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    The Giants? Eli is entering his prime, the oline is hitting its prime, toomer will be gone and plax will have slown down a steep but boss and smith should be breaking out with hopefully another young WR and a still productive shocked that O should be very good and if we can somehow keep spags around the d should be even better. We're a top team and Reece is still building us to get better.


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      I really like what the Texans are doing.

      They've got a fantastic young front defense with Okoye, Ryans and Williams. Plus, everybody on that team seems to be extremely fast. Schaub is coming into his own and Andre Johnson should be back in action this season. The ZBS should be in full swing this season, but I don't know how well Green/Brown can run it. I think that they're gonna be the best team to not make the playoffs this season, Jax and Colts are too much to get by this season.

      EDIT: I know 8-8 teams aren't really that much of a 'sleeper team,' but I think they could have an elite defense and a more than sufficient offense in a year or two.

      I'd like to say the Redskins, but we need to add more youth and see if Campbell and Zorn work well together.
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        I'm really high on Minny right now. Anyone boosting the Raiders is forgetting that they are the Raiders.

        I'm pretty sure five years down the line Raiders fans are gonna be looking at Brady Quinn and Glenn Dorsey going "What happened?" In addition to wondering how they were the pretty much the only team not to draft a great player in 2004, getting Gallery instead. Or spending the 7th on Michael Huff. Or blowing another 7th overall on Randy Moss. Or letting Gruden go so he could stomp on Gannon's brain.



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          I'm not sure about all this love for the Vikings, yeah if Jackson develops then they'll definitely be a top team but several of their top players are quite old and AD is the only guy with massive 'potential'.

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            Giants have potential, they won the superbowl and were the 3rd youngest team in the league


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              I'd like to see a reference for that (Giants third youngest), because I don't believe it.

              Edit: Like I figured.

              As of Jan 30th when John Clayton wrote his article:

              Green Bay* 13 3 25.72
              Indianapolis* 13 3 25.74
              Cincinnati 7 9 26.08
              Dallas* 13 3 26.08
              Carolina 7 9 26.17
              Arizona 8 8 26.21
              San Diego* 11 5 26.23
              N.Y. Giants* 10 6 26.26
              Minnesota 8 8 26.28
              Buffalo 7 9 26.33
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                Originally posted by Geo View Post
                I'd like to see a reference for that (Giants third youngest), because I don't believe it.
                it was said quite a bit last year, ill try to find it, im sure some giants fans could back me up on it.


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                  I think the Saints could be a great team next season or so, if we keep improving the roster.


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                    I love Houston a few years down the road, because if you go off of potential, they have all the major spots filled.

                    QB- Schaub is considered a franchise guy, and has all the tools you look for.

                    RB- Biggest flaw on the team, IMO. Darius Walker could be a great second option and target out of the backfield like Kevin Faulk, but they need a big RB. If they could get Beanie Wells, they'd be set. Steve Slaton could be a productive role player as well.

                    WR- Andre Johnson is a freak of nature, and they have a couple of guys with some potential/speed behind him.

                    TE- Owen Daniels could be one of the best TEs in the NFL fairly soon.

                    OL- Duane Brown is very athletic and perfect for the ZBS. The rest of the line is filled with young guys with potential like Winston and Spencer. Still, they need to fill out the interior.

                    DL- This team could simply be outstanding on the D-Line for years. I think Mario Williams could be the very best DE in the NFL as soon as the end of this year, and Okoye is very good. This is a do-or-die season for Travis Johnson, but he does have the ability to make things happen, he just hasn't shown it. Okam also has some potential. They do need to add one more DE to the group, because Anthony Weaver isn't all that great.

                    LB- Ryans is a stud, and should be an all-pro for years at MLB. Xavier Adibi is a very talented rookie, and Morlon Greenwood is only 30. He's certainly no star, but he's a decent starting option.

                    DB- Wildcard on this team. Dunta Robinson has had some issues, and needs to establish himself as a number 1 CB. Fred Lewis and Antwuan Molden both have a lot of talent, and are great options in the secondary. I think C.C. Brown can be a decent starter in this league, but they should look to improve the safety spot in the draft.


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                      Check the edited post post, B. Clayton wrote an article before the Super Bowl.
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                        1st sentence in the NY Times.


               one of the last few paragraphs.

                        With the undefeated Patriots on top, the Giants, who came into the season as the third-youngest team in the NFL, will look to draw even more on the experience of Strahan and Toomer.
                        there's my proof Geo


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                          I'll trust the article with actual statistics than NY trash. And makes more sense, because there's no way the Giants are that young.

                          Originally posted by mqtirishfan View Post
                          Steve Slaton could be a productive role player as well.
                          The Texans taking Slaton with the 89th pick is the best RB move they've made since drafting Domanick Davis with the 101st pick in 2003.
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                            [QUOTE=Geo;1054234]I'll trust the article with actual statistics than NY trash. And makes more sense, because there's no way the Giants are that young.QUOTE]

                   also said it....


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                              The Giants have too much experience/years to be that young - the OL, Madison and McQuarters, Pierce, Strahan, Toomer, Burress, Shockey. They don't have a lot of over-the-hill guys, and they have a lot of young guys, but not enough to bring down the average.

                              Now if guys like Strahan and Toomer were to retire, they would bring the number down.
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                                **homer** If Trent Edwards turns out to be even a decent QB (a big if, but so is Russel), I think the Bills can be a playoff team for a long time. Especially with some money coming in from the Toronto games**END homer**
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