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    Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
    and the same could be said about Snyder and Washington.
    Snyder's checkbook, not himself per say.


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      I think for the casual fan, Troy Polamalu is the face of our franchise. Cuz when I tell the average football fan down here in Texas that I am a Steelers fan, most of them say, "Oh that guy with the hair plays for them right??" Yea...but for the football savvy I can see Roeth.

      Silverback....still the best.

      +rep to Jakey for the sig


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        I think it's Favre for us right now but it will transfer to Rodgers or maybe Driver or Harris

        Thanks to BK for the sig


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          for the panthers i think it is easily steve smith


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            As much as I'd like to say Michael Boley... It's probably Matt Ryan now.


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              The Packers is pretty easy. It belongs to Nick Barnett...


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                1. Brian Dawkins
                2. Brian Westbrook
                3. Donovan McNabb


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                  I think the face of the franchise is who the casual fan would first think of when that certain is brought up.

                  NE- Tom Brady
                  MIA- Jason Taylor
                  NYJ- Eric Mangini
                  BUF- Marshawn Lynch (toughest one to figure out Id say)

                  BAL- Ray Lewis
                  CIN- Chad Johnson
                  CLE-Brady Quinn (i know, i know, but honestly I think thats who would pop into most people's heads first)
                  PIT- Ben Roethlisberger

                  IND- Peyon Manning
                  TEN- Vince Young
                  HOU- Mario Williams
                  JAX- Fred Taylor

                  SD- LaDainian Tomlinson
                  DEN- Mike Shanahan
                  KC- Herm Edwards
                  OAK- Al Davis

                  DAL- Terrell Owens
                  PHI- Donovan McNabb
                  NYG- Eli Manning
                  WSH- Clinton Portis

                  GB- Brett Favre
                  MIN- Adrian Peterson
                  DET- Matt Millen
                  CHI- Brian Urlacher

                  TB- Derrick Brooks
                  CAR- Steve Smith
                  ATL- Matt Ryan
                  NO- Reggie Bush

                  SEA- Matt Hasselbeck
                  STL- Torry Holt
                  SF- Frank Gore
                  ARZ- Larry Fitzgerald


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                    KC has to be Gonzo


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                      Just so people know, Brees is without a doubt the face of the franchise. Bush is a very very distant 3rd behind Deuce.


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                        I would consider Colston a bigger face of the Saints than Deuce at this point.
                        The whole world loves neophyte athletic tight end Jimmy Graham from Miami with the 95th pick. "Best pick in the draft,'' one AFC coach told me. "Give him time, and in that offense, he'll be better than [Jeremy] Shockey by the start of next year.''

                        “We know that no matter the adversity, be it the lockout, be it the suspension or be it a hurricane, our men will pull together and defend the honor of this city. We’ve shown we’ve been able to do that.” - Jabari Greer


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                          AFC East-
                          Patriots- Bill Belichek/Tom Brady
                          Bills- Marshawn Lynch
                          Jets- Eric Mangini
                          Dolphins- Jason Taylor

                          AFC South-
                          Colts- Peyton Manning
                          Jaguars- Del Rio
                          Titans- Vince Young
                          Texans- Mario Williams

                          AFC North-
                          Steelers- Ben Rothlesberger
                          Browns- Derek Anderson
                          Bengals- Chad Johnson/Carson Palmer
                          Ravens- Ray Lewis

                          AFC West-
                          Chargers- LT
                          Broncos- Jay Cutler
                          Chiefs- Larry Johnson
                          Raiders- Al Davis/JaMarcus Russell


                          NFC East-
                          Cowboys- TO/Tony Romo
                          Giants- Micheal Strahan
                          Redskins- Clinton Portis
                          Eagles- Brian Westbrook/Brian Dawkins

                          NFC South
                          Buccaneers- Jon Gruden
                          Panthers- Steve Smith
                          Saints- Drew Brees/Reggie Bush
                          Falcons- Matt Ryan

                          NFC North-
                          Packers- No jokes here... Jordy Nelson
                          Vikings- AD
                          Lions- Jon Kitna
                          Bears- Brian Urlacher

                          NFC West-
                          Seahawks- Matt Hasselbeck
                          Cardinals- Matt Leinart
                          49ers- Patrick Willis
                          Rams- Steven Jackson



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                            Sniper, honestly, do you think Brian Dawkins is a more recognized face accross Philadelphia than Donovan McNabbs' is? Mr. Chunky soup??


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                              What's stupid is Brady Quinn is probably the face of our franchise.

                              If you are talking about football intelligent people, its probably Joe Thomas or Braylon Edwards.


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                                Originally posted by nobodyinparticular View Post
                                Raiders: Al Davis--and that's just the way he likes it.

                                In a year or two, it could become either of McFadden or Russell though.
                                No doubt. Al Davis has been the face of the franchise ever since he coached them.



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