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    Originally posted by no love View Post
    I would call it a recipe for disaster. Your corners are getting old and slow.
    not exactly. mike mckenzie is old but not slow. the rest of the DBs are just crap , without being slow :D


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      Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
      the Giants run a 4-3 base, with some 46 principles. we run a lot of zone blitz, and run a lot of fire.

      press man and zone blitz, thats our specialty. but we have a ton of exotic packages that are unique to our defense, as im guessing Shockey+Manning=Shocking has already eluded to in this thread.
      Our system is so weird, and out of the box, that it is what it wants or needs to be. It's a 4-3 defense, but can be any personnel. If we wish to have 3 safties in for a whole drive we will. If we want to put 4 safties in, and use that 4th as a OLB then so be it. Or we can put a CB at FS to mix things up. Basically we move everyone around so our pre snap look confuses offenses because everyone is not at their normal position.



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