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    Ryan Clady OT - predictable but solid pick. fills a glaring need and should be our franchise left tackle who's in charge of protecting cutler's blind side. judging from his wonderlic and interview he seems to be stupid which is a concern. A-

    Eddie Royal WR - different from the clady pick in that it was a surprise and he seems to be an intelligent, high character guy. this is important given our recent off the field issues. royal will most likely be our starting returner come opening day. interesting that we passed on jackson, kelly, and sweed for him. B-

    Kory Lichtensteiger C - another pick that was used to bolster the offensive line with. he could be used as either a guard or a center. will end up replacing nalen after he retires unless shanny decides to switch hamilton. B

    Jack Williams CB - a slightly less talented version of darrent williams in that he's a small guy with good speed and toughness. i have trouble believing that he'll end up being any better than paymah and foxworth. C

    Ryan Torain RB - an intriguing pick who probably would of received a lot more recognition if it hadn't been for a foot injury midway through his senior year. has good size but quickness and speed might restrict him to a backup role. shanny seems to really like him which could be good or bad. B+

    Carlon Powell DT - definitely a surprise that we waited to address the defensive tackle position till the fourth round, even considering the acquisition of roberston. seems to be an all around solid player who at the very least should be a good rotational player. B+

    Spencer Larsen ILB - of all the picks this one makes the least sense. productive in college but doesn't have the speed that is required for our linebackers. quite a few linemen are faster than him. shanny mentioned he might be used as a fullback. D+

    Josh Barrett - very athletic player who was a great value pick. B

    Peyton Hillis FB - another good value pick but this grade gets knocked down if we don't sign an undrafted kicker/punter. B-

    overall i'll give it a B-
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      Originally posted by SFbear View Post

      He was signed til 2010 this offseason.
      Well then **** the Bears Website, they still have him signed through 2008. I still like Davis though even if it wasn't a need.

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      Originally posted by JBCX
      Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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        Wow. Did anybody not like their teams draft? It's all A's and B's from 1st round - 7th.


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          Originally posted by MooshooGawd View Post
          Wow. Did anybody not like their teams draft? It's all A's and B's from 1st round - 7th.
          Any fan is going spin their draft into a A or B.


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            Aqib Talib: Initially, I was extremely cautious about this pick. However after contemplating it further, I don't think it is as bad as some think. Talib is fast, big, and more physical than most give him credit for. Not to mention he is a play maker with good ball skills who has the potential to make regular interceptions. He'll be worked into the rotation early and act as insurance for Barber, Wilson and Buchanon whose futures in Tampa are all cloudy.

            Dexter Jackson: Will be brought along slowly with the hopes of becoming something like Joey Galloway. He is fast, agile and will upgrade our return game. I don't think he sees a ton of playing time as rookie, other than the odd trick play or slot play, but once Galloway hangs up the boots he will have a huge opportunity.

            Jeremy Zuttah: I had it in my last mock draft, albeit not in the 3rd round. The ultimate back-up offensive lineman who can sub in anywhere on the offensive line. A luxury to have on game day.

            Dre Moore: Amazing pick. Moore has plenty of question marks, but he has the tangibles to become a stud in Tampa. Will probably back up Hovan early but will be worked into the rotation and hopefully can start in 09.

            Josh Johnson: I'm not really an advocate of drafting a QB this year, but Josh Johnson in the 5th round is amazing. Like Mayock said, if you don't know who your QB of the future is, and there is a prospect you really love in the mid-late rounds, you have to take him.

            Geno Hayes: Not crazy about the pick, but he is young and has potential. Will probably have to battle Antoine Cash, Matt McCoy, Adam Hayward and Ryan Nece just to make the roster.

            Cory Boyd: Boyd is a fantastic pick in the 7th round. He is a great fit in our defense and could be the Pittman of the future thanks to his receiving skills. Better than Kenneth Darby from last year. I doubt him making the roster, but with Caddy's status still cloudy, it makes a lot of sense.

