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Marvin Harrison involved in shooting!?

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  • Marvin Harrison involved in shooting!?


    theyre talking about in on OTL first report right now. illt ry and get up a link....this sounds like some serious stuff

    edit: link finally:
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    THE Marvin Harrison?


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      THE marvin harrison. they said this is breaking news...having trouble finding a link right now.


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        This would be an absolute shocker!


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          This is odd.

          There has to be a family-based circumstance surrounding this.
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            apparently he got in a fist fight with a trouble making patron at a bar he owns in philly. the guy fled, and harrison gave chase.

            some time later, gunfire errupted, this guy was grazed in the hand and some broken glass from a car they shot cut a girls face.

            the police went to question him at a car wash and they found a gun, registered to him, in a bucket at the car wash.

            apparently the gun matched the one that fired the bullets at teh crime scene


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              It's with a freaking .50 cal. They found it at his car wash, with 7 shots fired. He owns the weapon. They got a guy who got winged in the shoulder that police are waiting to tab Harrison as the shooter.

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                They were saying that he was involved in a fight, and that he took out his belgian gun and lit up a car. It is said that one of the guys was grazed by a bullet and that a little girl was injured from falling glass. THESE ARE SERIOUS ACCUSATIONS! In Pennsylvania law, if the owner of the gun in a crime is automatically charged even if he wasnt involved in any activity.

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                  I was gonna make a thread on this, but I saw this one so I'll put my little write up here:

                  I just heard it on Outside the Lines on ESPN.

                  There isn't any link on it yet per google, but I'll find something soon.

                  Harrison was spending time in Philly which is where is family is from. Apparently there was an altercation at an establishment and Harrison got into a fist fight with him. He later then followed him to his car and they exchanged bullets. A bullet supposedly grazed a mans hand, and shattered glass hit a young girl. The gun was later found and per a ballistics test, 7 shots were fired. The gun was legally registered to Harrison and he owns 25 weapons, all legally.


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                    theyre talking about it on nfl live right now too

                    liek....right now. get it on if you can


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                      WOW! I allways thought marvin was a good guy!!!


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                        Consider me confused and surprised.
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                          police are looking for witnesses.

                          but what really sucks from him is that even if he didnt do it, it was his gun. and under PA state law, if your gun is used in a crime, charges come to you too.


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                            He is the LAST person I would expect to hear with this kind of stuff.



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                              Originally posted by Jakey View Post
                              WOW! I allways thought marvin was a good guy!!!

                              He's one of those quiet types just waiting to explode.J/K

                              This is a shocker. The Colts were ok without him last year. They'll be able to manage if anything comes out of this.



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