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Roy Williams To Be Traded?

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    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    honestly, im not sure if i speak for all Giants, Eagles and Redskins fans on this, but Im really hoping Roy stays on the Cowboys as long as possible. Its going to be a sad day when he gets cut.

    Bc then you have to adjust your offensive strategy. Its always been a simple strategy, spread out the Dallas defense and pick on Roy Williams. Now with those 3 CBs and potentially no Roy Williams, I dunno how you attack that defense.

    As of now, from the reports around, we are going to play Anthony Henry at FS in dime and nickel packages, Hamlin at SS, and Roy as a LB somewhere in there, thus he won't be playing deep what so ever...But again, this is speculation, Henry probably won't move to FS at this point, but I think we see him lining up there alot, he is a great zone corner anyway...I doubt he moves outright unless we get Adam Jones back so him, Jenkins, and Newman can play CB with Scandrick as the 4th, that would probably be the only way we saw a permanent move to FS.

    And again, I don't know who ever assumed or thought Roy was a great cover safety, he has been getting beat in pass coverage since he came out, I certainly have never defended that aspect.

    It just gets a little old when I hear people say "well all the Cowboys fans", because obviously 2 homer fans that came about speaks for all the rational fans If I heard some outrageous remarks about a Giants player from a few guys I don't turn that into "all you Giants fans were proclaiming" because everyone has a different rationale...Some Cowboys fans see everything as a positive, and whenever there is a negative they turn it into something positive...People put up with Roy's coverage defeciancies because of his presence on the field and what else he could bring to the table...Albeit not a great cover guy, but he has been known to come up with huge INT's before, the one vs Philly comes to mind where McNabb was injured on the play.

    Also the fact that you guys are on the outside looking in, of course you guys wanted to call him trash before any of us, as fans all you can do is have hope for a guy to make plays and turn it around, it may never happen but you can certainly hope it happens...But don't hold a few opinions as "All Cowboy fans", I hear that so much it drives me crazy, that be like me going to extremeskins and taking 3 or 4 posters over there and turning that into "All Redskins fans".

    We can argue all day about how good he was, or at what point he got bad, but point blank he started his career off on the right foot and was a very promising safety, you can't blame anyone for holding out hope or the guy, what else can you do when your stuck with him? It's also no secret the gameplan is throw at Roy, its not like the other 3 NFC east teams know this and we don't, the entire league knows that...Unfortunately with his salary we have to make the best of it now, and hope for a few big plays here and there.
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    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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      why waste a pick and the money on him when Adam Archuleta, a similar player, is in FA...



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