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2011 Season cancled?

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  • 2011 Season cancled?

    At school but ill post my thoughts when i get home

    The NFL officially notified its players union on Tuesday that it will opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement, which could lead to a season without a salary cap in 2010 and a possible lockout in 2011.
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    How many Bengals would get arrested in that offeseason???


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      This is grrrrrrrrrreat news
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        man this just keeps happening to me.....oh well i guess, ill whine over here....guess i should have had a flashier title

        besides the articles there, theres a few more here that touch the topic well imo.


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          Some thing will get worked out I have no fear of that.


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            Originally posted by Splat420 View Post
            Some thing will get worked out I have no fear of that.
            yeah, no way they kill the goose that lays the golden egg here.

            as one of those articles i posted put it, if the owners dont get any money, then neither do the players.

            and i think before the owners let something like that happen, they could just agree to another player's union friendly deal, let it run for a few years like this most recent one, and then opt out again and give negotiating another go.


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              unless im completely wrong about this, I think a lot of people are making a big deal over nothing.
              Correct me if i'm wrong but even if they hadn't opted out of the cba, they still would have needed to agree a new one before 2012, so the 2013 season would effectively be cancelled.
              Too many people are getting worried over this, they will agree a 'new cba' before that season, im sure.
              Just wanted people to know that even if this hadn't happened there would have been a season stoppage in 2012, so i think people are hyping this up too much!


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                They wouldn't cancel a season...way too many people get rich because of one season to let it happen.

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                  Whatever. They'd just get replacement players...



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                    i hope we keep a cap. i don't want to see the days of the mid 90s rear its ugly head again where 2 teams just buy all the players.


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                      If the salary cap is gone I'll probably no longer be a fan of the NFL.
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                        Cancelled? Oh no, they will get replacement players, and people will still watch because it's the NFL. And the real players will come crawling back with their tails between their legs, because they are making so much more money that would shock guys from a few decades before, and losing enough game checks won't stand.

                        One thing not being realized enough, including by players, is that without the salary cap players don't become free agents until after 6 seasons, as opposed to the 4 seasons that is currently required.

                        But it's not like fat cat POS Gene Upshaw cares or can even inform the players he's supposed to stand up for. Better to only give a **** about the agents he's in cahoots with, and try to look big.
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                          Why is it that our culture is now taught to get scared and overreact about problems in the future rather than address current ones?

                          Originally posted by Halsey
                          I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                            Is it the culture ... or is it the dumbass media like ESPN who are already referring to future negotiations as being nasty and that sort of stupid thing, trying to manufacture yet another juicy story they can milk for days. I hate ESPN.
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                              Originally posted by 21ST View Post
                              This is grrrrrrrrrreat news
                              Why nothing will change the Redskins will try and buy their team like always and fail. I mean the NFL would be so exciting when the rich franchises can beat everyone because there is no competition. That is what makes the NFL what it is all teams are pretty eqaul and have the same chance as the next team. All the best games are the ones that come down to the wire not the games that are 52-0.

                              No cap would kill the NFL

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