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    ^ Interesting...but abit conservative IMO! Go out on a limb!


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      So we ended up with a CIA agent and a chef. Perfect.

      "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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        Originally posted by d34ng3l021 View Post
        So we ended up with a CIA agent and a chef. Perfect.
        Excellent if the team plane crashes in the middle of nowhere.


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          By peoples reactions I guess Gholston is going to be a bust......... nice........


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            Originally posted by jetsfan0099 View Post
            By peoples reactions I guess Gholston is going to be a bust......... nice........
            jetsfan, do you suffer from depression?


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              I just dont think Chris Long is going to be that great, especially in St. Louis. I can see Flacco being completely terrible just like Boller.


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                1. Jake Long- Great Tackle.

                2. Chris Long- abover average starter, nothign special.

                3. Matt Ryan- Below average starter, becomes a journeyman backup for a few years, better than Harrington, worse than Vinny.

                4. Darren McFadden- Very good back, speed and moves like Petterson but not the power.

                5.Glenn Dorsey- Amazing player, but gets bogged down from injuries alot.

                6. Vernon Gholston- Very good.

                7. Sedrick Ellis- Great player, not as good as a healthy dorsey but career last longer.

                8. Derrick Harvey- Never gets more than 8 sacks, mostly backup throughout 10 year career.

                9. Keith Rivers- Awesome LB.

                10. Jerod Mayo-Bust after a few seasons as a medicore LB.

                11. Leodis McKelvin- Struggles and bounces around alot.

                12. Ryan Clady- Great.

                13. Jonathan Stewart- Struggles in Carolina, becomes great in KC.

                14. Chris Williams- Big Bust.

                15. Branden Albert- Great Tackle.

                16. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie- Amazing Career. Antonio Cromartie becomes known as the cousin of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

                17. Gosder Cherilus- Leonard Davis as a tackle, just as bad at Guard.

                18. Joe Flacco- Starts early and his career is very similar to Boller.

                19. Jeff Otah- Decent, nothing more.

                20. Aqib Talib- Bust.

                21. Sam Baker - Bust.

                22. Felix Jones- very good change of pace back, never starter.

                23. Rashard Mendenhall- Very good back, Parker begins to break down when his contract expires and Mendenhall becomes the feature back.

                24. Chris Johnson- Bust.

                25. Mike Jenkins- Very solid.

                26. Duane Brown- Bust.

                27. Antoine Cason- Decent nickle, not starter.

                28. Lawrence Jackson- Journeyman backup.

                29. Kentwan Balmer- below average starter, but still starter for career.

                30. Dustin Keller- Top Ten tight end, not amazing though.

                31. Kenny Phillips- Another very good Miami Safety. Not amazing like others.

                Brohm is the only starter after 5 years. Rogers plays well but gets injuried alot and Brohm takes over and is Top Ten QB.


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                  Originally posted by Bucs_Rule View Post
                  17. Gosder Cherilus- Leonard Davis as a tackle, just as bad at Guard.
                  umm WTF do you know anything about Bigg?


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                    Wow, Bucs, you're a pessimist.



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                      1. Jake Long- Will bust like Robert Gallery but will find a home at G and be solid.

                      2. Chris Long- The un-apreciated guy, the guy who gets 8-9 sacks a year and gives his all on every play yet he gets no recognition.

                      3. Matt Ryan- Good player will have a Matt Hasselbeck type career. 2 Pro-bowls

                      4. Darren McFadden- Will be a great player, but will be stuck behind a terrible o-line for years 3 probowls.

                      5.Glenn Dorsey- Best DT in the NFL will have a Warren Sapp esque career. 6 Pro-bowls

                      6. Vernon Gholston- He will fill up the stat sheets one game and disappear the next, a guy who will get high sack numbers. 4 pro-bowls

                      7. Sedrick Ellis- Will be a force on the D-line and will team up with Will Smith for years. 2 Pro- Bowls

                      8. Derrick Harvey- Will be average but will be well known, because he will be over- rated like Joey Porter

                      9. Keith Rivers- The leader of the Bengals defense for years, but will go unrecognized like Takeo Spikes 1 pro bowl

                      10. Jerod Mayo- Will become one of the better LB's in the leauge and become the staple of the Patriots defense 4 probowls

