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Thurman cut by Bengals

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  • Thurman cut by Bengals

    So I saw a thread in the team forums but this is pretty big news considering its a quiet time of the year.

    The Cincinnati Bengals have cut newly reinstated linebacker Odell Thurman.

    Seems strange to me, why keep him for two years and then finally cut him once he's eligible to play? Maybe the Bengals are serious about getting rid of their bad character guys.

    Thoughts: Good move/Bad Move? Confused?

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    They might be cutting him now just for cap purposes. That is my guess.

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    I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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      They kept him because he was suspended and therefore didn't count against their cap at all. They could also seek to recover some or all of his bonus money. They also retained his rights and could keep him if they wanted to long term.

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        The Bengals are pretty smart.


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          No one has ever said that before...

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            They must not think he's a good player.
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              Originally posted by Nitschke-Hawk View Post
              They must not think he's a good player.
              Now that they have Rivers Odell is not worth the trouble.

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                I think it would have been best for both parties anyway. He wasn't gonna play in Cincy, so maybe he can go to another team and be a star again.


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                  A league source tells us that the Bengals plan to release linebacker Odell Thurman on Monday.

                  But we’re told that the move isn’t the result of any relapse of substance abuse or renewed misconduct by the talented-but-troubled defender, who missed most of the past two NFL seasons due to a suspension. Instead, the Bengals allegedly are cutting Thurman for missing voluntary workouts last week.

                  Thurman participated in a rookie minicamp. After his grandmother recently died, he had to travel to Georgia for the funeral. Betty Thurman raised Odell, whose mother died in 1993 and father died five years ago. Betty Thurman was seriously ill when Odell was reinstated last month by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

                  The Bengals, per the source, told Thurman to come back to town for so-called Organized Team Activities one day after his grandmother’s funeral. When he got to Georgia, however, Thurman realized that he couldn’t leave so quickly.
                  Sounds pretty crappy to me...


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                    Wow, another Troy Williamson situation?


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                      Pretty classless move by the Bengals. She was probably a pretty important person in Odell's life.

                      Does anyone think he could make a good SLB?
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                        Originally posted by doingthisinsteadofwork View Post
                        Pretty classless move by the Bengals. She was probably a pretty important person in Odell's life.

                        Does anyone think he could make a good SLB?
                        if he can stay out of trouble, yes. Problem is he never stayed out of trouble.

                        Still, not a class move by the bengals... I thougth they hardly had any linebackers left?

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                          Dumb: Rivers, Brooks, and Thurman might have made a legit linebacking crew.


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                            Pretty crappy timing by the Bengals but it has been a long time coming. Why even surround Rivers with guys like Thurman.


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                              This may be the weirdest thing we've done in recent memory. I find it hard to believe that we just let him go because "he wasn't in the building" enough. There's more to this story.

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