            Overall Grade: B+


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              1(1). Jake Long OT Michigan- We badly needed a tackle. We only had Vernon Varey on the roster and he's a better fit at RT. Is Jake Long going to be a Joe Thomas? Probably not, but he's a damn good player and a great guy to build the offense around. Don't like the deal he got but he was great pick with need and value.

              2(32). Phillip Merling DE Clemson- At first I was a bit HUH with this pick as I didn't see it happening at all. After realizing it though I really like it. Merling is a great fit as a 5 technique, I absolutely love him as a player. We badly needed a 3-4 DE, right now we have Vonnie Holliday and a bunch of question marks, neither looking good for the future. Great value for Merling, great fit for the team and filled a need. Doesn't get much better.

              2(57). Chad Henne QB Michigan- I thought for sure we were going to take him at 32, getting him at 57 was great. He was the guy we wanted at QB all along and we got him late in the 2nd. I don't think Henne will be a superstar but I do think he will be a good starting QB. Solid pick, tons of experience and should fight for PT right away.

              3(66). Kendell Langford DE Hampton- LOVED this pick. Langford has amazing physical potential and is a great fit as a 3-4 DE. Might have been a bit early but we really didn't have a choice not having another pick for a while. Won't see the field right away most likely but should definitely contribute. Getting likely 2 starting DEs for the 3-4 in one draft is great.

              4(110). Shawn Murphy OG Utah State- A bit of a huh pick especially since we traded up for him. Would have rather had some other guys that were on the board but I really don't know much about this guy so who knows. We badly needed a OG and he seems like a Parcells guy. Has a cool dad!

              6(176). Jalen Parmele RB Toledo- Big, fast and productive. Much better fit for what we are looking for than Booker. Nice pick up in the 6th.

              6(195). Donald Thomas OG Connecticut- Another good pick late. Needed bodies inside and Thomas has some potential. Has skinny legs but a big upper body. Nice pick in the 6th.

              6(204). Lex Hilliard RB/FB Montana- Didn't really like this pick, too small for a FB, too slow for a RB. Maybe he takes Mauia's spot who really didn't play that well last year, who knows.

              7(245). Lionel Dotson DT Arizona- 7th rounder, more depth on the DL, Dotson had a good senior season and has some potential. Not a bad pick.

              Overall- Really love what we did on a whole, Parcells type draft all the way. 3 OL, 3 DL. We filled a lot of needs, finally got our LT, picked up a QB, got good value at most of our picks. Long and one of the guards should start, Henne will compete and Merling and Langford should see the field and I think Merling will probably start some time during the season, should be our starting DEs for a long time. Great building blocks for the future. Not moving Taylor was probably a mistake, he's a great player but isn't going to help the future of the team like a Quentin Groves could have.

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                Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                Chicago Bears

                1st round- Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt

                -I preferred Otah, mostly because I like big mauling offensive lineman, but left tackles get paid to protect the quarterback and Williams is very good at that. He's got great size, good feet, and good hands. Plus, he's a really smart kid, and that gets huge points in my book. Biggest need with probably the best player to fit that need. Grade= A

                2nd round- Matt Forte, RB, Tulane

                -The whole question was whether the Bears would draft a replacement for Benson or a compliment for Benson. I think we've got that answer. Forte was arguably the best 2-down back available at 44 (him or Rice), and has an overall good package. Tough guy, good hands, great character. It wouldn't suprise me to see Benson not even on the team next year, though that would take some development on Garrett Wolfe's part as well. Grade= B+

                3rd round- Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt

                -At this point it seemed pretty clear we would go WR, be it Bennett or Doucet. Bennett has a little better speed and is probably the more likely to develop into a starter. With our WR position in such flux he could start right away if he has a nice summer. Probably will never be a #1, but could be a longterm starter. Grade= B+

                3rd Round- Marcus Harrison, DT, Arkansas

                -What is there to say about Harrison? Great run stuffer, tremendous talent, serious character concerns. Lots of NFL players do drugs, so this isn't a grand revelation, but the added health concerns dropped him. That said, as a late 3rd rounder? That's lower than many were projecting him. Hopefully he's not another Tank Johnson, but even still it's a lower pick. Grade= B

