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Most liked and disliked nfl team in each division

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    As a Bears fan I know i'm supposed to hate the pack but I really dont, I've always liked Favre. Probably the Vikings I dislike the least. Dont really care enough about the other divisions to make a list.


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      AFC East- Buffalo
      AFC North- Pittsburgh
      AFC South- Texans
      AFC West- Chargers

      NFC East- Philly
      NFC North- Minnesota
      NFC South- Saints
      NFC West- Cardinals

      AFC East- Patriots
      AFC North- Ravens
      AFC South- Jaguars
      AFC West- Broncos

      NFC East- Cowboys
      NFC North- Packers
      NFC South- Panthers
      NFC West- Seahawks


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        Liked Teams:

        AFC East- Buffalo
        AFC North- Cincinnati
        AFC South- Texans
        AFC West- Chargers

        NFC East- Washington
        NFC North- Chicago
        NFC South- Carolina
        NFC West- St. Louis

        Hated Teams:
        AFC East- New England
        AFC North- Pittsburgh
        AFC South- Indianapolis
        AFC West- Oakland

        NFC East- Dallas
        NFC North- Green Bay
        NFC South- Tampa Bay
        NFC West- San Fransisco


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          Other than Titans...

          Most liked:

          NFC North: Vikings - Not a huge fan of any, but I had a buddy that was a big Vikes fan.
          NFC South: Saints - I have a buddy who moved after Katrina, so I keep up with them so we can talk football.
          NFC East: Eagles - I like their uni's, mascot, players, and coach.
          NFC West: Cardinals - I hope they finally make the Playoffs this year.

          AFC North: Bengals - I love Chad Johnson, and dislike the Steelers, Browns, and especially the Ravens.
          AFC South: Colts - I'll always have a soft spot for Peyton.
          AFC East: Bills - Don't really have a favorite, but Bills have always been cool.
          AFC West: Chiefs - Herm Edwards is the man, but I liked the Broncos until a few years ago.

          Mist disliked:

          NFC North: Lions - Always thought they were boring...
          NFC South: Tampa Bay - Between them and the Falcons, but the Bucs beat us last year.
          NFC East: Cowboys - They're as much as America's team as the Yankees are.
          NFC West: Rams - Beat us in our only Super Bowl.

          AFC North: Ravens - ...and it's not even close.
          AFC South: Jaguars - We have a good rivalry going on now. Colts vs Jags is more relevant, but Titans vs Jags has more history since the new divisions were set in place.
          AFC East: Patriots - I don't like anything about the Pats.
          AFC West: Chargers - Philip Rivers may be the player I dislike the most in the entire league.
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            I hate every team aside from the Packers so I'll just go with Most hated...
            NFC North: Vikings
            NFC South: Falcons
            NFC East...Hate em all.... Prob Cowboys the most
            NFC West: Sea hawks

            AFC North: Pittsburgh ( big ben)
            AFC South: Colts
            AFC East: Pats
            AFC West: Raiders

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            they get smoked.

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              Most liked:

              AFC East: Patriots
              AFC North: Browns
              AFC South: Titans
              AFC West: Kansas City

              NFC East: Redskins
              NFC North: Bears
              NFC South: Panthers
              NFC West: 49ers

              Most hated:

              AFC East: Jets
              AFC North: Ravens
              AFC South: Colts
              AFC West: Broncos

              NFC East: Giants
              NFC North: Packers
              NFC South: Falcons
              NFC West: Seahawks


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                Most liked

                AFC East: Jets - they take all our crappy players
                AFC South: Texans - always been the underdogs
                AFC North: Steelers
                AFC West: KC

                NFC East: Redskins :D
                NFC South: Falcons
                NFC North: the pack
                NFC West: Cardinals

                Most hated

                AFC East: Pats
                AFC South: Nobody really, I guess the titans
                AFC North: Ravens
                AFC West: Raiders

                NFC East: Cowboys, easily
                NFC South: Bucs
                NFC North: Vikings
                NFC West: Seahawks


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                  Most liked:

