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If you could add one Non Pro Bowler to your team...

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    Originally posted by jetsfan0099 View Post
    Landry isn't better then Rhodes, sorry. Rhodes is top 5 at his position, Landry can hit but that doesn't make him better Landry didn't even play better last year. Rhodes is smarter and understands how to make plays better. You will all see, Rhodes is a star, and he continues to get screwed with the pro bowl votes.

    I would take.... tough one a lot of the players I would take made the pro bowl this year, and I can't take any Jets players...... I would say Aso from the Raiders, he is definitely a stud at CB. And we need another CB, him and Revis would be the best CB duo by far in the NFL.

    Lots of Jets to take IMO David Harris, Rhodes, Mangold, Leon Washington.... lol I know I'm a homer, its hard not to be I love my team!! Even though they have bad luck, at least I'm not a band wagon fan, I rather be a homer than that.

    Some homers are amazing...I guess you missed the title of the thread huh?

    "If you could add one non pro bowler to your team"

    So I guess I have to add Rhodes since you think he's so much better then Landry and I'm not entitled to my opinion It's worth an argument, but the way you go about is to act like Landry is nowhere near Rhodes level, which is just homerism coming from you.

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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      For the Colts I would probably go with Glenn Dorsey. I know he is unproven, but if he resembles Warren Sapp, Dungy would be thrilled to have him. He would make our D-line unstoppable.



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