                4th Round- Craig Steltz, S, Lousiana State

                -I like Steltz. He's not a gym shorts type, but he played at a really high level for one of the best teams in the country the last two years. We've got a lot of openings in our safety position so he could compete to be what Adam Arcuhleta was supposed to be. Worst case scenario he should be a really good special teams guy. Grade= B

                5th Round- Zack Bowman, Defensive Back, Nebraska

                -I'm waiting to hear what the full plan is for Bowman, as I've heard they are projecting him as a free safety. Could have been a 1st rounder based on talent, but that was a long time ago. As it is, the 4th or 5th round was about where most people expected Bowman to go, so this works fine for me. Could also serve as a return man should we decide to phase Hester out. Grade= B

                5th Round- Kellen Davis, Tight End, Michigan State

                -Nice athlete, good value, questionable need. We already have one of the best tight end combos in football. Could Davis play more of a H-back role? Maybe split out? Hell, he could be a defensive end prospect. There's a lot to like about Kellen Davis as a draft prospect. Kiper had him ranked 61st overall. I'm just not sure why we picked him. Would have preferred Josh Johnson, although it's questionable if Johnson could throw in Chicago winters. Grade= C

                After that we had four 4th rounders that I don't really feel like typing out. Overall I give us a B+/A- and think our draft is realy falling under the radar. We found good value's up and down the board and filled our biggest needs.
                Craig Steltz is a quality player :D

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                Originally posted by killxswitch
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                  Originally posted by BaLLiN72 View Post

                  1. Kenny Phillips- Falls into our laps we scoop him up. Giants lost Gibril to the Raiders, we pick up a safety probably better than Gibril even now. Although i think his skills make him more fit to be a SS, I think he starts FS from day one and does an above average job. A/A+

                  2. Terrell Thomas- A good fit for our scheme, he can blitz well, tackles decently, has nice long arms and height. Good for at least a nickel or dime.B-/B

                  3. SUPER Mario Manningham- we are apparently really high on the guy. Has some character issues but we have a great locker room and staff to support him. Gets great seperation, decent hands, runs good routes, great after the catch. Probably going to be a reserve if Plax or Toomer get hurt. B+

                  4. Bryan Kehl- could play SLB or WLB in our system, at worst will be a very good special teamer. B/B-

                  5. Jonathan Goff- brought in to eventually replace Antonio Pierce i presume, he is intelligent and constantly improving upon every year, close to 100 tackles two years in a row, is a pretty good blitzer.B/B-

                  6a. Andre Woodson- very very good value here, he has his faults but overall he could develop into a very good backup and maybe a starter years from now.B

                  6b. Robert Henderson- a dominant pass rusher, probably ideal for our ace package of 4 DEs on 3rd and long. Maybe a diamond in the rough?C+

                  Overall id give us a solid B/B+

                  Ill give my take
                  1. Kenny Phillips- I am excited about Phillips because he is a guy who can come in day 1 and probably start for us. He comes from a great program which has produced some stars at his position and side of the ball. Phillips has a lot potential and i think the giants have the guys in place already to keep him in line, focus wise. A-/A

                  2. Terrell Thomas- Thomas has some injury concerns, but fits our defensive system really well. If he stays healthy, he could be a big contributor for us. B-/B

                  3. Mario Manningham- Manningham does not have the ideal size and measurables you look for, but his college production is undeniable. Toomer is a michigan alum and will teach this guy everything he knows, making him very valuable and assuming his minor character flaws stay hidden, this could be a total steal. B+

                  4. Bryan Kehl- We traded up to get Kehl. He is one of Mayock's sleepers in this draft and may not have great upside but is a solid football player and will provide good depth for us. B-

                  5. Jonathan Goff- This is the pick I am actually most excited about. I loved Goff from the moment i watched him at the senior bowl. He is a leader and a strong tackler and hopefully will learn from Pierce to take over eventually at MLB and this was tremendous value. B+

                  6. Andre Woodson- Its good value here. We now have 5 QBs on our roster , but at one point was considered one of the best Qbs in this draft. Hopefully he will be bred and groomed in our system to be a solid backup for Eli. C+

                  6. Robert Henderson- I did not know anything about him when we picked him. But he will obvs be used as a backup, reserve DE and special teamer probably. The Giants have a nack at grabbing pass rushers late in the draft or at least in later rounds a la Justin Tuck, Osi was a 2nd rounder, etc. C+

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                    ^^^ Pretty similar to my grades :) , i like the way you think


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                      Holy crap I just realized how incredible the Chiefs draft was. I'm lower on Dorsey and Albert than others but that's still a heck of a class.