                      11. Leodis McKelvin- will be above average but that is all

                      12. Ryan Clady-The next great Bronco lineman 3 Pro-bowls

                      13. Jonathan Stewart- Great player one of the best when he isn't hurt but he will be hurt often and will have a Fred Taylor type career 2 probowls

                      14. Chris Williams- The Bears LT for years and will be highly under appreciated

                      15. Branden Albert- Will struggle at tackle but will learn and become a solid lineman

                      16. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie- very developmental will take him 2-3 years before he will begin to play at a Pro- Bowl level 3 Pro Bowls

                      17. Gosder Cherilus- Will be the starting RT for years and will be around along time 3 Pro Bowls

                      18. Joe Flacco- Will turn out to be Kyle Boller 2.0 and will bust

                      19. Jeff Otah- Will be the starting RT for years and will be around along time 3 Pro Bowls

                      20. Aqib Talib- He will be a Pac-Man Jones guy, great on the field not so great off of it, He and Roger Goodell will be on a first name basis. 4 Pro- Bowls

                      21. Sam Baker- Will be the guy that no one knows until he is gone, he will go un-noticed and will be let go because he is deemed replaceable, the Falcons were sorry and they want him back.

                      22. Felix Jones- Will bust and be Julius Jones version 2 Cowboys fans will forever regret no taking Mendenhall.

                      23. Rashard Mendenhall- Willie Parker will be his perfect complement, until he goes down and Mendenhall proves he can do it by himself. 5 pro- bowls

                      24. Chris Johnson- will develop in to a Brian Westbrook type guy he will return kicks, play WR and RB 2 Pro- Bowls

                      25. Mike Jenkins- Will be a good #2 corner and will be over rated 3 Pro-Bowls

                      26. Duane Brown- Bust. Texans will regret this pick.

                      27. Antoine Cason- Will eventually be the #1 corner and will be very sucessful he will be on a Reshean Mathis level of play. 5 Pro-bowls

                      28. Lawrence Jackson- will be similar to Mike Rucker, he will be under valued but will be a guy who gives you 6-7 sacks a year while still playing the run.

                      29. Kentwan Balmer- Bust he will be very unsuccessful, Jonathan Sullivan 2.0

                      30. Dustin Keller- Will be a above average TE, he will play all over the place and cause problems. 2 Pro- bowls

                      31. Kenny Phillips- Will be the Giants leader on defense and will become known as one of the best safeties in the game. 4 Pro-Bowls


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                        Originally posted by JeffSamardzijaIRISH View Post
                        Josh Johnson will be the next Tom Brady
                        Steve Johnson the next Marques Colston
                        I heart this comment.


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                          The lack of Balmer love has me a bit concerned....


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                            Gosder Cherilus - Decent Starter but would be a a starter on 90% of teams in the league

                            Jordan Dizon - folk hero in detroit, makes a pro bowl maybe racks up big numbers alongside ernie sims

                            Kevin Smith - Stud, but like fred taylor gets jipped out of several prow bowls, reliable for 1100 a year

                            Andre Fluellen - Solid Starter, but nothing flashy

                            Cliff Avril - See: Robert Mathis

                            Brandon Flowers: plays a lot faster than he was timed and will be a shut down corner for the chiefs

                            Ryan Clady: Lifelong bronco, perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme, dominant LT

                            Jake/Chris Long: The most dominant players at their position for the next decade.

                            Notable Successes:

                            James Hardy: Simply a Freak, has the size to dominate year in and year out

                            Rashard Mendehall: Eventually pushes Parker to the curb and becomes a legend in the steal city

                            Sweed: See: James Hardy

                            Matt Ryan: Bust, is walking into hell, no o-line and not too many weapons either, fate similar to Joey Harrington

                            Dorsey: Reminds me a lot of Ryan Sims, sorry Chiefs fans

                            Gholston: Won't be terrible but will journey around the league and will be known as a David Boston-esque physical speciman who never panned out


                            "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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                              I don't like all this negativity about Derrick Harvey.


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                                Dorsey: Reminds me a lot of Ryan Sims, sorry Chiefs fans
                                Not cool! He doesn't remind me anything of Sims.

                                Originally posted by fenikz
                                His soft D really turns me off
                                ** RIP themaninblack. You will be missed. **



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