                  AFC East - Miami Dolphins
                  AFC South - Jacksonville Jaguars
                  AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers
                  AFC West - San Diego Chargers

                  NFC East - Philadelphia Eagles
                  NFC South - Carolina Panthers
                  NFC North - Green Bay Packers
                  NFC West - Arizona Cardinals

                  Most hated:

                  AFC East - New England Patriots
                  AFC South - Indianapolis Colts (don't hate any team in this divison really)
                  AFC North - Cleveland Browns
                  AFC West - Oakland Raiders

                  NFC East - Dallas Cowboys
                  NFC South - New Orleans Saints
                  NFC North - Detroit Lions
                  NFC West - Seattle Seahawks



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                    Im a Packers Fan. The teams I have a legitimate never-ending hatred for are of course the Bears and Vikings...... then the Lions, followed by the Cowboys, Eagles, and Seahawks on another tier...and then I have a personal hatred for the Broncos as well. Everyone else I really dont care about.


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                      Most Liked:

                      AFC East - Bills
                      AFC South- Jaguars
                      AFC North - Bengals
                      AFC West: Raiders

                      NFC East - Eagles
                      NFC South- Saints
                      NFC North- Packers
                      NFC West- Cardinals

                      Most Hated:

                      AFC East- Patriots
                      AFC South- Colts
                      AFC North- Steelers
                      AFC West- Broncos

                      NFC East - Cowboys
                      NFC South - Buccaneers
                      NFC North - Bears
                      NFC West - 49ers


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                        Raiders seem to be the most mentioned team in the thread so far. The true "either you love them or you hate them" team?

                        Oldie but a goodie.


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                          Most Liked


                          Most hated


                          In that order

                          Thanks BoneKrusher^

                 (the man)
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                            Most liked: Raiders.
                            Most Hated: Its a 3 way tie between KC,Denver,and San Diego.
                            Seattle is a close 2nd.
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                              well if we are going within the divison of most hated for example the NFC east. The Redskins hate the Cowboys completely, its probably the worst Rivalry in this divison. Philadelphia always has hated the Cowboys, now even more because of TO and being "America's team", they even booed santa. Giants hate the Cowboys beyond belief, its the biggest present day Rivalry in the divison.

                              Cowboys pretty much hate all of the other teams, all of them hate eachother basically.

                              if i had to say most hated WITHIN the divison.

                              2. Giants/Washington/Philly

                              most liked

                              1. Philly
                              2. Washington/Giants
                              4. Cowboys

                              No one likes the cowboys in our divison.


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                                AFC East: Patriots- They're fun to watch and I have a full fledged man crush on Tom Brady
                                AFC South: Titans- I love Vince Young and I want to see him do well. Plus I always liked LenDale White at USC. But the Texans are creeping up on me.
                                AFC North: I'm so indifferent to this division, but I guess Braylon Edwards gives Cleveland the nod.
                                AFC West: San Diego. LaDainian Tomlinson is fun to watch.

                                NFC East: Eagles. They're my team, and Brian Westbrook is amazing
                                NFC South: Saints- I've always loved Reggie Bush.
                                NFC North: Minnesota- Adrian Peterson is the ****.
                                NFC West: Cardinals- If Leinart stops sucking, they could be diesel. Plus they have a good amount of Michigan players.

                                Most hated

                                AFC East: Jets. They're annoying. Mostly their fans actually, as I can't stand anything related to New York sports.
                                AFC South: Colts. The ESPN nutriding they get every year annoys me, and I'm still mad Peyton Manning got SB MVP after I've hated him for so long. He had no business winning it.
                                AFC North: Pittsburgh. They're on the other side of the state. But LaMarr Woodley is awesome.
                                AFC West: Raiders. Just a freak show out there.

                                NFC East: Cowboys. **** the Cowboys. I actually like some of their players (Ware, Owens, Crayton, Barber) but Romo annoys me. The nutriding he gets annoys me especially after he's blown both playoff games.
                                NFC South: Atlanta. I know he's not there anymore but I've always hated Mike Vick.
                                NFC North: Packers- Hate Brett Favre.
                                NFC West: Seahawks- Just because



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