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Your dream team 11 on offense/defense & kr/pr

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    qb - tom brady
    rb1 - lt
    rb2 - cp26
    fb - mike sellers
    te - chris cooley
    lt - joe thomas
    lg - steve hutch
    c - nick mangold
    rg - logan mankins
    rt - marcus mcneil
    wr1 - chad johnson
    wr2 - braylon edwards

    de - julius peppers
    dt - tommie harris
    dt - albert haynesworth
    de - aaron kampman
    olb - julian peterson
    mlb - pat willis
    olb - shawne merriman
    cb - nnamdi asomugha
    cb - charles woodson
    s - ed reed
    s - laron landry


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      QB-P. Manning
      RB-M. Barber III
      WR-A. Boldin
      WR-Ca .Johnson
      WR-W. Welker
      TE-J. Witten
      OT-J. Thomas
      OG-S. Hutchinson
      C- J. Saturday
      OG-S. Andrews
      OT-M. McNeill

      LE-M. Williams
      UT-G. Dorsey
      NT-T. Harris
      RE-O. Umenyiora
      WLB-M. Boley(freshly incarcerated)
      MLB-P. Willis
      SLB-D. Ryans
      CB-C. Bailey
      FS-E. Reed
      SS-B. Sanders
      CB-A. Cromartie

      PR/KR-D. Hester

      Offense- Singleback Ace Formation would be base. Big guys outside than are absolute play makers. Wes Welker running underneath routes where no one can cover him. 3 Wide with Jason Witten, O God. Big O-Line to make holes for a RB who will run you the **** over.

      Defense- It begins in the trenches. A D-line that will cause all kinds of havoc in the backfield. Moves to the linebackers who are all too quick to play LB, and will all lay the wood. Corners who are ballhawks, and Ed Reed who can cover anyone and play centerfield like Willie Mays. Then Bob Sanders sitting back there waiting to make a play anywhere on the field.

      KR/PR needs no explanation.
      Originally posted by BamaFalcon59
      Open minded is eggs and hot sauce (trading down for Leodis McKelvin, something like that). Stupid is ketchup mixed with milk (that would be drafting Chris Long at three).


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        Im really surprised how many people take Patrick Willis over Ray Lews, Brian Urlacher and the other MLBs...


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          QB - Ben Roethlisberger
          RB - Brian Westbrook
          FB - Owen Schmitt
          WR - Roy Williams
          WR - Calvin Johnson
          WR - Santonio Holmes
          TE - Jason Witten
          OT - Joe Thomas
          OG - Alan Faneca
          C - Nick Mangold
          OG - Steve Hutchinson
          OT - Gosder Cherilus

          DE - Richard Seymour
          NT - Casey Hampton
          DE - Haloti Ngata
          OLB - Shawne Merriman
          ILB - Demeco Ryans
          ILB - David Harris
          OLB - Lamarr Woodley (Yeahhhhhhh Boi!!!)
          CB - Al Harris
          FS - Brian Dawkins
          SS - Troy Polamalu
          CB - Brandon Flowers

          KR/PR - Joshua Cribbs


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            QB: Tom Brady (N.E)
            RB: Adrian Peterson (MIN)
            FB: Leonard Weaver (SEA)
            WR: Andre Johnson (HOU)
            LT: Joe Thomas (CLE)
            LG: Steve Hutchinson (MIN)
            C: Jeff Faine (T.B)
            RG: Shawn Andrews (PHI)
            RT: Levi Brown (ARI)
            TE: Kellen Winslow (CLE)
            WR: Braylon Edwards (CLE)

            LE: Mario Williams (HOU)
            NT: Vince Wilfork (N.E)
            UT: Albert Haynesworth (TEN)
            RE: Jared Allen (MIN)
            SLB: Michael Boley (ATL)
            MLB: Partick Willis (S.F)
            WLB: Ernie Sims (DET)
            CB: Antonio Cromartie (S.D)
            FS: Ed Reed (BAL)
            SS: Bob Sanders (IND)
            CB: Asante Samuel (PHI)

            KR: Devin Hester (CHI)
            PR: Josh Cribbs (CLE)


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              QB : Drew Brees
              HB : Brian Westbrook - Adrian Peterson
              FB : Mike Karney
              WR : Marques Colston - Calvin Johnson - Chad Johnson
              TE : Chris Cooley
              OT : Jason Peters - Joe Thomas
              OG : Steve Hutchinson - Jari Evans
              OC : Nick Mangold

              4-3 :
              DE : Mario Williams - Jared Allen
              DT : John Henderson - Albert Hayneshworth
              OLB : AJ Hawk - Keith Bullucks
              MLB : Nick Barnett
              CB : Nmandi Asomugha - Champ Bailey
              FS : Ed Reed
              SS : Kerry Rhodes

              K : Jason Elam
              P : Daniel Sepulveda

              KR & PR : Devin Hester


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                QB Vince Young
                RB Ladainian Tomlinson
                RB Brian Westbrook
                WR Roy Williams
                WR Terrell Owens
                TE Antonio Gates
                OT Orlando Pace
                OG Steve Hutchinson
                C Andre Gurode
                OG Leonard Davis
                OT Walter Jones

                DE Julius Peppers
                DT Casey Hampton
                DT Jamal Williams
                DE Mario Williams

                OLB Demarcus Ware
                ILB Ray Lewis
                OLB Derrick Johnson
                CB Terrance Newman
                CB Antonio Cromartie
                FS Ed Reed
                SS Bob Sanders

                KR/PR Devin Hester


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                  I can't believe how many of you guys are choosing Julius Peppers. Did you watch him play last year?


