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Pick 5 players to start a franchise with.

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    I'll take:

    Mario Williams, DE, Texans--Pass rush is always paramount. It can mask a lot of weaknesses. Williams is also pretty stout against the run for a rush DE.

    Joe Thomas, LT, Browns--Franchise level talent. Bookend quality.

    Karlos Dansby, LB, Cardinals--Playmaker and leader of the defense.

    Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings--Pretty much a no-brainer

    Big Ben, QB, Steelers--Not the best in every single category, but he's an amazing leader, he wins, and he's okay sharing the spotlight with Peterson.

    I think this meets the parameters.

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      QB Tom Brady
      RB Michael Turner
      OT Walter Jones
      DT Tommie Harris
      LB Michael Boley

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        I have decided to change mine to:

        Matt Ryan
        Sam Baker
        Roddy White
        Jamaal Anderson
        Michael Boley

        "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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          Walter Jones
          Steve Hutchinson
          Peyton Manning
          Mario Williams
          Nmandi Asomugha



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            Shaun Andrews
            Nhamdi Asomugha
            Carson Palmer
            Mario Williams
            Clinton Portis
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              All-Pro: DT Kevin Williams
              Pro Bowl: RB Steven Jackson
              Pro Bowl: DT Tommie Harris
              OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson
              DE Mario Williams

              Well I want to build my team around my D-Line and I am taking a different guy for my All Pro in Kevin Williams. Harris and Williams form the core of my d-line. With Mario on the outside and any other decent DE this line is a beast. Then Offensively I take a power runner in Jackson who is very good in the passing game and a young OT in Ferguson.


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                Starter: Jay Cutler
                Pro Bowl: Steve Smith
                Pro Bowl: Julius Peppers
                Starter: John Beason
                Pro Bowl: Joe Thomas


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                  All pro- Tomlinson
                  Pro Bowl- Logan Mankins
                  Pro Bowl- Joe Thomas
                  Starter- Mario Williams
                  Starter- Nnamdi Asomugha (These regular starters are definitely cheating)


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                    Pro Bowl- Joe Thomas- LT - He's a Brown, he is young and can man up on any DE.

                    Pro Bowl- Tom Brady- QB - One of the best QB's ever. I didn't take a great receiver so I pick the quarterback that has proven he can win without one.

                    Regular- Mario Williams- DE - He is a pro bowl caliber DE and I still get another pro bowler.

                    Regular- Reggie Bush- RB - I'm not a big Reggie fan but he provides versatility to the offense. Can split him out at WR and give him the ball 10-15 times a game.

                    Regular- Darrell Revis- CB - I think with the pass rush that Mario will provide he will be a shut down corner.

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                      Originally posted by duckseason View Post
                      With an eye on youth and value, I'd go with something like this-

                      QB Carson Palmer (PB)

                      LT Jake Long (RS)

                      DE Mario Williams (RS)

                      NT Albert Haynesworth (AP)

                      UT Tommie Harris (PB)

                      I almost went with Ngata as my NT so that I could have Joe Thomas at LT, but I decided I just couldn't pass up on Haynesworth teaming with Harris in the middle. Can you imagine the kind of pressure those two would bring from the inside? The other thought was to insert Dorsey as my UT so I could have Thomas, but meh. I just love Tommie Harris. Ask me the same question in 5 minutes, and I'll have switched it up a bit. I'd have to hold tryouts before I could really decide. Tough to pass on Aso, but I think it'll be much easier to build that position through the draft than it would be to get guys like these 5. Osi was another guy that was real tough to pass on.

                      that's not fair to have Jake Long, what if he becomes a pro-bowler this season?


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                        Originally posted by JeffSamardzijaIRISH View Post
                        that's not fair to have Jake Long, what if he becomes a pro-bowler this season?
                        Well you could say the same thing about all the regular starters or rookies, can't you? Hell, most of us took true pro-bowl caliber guys like Mario or Asomugha anyway. Seems like it's much riskier to go with a rookie than an established stud like Mario or even a Michael Roos.


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                          whats with all the rules for a fantasy thing?

                          DE - Mario Williams
                          DT - Albert Haynesworth
                          OT - Joe Thomas
                          RB - Adrian Peterson
                          QB - Derek Anderson
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