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Better 2008-2009 season... A.D. or Run DMC?

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  • Originally posted by gdamac View Post
    Sands lost multiple family members in the '06 off season, to think he can be better this year after coming into camp in shape and with a clear head. But this isn't a case of a guy getting paid then dogging it, anyway he only got $4 million guaranteed.
    Big freaking deal. Brett Favre lost his dad before a game against the Raiders a couple of years ago and he still smoked them. Trent Green lost his dad a couple of years ago and he did just fine afterwards. I would think a clear head is much more important for a QB.


    • Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork View Post
      your right on the last part.I just hope were able to use McFadden efficiently in the passing game and return game.
      Its quite clear from Kiffin that the Raiders just didnt think Dorsey was a good fit at NT.Picking a guy at #4 to play the same position as a guy your paying 55 million doesnt make sense.

      Maybe if we werent paying him 55 million we could do that but not now.Paying him to play end where he has no pass rush ability doesnt make sense.Especially when you could have him play the UT role and maybe get 7-10 sacks.
      We already have Jay Richardson to play end.He does pretty well against the run to.No need to put Kelly there to do the same job as Richardson.
      I seriously doubt Kelly gets 7-10 sacks as a DT. Especially when except for Derrick Burgess and maybe Gerrard Warren once every few weeks there is nobody else on your roster capable of rushing the passer.


      • Originally posted by ChargerCohen View Post
        The point you are trying to make is that the Raiders liked McFadden. I actually already knew that, because they freaking drafted him.

        I think you will find that most draftniks had Glenn Dorsey rated as a better prospect, possibly the only elite talent in this draft. Yes, D-Mac's got speed and I like his style a lot, but running backs aren't exactly difficult to find, especially for ZBS, whereas dominating defensive tackles are very rare and valuable.
        No, the point I made was some people had McFadden rated higher then Dorsey.

        Draftniks ehhh? Your post have no substance whatsoever. I just looked at many draft websites which had McFadden rated higher, but let me guess they are not draftniks huh?


        • Actually Schefter or Mayock reported a majority of teams had Dorsey as their number 1 player, and the next most amount of number 1 votes received was McFadden.

          "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan



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