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    Arizona Cardinals, the defense is looking much improved over last year and the offense is already scary, all we need is a compliment to Edge


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      Originally posted by Geo View Post
      You know I couldn't help but rib. :p

      Wright should definitely be gone, and so should Carr imo (who has 7-years exp). Woodson def has to be kept on the roster, I can't believe he fell as far as he did. I just don't understand that at all.

      I'd say Droughns too, but he might be the least injury-prone back on the Giants right now. Still, I'd rather give the ball to Jacobs/Ward/Bradshaw instead, I'm with you there. Only so many backs a team can keep, especially if they also use a fullback.

      I wonder if the Giants might have wanted Phillip Wheeler, but oh well. Goff is a very solid mid-round pick.
      haha, you know i dont take it to the heart :)

      From my understanding, Reese mentioned that there is no distinction between strongside and weakside in our scheme, and the requirements are primarily run stuffers who can play downhill and rush the passer. Thats why we went after good run stuffers who can play downhill and have good instincts with our LB selections. And if we want a speedster out there, we have Wilk already on the roster.

      Goff is Pierce's replacement at MIKE however. He's the type of smart sledgehammer our scheme requires. We put a lot of mental responsibility on the MIKE, Goff will basically be a younger Pierce when the time is right.

      As for Woodson, Im just as surprised as you are. As you know, I was very high on him before the draft. Im surprised he fell so far. Im hoping he can develop like Schaub did and perhaps we can trade him away later on down the road for some draft picks, and maximize our investment that way. For a 6th, Im very pleased that Reese took him. Like yourself, I liked Woodson a lot.

      Good point on Droughns too.


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        Originally posted by PACKmanN View Post
        when did the Giants ever have a younger team then the Packers?
        when did i say that?


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          Originally posted by BaLLiN72 View Post
          when did i say that?
          nvm, read it wrong.


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            Originally posted by Geo View Post
            Look at the chart I copied/pasted on the first page, people. There are actual numbers there.
            well then there's something wrong, i wouldnt say the giants are young, but id definitely say they have very young potential starters.

            All of these guys are 5 years or younger in the league and could be starting/have started for us.

            1. Brandon Jacobs
            2. Ahmad Bradshaw
            3. Kevin Boss
            4. David Diehl
            5. Chris Snee
            6. Aaron Ross
            7. Corey Webster
            8. Michael Johnson
            9. Kevin Dockery
            10. Gerris Wilkerson
            11. Mathias Kiwanuka
            12. Osi Umenyiora
            13. Barry Coefield
            14. Eli Manning
            15. Gibril Wilson (NOT ON THE TEAM ANYMORE) so now Kenny Phillips
            16. James Butler
            17. Jay Alford
            18. Steve Smith
            19. Derrick Ward
            20. Justin Tuck
            21. Guy Whimper
            22. Madison Hedgecock
            23. Chase Blackburn

            And now along with our draft class...
            24. Terrell Thomas
            25. Jonathan Goff
            26. Mario Manningham
            27. URFA DJ Hall/Wallace Gilberry

            and im being serious with the Hall WR and Gilberry DT most likely


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              I am pretty sure every team in the league can make a case to have the highest potential, but I am tempted to go with the Raiders. But the only reason I wont do so is because I dont think their lines are solid, and who knows if they are even going to address those spots.

              The teams that I would go with are the Vikings and (of course) Falcons. I really like the Vikings lines and Adrian Peterson. Sure its an old way of looking at things, but I think with good lines and a great running game, you really have a solid foundation. What I am worried about is their age. Pat Williams (a more important DL than Kevin Williams to me) is getting up there in age, and who knows where he will be in 5 years.

              For the Falcons, I would say that we have alot of young guys with potential at alot of solid positions. Jamaal Anderson, despite his lack of production as a rookie, he still has some potential. Hopefully he can end up like Justin Smith. We need alot of help at DT, but elsewhere we look pretty good for the future. Boley is a great OLB. Lofton looks like a future stud at MLB. Chris Houston has a great future. Erik Coleman looks to be pretty solid-good. On the offensive side of the ball, we have a potential franchise LT, a run blocking LG, franchise QB, great WR, and a good RB duo.

