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Would the Lions be better than the current Bengals if they had drafted Carson Palmer?

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    Originally posted by Staubach12 View Post
    And how is that?

    Let's look at stats. This past year, Carson threw for 4131 yards, while Romo threw for 4211. Romo's completion % was worse by .5%. Romo threw for 36 TDs with a 6.9 TD%. Carson threw for 26 with 3.5 TD%. Romo had 19 INTs. Carson had 20. Surrounding cast? Chad + TJ > Owens + Crayton. Sure, we have Witten, and our running game was better. However, Carson arguably had the better line. He was only sacked 17 times, while Romo was sacked 24 times, and I'm pretty sure we all know Romo is more mobile than Palmer.
    Bengals O-line was beat up and injured. if you want to find out why Palmer was sacked 7 less times look at his interceptions - he was forcing the ball out quickly to avoid the rush. And throwing around the running game so nonchalantly is laughable.

    If I'm a coach or an owner, I'm happy either way - Romo or Palmer. But if you're going to compare then at least do it honestly. Romo was in a better situation this year than Palmer.



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