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2011 Season cancled?

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    Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
    If the salary cap is gone I'll probably no longer be a fan of the NFL.
    If they drop the cap I think they are severely underestimating the importance of the salary cap for the game. People are not going to spend their hard earned money on a team that realistically has zero chance of winning.......meaning probably about 25 of the 32 teams in the league if there is no cap. Basketball, hockey, college football, and college basketball would be more than willing to steal NFL fans. I know I would lose a lot of interest in the Rams if I know they don't have a chance.

    I am done arguing, until somebody says something stupid.


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      Originally posted by Turtlepower View Post
      Why is it that our culture is now taught to get scared and overreact about problems in the future rather than address current ones?
      Who said we can't fix both?



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