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James Hardy beats up father, no charges filed

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  • James Hardy beats up father, no charges filed

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) - A woman called police saying Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver James Hardy was beating up his father and had pulled a gun when she yelled for him to stop.

    The witness told officers she called out for Hardy to stop after hearing a loud noise in the back yard about 1:30 p.m. Sunday, according to a city police report.

    Fort Wayne police spokesman Michael Joyner said Tuesday no charges were filed because Hardy was gone when officers arrived and Hardy's father did not want to press charges.

    The police report quoted the elder Hardy as saying his son has a lot of anger toward him because he was in prison when his son was young.

    Neither Hardy nor his agent, Eugene Parker, immediately responded to phone messages seeking comment.

    The 6-foot-6 receiver left Indiana a year early to enter the NFL draft and was picked by the Bills in the second round last month.

    Glad the Bengals didn't draft him...

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    Wow not good news for Bills fans. Even if there is no charges pressed this is still not the kind of player you want to bring in. Beating up old people is not cool.

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      Hardy has a bunch of character issues...I thought he may have gotten rid of them but I guess not...hope his anger issues are put in check, he's the perfect compliment to Lee Evans...


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        I really want to see him on the field this year because it'll be interesting to see what that Bills team will be able to do; hopefully he doesn't hurt that chance

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          I would try and hold off on passing judgment here, at least until we hear more details. The sudden influx of wealth to these young kids can put immense strain on some family relationships, especially delicate situations such as that between James and his father.


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            Sounds like something I would do.....either way, it is a bad break for the Bills. If he straighens out, the Bills got a pro bowl player. If he continues to act immature, he will be average. Kid has so much potential, dont ruin it James.


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              The fact that he pulled out a gun concerns me a little.


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                Yea I want to hold off on judgement, either way I don't think this is press the Bills wanted, they were looking to bring in alot of high character guys, so hopefully this is an isolated incident, but being this early who knows...It just makes me feel a little better we didn't trade up for him now, I don't wan to hear about any Cowboys getting in any touble no time soon.

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                I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                  I want to see him play, hopefully this was an isolated incident.

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                    Unless his father is Giant Gonzalez (which I doubt), this is not a good thing.


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                      Wow, he has a past of hitting people. First, he hits his girlfriend and their kid, now his dad. I think he has major problems in the head that needs worked out, or that hes a pansy who can only hurt people weaker then him. Either way, he is a headcase and I hope the Bills do something about it.


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                        Possibly the next Chris Henry with being very talented but always getting in trouble. Not a good sign, you don't want those bad character guys on your team now a days. The way it sounds is that this kid is a real jerk. I wouldn't want to give him millions.


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                          The thing is that Hardy's father didn't have any injuries, and says that James did not pull a gun on him.

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                            Originally posted by JagHombre22 View Post
                            Hardy has a bunch of character issues...I thought he may have gotten rid of them but I guess not...hope his anger issues are put in check, he's the perfect compliment to Lee Evans...
                            Same here. It seems like anger mostly. Ive thought for a long time now that Hardy will be the best WR, but i didnt know about the character issues till Feb-Mar.

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                              Bring him to Dallas, Jerry!



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