though Kellen Davis fell so far. I think a good TE is key in developing a young QB...actually...I doubt this guy makes the team.

                              Overall: B+
                              I think we did a good job drafting as a whole. If you look at everyone, you can see that each of them dont have character concerns and were leader and are natural football players. They might not put up the best times at the combine, but are instinctual and have great awareness for the game of football. I like that alot for a franchise who is rebuilding. I expect us to lose a ton of games again and we will most likely be in contention for the first overall pick next year, but with this core of leaders and last years possible studs, we should begin to compete playoffs in a few years.

                              "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                                49ers Draft

                                Round 1- Kentwan Balmer, 3-4 DE

                                A bit of a confusing pick. We just re-signed Isaac Sopoaga and signed Justin Smith to be our 3-4 DE's. But Balmer as DE probably means Sopoaga moves back to NT. I like us addressing the DL, it should make the defense better, but i'm a bit worried about Balmer. One year of production in college is a bit of a red-flag...hopefully he doesn't bust.

                                Round 2- Chilo Rachal, OG

                                He could play RT in the NFL, but i believe he will play LG for us. I would have preferred an OT, but after 8 tackles were taken in the top 26, the quality of OT's dropped off big-time. And after our OL gave up a league-high 55 sacks, we had to address it. Hopefully he will be a mauling OG who can pass protect well for us. I thought we would pick him in the 3rd round honestly, but i dont think the 49ers could risk losing out on him.

                                Round 3- Reggie Smith, CB/FS

                                He is supposedly being viewed as a CB to eventually replace Walt Harris...but he also could play FS as well. I think he will be a good player and this is actually my favorite pick...i love his versatility. I had no idea he would be available at 75, but im glad he dropped.

                                Round 4- Cody Wallace, Center

                                More depth for the OL. Our center Eric Heitmann was terrible for much of last year, and is entering a contract year to boot. Adding him and Rachal have boosted our interior depth. Our interior OL has been terrible in pass protection for the past 2 years (Our 3 starting Interior Lineman were all awful at pass protecting, and our run blocking was terrible at the start of the season as well).

                                Round 6- Josh Morgan, WR

                                Meh, a decent pick. I don't think he will make the roster..but who knows. Maybe Martz will make something of him.

                                Round 7- Larry Grant, ILB

                                He is being viewed as the TED ILB and will compete for that spot with Dontarrious Thomas. If he makes the roster, he likely won't do much more than Special Teams, at least the first year anyway. I might have preferred taking a gamble on other players such as Lionel Dotson or Adarius Bowman, but whatever, its just a 7th.

                                Overall: Id grade it a B. We addressed the trenches in a big way. We could have drafted guys like Jackson and Groves but they would struggle because we dont have the guys up front. But we made it a huge priority to draft the lines...and our guys will benefit. We've added talent and playmakers...but they all struggle. Its no coincedence that our OL and DL were all average at best.

                                BTW: What do non 49er fans think of this draft? Our draft gets overlooked because outside of Reggie Smith, we really didnt draft any playmakers whatsoever. But id be interested in hearing what people think of our draft.



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