              "He's the leader of the next great class of NFL players." - John Elway on Matt Ryan


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                I like the potential of the Browns, especially now that Crennel is finally getting pieces to the defense together...Im really interested in how well Rogers plays at NT this year, and they might have one of the best complete O lines in the game...Stallworth opposite Edwards should be pretty sick.

                Also no one has mentioned Miami but I like where their headed, Ronnie Brown will have a great run blocking line in front of him, and some backs to rotate, as well as the foundation of their D line in place...It's already a good situation for both QB's, as well as the skill position players they should add next year...Imagine somebody like Maualuga being able to roam free with the down lineman taking on blockers, some things I don't agree with that Parcells does, but he knows how to build a foundation for a team and make the most of having alot of draft picks.

                Originally posted by Scott Wright
                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                  Browns have the best OL in the game imo.

                  All they need is a back to follow J-Lew and some more corners.
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                    I'd say the Panthers window will probably be open for the next 3 years. If everything clicks which is a big if, I'll admit they'll be a force.

                    In the future though there's going to need to be some smart maneuvering with the secondary. Lucas will be out of contract next year, Gamble the year after and marshall the year after that.

                    Delhomme is 33 next year.

                    Steve Smith can't stay that fast, that strong and that good for 5 years, probably another 3-4 max.

                    We still need a young WR2. With Hackett being injury prone and Muhummad 35.

                    I like the team now though, a lot of youth and depth at RB, LB, DLine, OLine, Safety, Tight End, every where except WR and QB and that can be fixed.


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                      the jets young defense has a lot of potential with Gholston, Harris, Jenkins, Pace, Revis, and Rhodes

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                        the thing Herm has said publicly on Brodie is he needs better weapons around him.remember he never started a game last year with LJ in the back field.improved OL+healthy LJ = hopfully improving Brodie Croyle


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                          Kansas City without a doubt.

                          Glenn Dorsey and Brandon flowers will pwn on D.

                          They already have Dwayne Bowe who was a boom of a pick. They had the best draft IMO.

                          I'm liking Brodie Croyle's play at QB also.

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                          Originally posted by killxswitch
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                            the homerism is strong in this thread


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                              Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
                              Why does everyone keep assuming Croyle can't be a good NFL QB? It seems like everyone always assumes so quick on a QB that wasn't a 1st rd pick, and then when its a 1st rd pick everyone will say "he's still developing", you dont think Croyle needs time to learn and develop too? He's only been in the nfl 2 years, one was a redshirt year, this past one he didn't even start half the season and he was with no LJ, no LT, and a terrible overall O line with a rookie WR still developing himself.

                              It's a little early to judge him, and to act like he won't get better just because he wasn't drafted in the top 10...He has a cannon for an arm, and showed flashes of some potential, he's not a lock to be a success but it would be stupid to act like he has no shot of being a good starter in this league with weapons around him.

                              I never said he can't be a good NFL QB I simply said that i don't think he has as much potential as a Jamarcus Russell, Matt Ryan, or Brady Quinn.

                              Oh and for those of you who have been bashing Russell, potential doesn't mean they are going to be great it simply means that -
                              • capable of being or becoming
                              • a latent excellence or ability that may or may not be
                              • Capable of being but not yet in existence


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                                Originally posted by Yatta! View Post
                                I'm not sure about all this love for the Vikings, yeah if Jackson develops then they'll definitely be a top team but several of their top players are quite old and AD is the only guy with massive 'potential'.
                                They have ageing guys but each already has their replacemnt developing.

                                The Raiders have the most 'potential' but it is all boom or bust potential, if only their managment knew the importance of the trenches.

                                My pick is the Bills. Like what their doing - good youth and solid in the places that count. Coul do with a young pass rushing DE in next years draft.
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