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                        Overall Grade= B-

                        Leodis McKelvin: C+

                        Not a big fan of McKelvin, but that's just me. Would of preferred DRC

                        James Hardy: A+

                        Equates to everything we could of needed and imagined. Will most definitely be an immediate weapon in the red zone. A true dream come true

                        Chris Ellis: C+

                        C+ with Cliff Avril on the board. Always saw him as more of a fit in the 3-4 as an OLB. Some character flags

                        Reggie Corner: A+

                        Nice sleeper corner. Great cover-2 fit. Great MAC talent

                        Derek Fine: B

                        Best TE available. Can't blame the Bills here.

                        Alvin Bowen: B

                        A little undersized, but a great tackler, could be Coy Wire Parte Deux, seeing time at OLB and SS

                        Xavier Omon: C

                        Great Player, but why a RB, when we are like 5 deep already?

                        Demetrius Bell: A+

                        Bastard son of Karl Malone a project at OT, should be a great backup and eventual starter

                        Steve Johnson: B

                        Good WR depth

                        Kennard Cox: B-

                        Don't know too much of him so he gets an average grade

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                          I give the Lions an A for effort. They had self restraint and didn't take a WR until the 5th Round. Nice Job Matt! [applause]

                          The way I see it, Matt Millen is like a alcoholic, he in the final stages of rehab, and sure he still drafted a WR but if you send an alcoholic to a bar what to you expect?
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                            i like what the bills did and think they've put some distance between themselves and the jets/dolphins in that division. McKelvin will start opposite McGee giving them a nice tandem, moving greer to NB. Hardy will be a perfect fit opposite Evans and Edwards suddenly has a big go to guy in the redzone. Ellis will get into the DE rotation quickly and theother guys will be good depth/STers.


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                              Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                              I like Woodson but there are some real questions if he could play in a WCO (though who knows what Turner runs at this point).

                              I'm hopeful we'll add Paul Smith as an UDFA. We talked to him a fair bit I know that.

                              I agree with Toonster though, past the 2nd/3rd round we likely wouldn't have found a whole lot anyway. If Orton/Grossman fail this year we'll likely have to go QB in the 1st or trade for a guy like Brady Quinn.

                              That's the reason why I like the Bears draft, if they do have to take a QB in round 1 next year, he will be coming into a really good situation, with two good backs, a great LT and some pass protection, and a good defense...Now your not asking a guy to get thrown into the fire with no protection or weapons.

                              Originally posted by Scott Wright
                              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                                1(27): Antoine Cason
                                Love the pick for the bolts. Right tackle was their greatest need but their was not a RT available that was worth the #27 pick. Cason was the best corner on the board and is an upgrade over Florence in my opinion. B+

                                3(69): Jacob Hester
                                Terrible pick in my opinion. First Hester is a reach here and fullback is not even a great need for us having Pinnock. Second we gave up our 5th round pick and our 2009 2nd round pick! I didnt even think Hester was worth a 5th round pick. F

                                5(66) Marcus Thomas
                                Average pick. Running Back was an obvious need. I dont think he will take Sproles's backup position but he will be great for depth. C

                                6(192) Dejuan Tribble
                                Awesome Pick! Favorite pick in the draft for the Bolts. Even though we drafted Cason in the first round you can never have to many corners in my mind. Tribble was the best available player and should have gone as early as the 4th round. Great pick by AJ. A

                                7(234) Corey Clark
                                Offensive Line was a need he will address depth and give the started good competition on the practice squad atleast. C



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