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                    i saw him the year before ;)


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                      Originally posted by BaLLiN72 View Post
                      WOW team

                      QB: Peyton Manning
                      RB: Ladainian Tomlinson RB2: Brian Westbrook
                      FB: Mike Alstott (retired), now Lorenzo Neal
                      WR: Plaxico Burress
                      WR: Steve Smith
                      TE: Jason Witten
                      LT: Jason Peters
                      LG: Steve Hutchinson
                      C: Andre Gurode
                      RG: Alan Faneca
                      RT: Flozell Adams

                      DE: Michael Strahan
                      DT: Tommie Harris
                      DT: Warren Sapp (retired) now John Henderson
                      DE: Julius Peppers
                      WLB: Ray Lewis
                      MLB: Brian Urlacher
                      SLB: James Harrison
                      CB: Nnamdi Asomugha
                      CB: Champ Bailey
                      FS: Ed Reed
                      SS: Sean Taylor (deceased) now Troy Polamalu
                      All these player are in World of Warcraft?!? I'm willing to bet that Ray Lewis has the best character of them all.
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                      Originally posted by njx9
                      oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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                        Originally posted by Renji View Post
                        QB- Jordy Nelson
                        RB- Jordyz Nelsonz
                        FB- Jordyzzzzz Nelsonzzz

                        WR- Jordy "Jesus" Nelson
                        WR- Jordy "U cant believe its not Jerry Rice" Nelson
                        TE- Jordy "The Saint" Nelson

                        OT- Nelsonzzz Jordyzzz
                        OG- J0RDY N3L50N
                        C- The Nelson
                        OG- Jordy "The Talib Burner" Nelson
                        OT- Jordy "The Savior" Nelson

                        DE- Jordy "Likes Ur Momma" Nelson
                        DT- Jorson Neldy
                        DT- Jordyss Nelsonss
                        DE- Jordy "The Tiger" Nelson

                        OLB- Jordy "Jesus' Second Coming" Nelson
                        MLB- Jordy "**** it im going deep" Nelson
                        OLB- Jordy Porgy

                        CB- Jordy "#36th" Nelson
                        CB- Jordy "Favre's Son" Nelson

                        FS- Jordy "Not the black guy from Star Trek" Nelson
                        SS- Jordy "Da Beast" Nelson

                        KR- Devin Hester
                        this team could not lose...


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                          QB: Tom Brady
                          RB: Adrian Peterson, LT
                          FB: Owen Schmitt
                          WR: Randy Moss
                          WR: Andre Johnson
                          WR: Larry Fitzgerald
                          WR: Steve Smith
                          TE: Antonio Gates
                          LT: Walter Jones
                          LG: Steve Hutchinson
                          C: Jeff Saturday
                          RG: Shawn Andrews
                          RT: Chris Samuels

                          DE: Jared Allen
                          UT: Tommy Harris
                          NT: Albert Haynesworth
                          DE: Mario Williams
                          SLB: Shawn Merriman
                          MLB: Patrick Willis
                          WLB: Demarcus Ware
                          CB: Champ Bailey
                          FS: Ed Reed---would be Sean Taylor (RIP)
                          SS: Laron Landry
                          CB: Antonio Cromartie

                          Punt Returner: Devin Hester
                          Kick Returner: Josh Cribbs


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                            Originally posted by Renji View Post
                            Im really surprised how many people take Patrick Willis over Ray Lews, Brian Urlacher and the other MLBs...
                            If I'm building a team, I want a young emerging MLB with no health or aging concerns. That's P-Willie.

                            The problem arises when people use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support instead of illumination.

                            If luck is where preparation meets opportunity, then clutch is where failure meets luck.

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                              Originally posted by ChezPower4 View Post
                              this team could not lose...
                              Unless it played a team of all Brett Favres
                              I'm doing a real job now...well, semi-real.

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                                I decided to build a team that would be good for more than the present, so everyone is young.

                                QB: Trent Edwards
                                RB: Adrian Peterson
                                FB: Brian Leonard
                                WR: Larry Fitzgerald
                                WR: Roddy White
                                TE: Owen Daniels
                                LT: Joe Thomas
                                LG: Logan Mankins
                                C: Nick Mangold
                                RG: Deuce Lutui
                                RT: Joe Staley

                                DE: Mario Williams
                                DT: Luis Castillo
                                DT: Amobi Okoye
                                DE: Osi Umenyiora
                                OLB: Shawne Merriman
                                MLB: Patrick Willis
                                OLB: DeMarcus Ware
                                CB: Antonio Cromartie
                                CB: Aaron Ross
                                FS: Reggie Nelson
                                SS: LaRon Landry

                                KR/PR: Devin Hester

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