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Titans left tackle new $43 million man

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    Originally posted by Number 10
    I love how you guys make your own little rules here. Take the blinders off and realize what transpired here-

    The Titans signed a deal that I think is too big for him. I then, considering the fact this is not the Titans board, brought up how despite the fact that too much money is being thrown around to mediocre talent, there are still teams, the Giants in particular, are being efficient with their cash.

    Did not think it would be a difficult concept to latch on to but hey, understandable considering who is making an issue of it.
    You obviously don't know much about the Titans organization then.

    Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt's previous job was the salary cap manager for the Seattle Seahawks. His job was to advise Seattle's GM on how to spend money wisely. To say that he would spend money foolishly as the Titans GM is incorrect. In fact, MR let Antwan Odom, Travis LaBoy, and Jacob Bell seek large contracts in FA this past season instead of signing them long-term. He knew those players weren't worth large contracts, so he decided not to spend the money.

    Michael Roos is a franchise LT, and is considered to be a Top 5 LT in the league. You may disagree, but you are in the minority with that opinion. He deserves a Top 5 contract, and you are the only one who disagrees with that.

    Some recent OL signings:
    LT/LG David Deihl signed for 6-years/$31 million.
    LG Jacob Bell signed for 6-years/$36 million/$13 million guaranteed.
    LT Michael Roos signed for 6-years/$43 million/$15 million guaranteed.
    OT Jake Long signed for 5-years/$57.75 million/$30 million guaranteed.

    Right now, Michael Roos is the best player of that group. He makes only $7 million more than Jacob Bell, and makes much less than rookie Jake Long. David Deihl was a good signing, but he isn't even on Roos's level, so to compare contracts with them is stupid.

    If anything, Deihl was over-payed. He was signed through 2011, and was in the third year of a 6-year/$15.5 million. The Giants could have waited on a contract, but went ahead and signed him to another long-term contract. Roos was playing on his 2nd RD pick rookie contract and played at a higher level than Diehl, so it's only fair that his contract matches his level of play.

    But yeah, good on the Giants for being so far ahead of the curve by signing a player to a contract that matches his level of play. I have no clue how they do it!
    Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

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    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.



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