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CBS sportsline overrated underrated NFL players for each team..

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    Originally posted by Hwoarang View Post
    This dude knows what's up.
    Yeah, I think Evans is right up there with the top Guards in the league. He is a beast and by far the Saints best lineman. It is a shame that nobody knows who he is.


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      In a way, I do agree with the Hines Ward pick, but the reason why he seems like he is slowing down is because of injuries. I think he could put up nice numbers if he wasnt hurt every year now.

      I love the kid, but I am starting to think that Ike Taylor is getting overrated. Why? The kid cant catch a cold, and he gets in trouble with the deep ball. He plays great sometimes, but when you constantly throw at him, he gets abused and exposed to where you can get by him with double moves and deep balls. He is still a good corner though.


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        Originally posted by BNad View Post
        His personality screams for people to blast his play, not actually the play itself (save 2006). If he never said a word there'd be significantly less hate thrown at him.

        I just think he's extremely confident and... likes to show it. I love the guy; even if he did abandon my team. :(

        Hall is going to be one of those guys who will be called overrated his whole career by fans on other teams.

        It doesn't help that he's still a little raw as a player...but considering that he's 24 and he's already a very good CB I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like he's the first very good/talented CB to gamble alot early in his career...


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          As much as he's not on my good side right now, its a crime to call CJ overrated. Sometimes he does struggle in big games even when the ball is thrown to him but he's easily one of the best in league and pretty much everyone would agree with that. If you're gonna call someone on our team overrated I think right now you could probably go with Rudi Johnson. I think its kind of hard to give us an overrated player though TBH.

          He's pretty spot on with Domata Peko though. I would call either him or Robert Geathers our most underrated players. Geathers had a "down" year because he was asked to move from 43 End to 43 OLB during the season. Tough thing to do and IMO he was good at either position.

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            Overrated: OT Matt Light (not quite Pro Bowl quality), DE Richard Seymour (Warren and Wilfork are both better)
            Underrated: CB Ellis Hobbs (Played with tons of injuries), FS James Sanders (rock solid starting safety)


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              If this writer had any cajones, he would've went with Keith Bulluck as the Titans overrated player instead of making the generic choice of Vince Young. Keith has been slowly declining the past couple of years and I'm not even sure he's even the best linebacker on the Titans roster.
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                langston walker is garbage
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                  Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
                  If this writer had any cajones, he would've went with Keith Bulluck as the Titans overrated player instead of making the generic choice of Vince Young. Keith has been slowly declining the past couple of years and I'm not even sure he's even the best linebacker on the Titans roster.
                  same goes for a lot of the other teams, pretty predictable article overall.
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                    Originally posted by RaiderNation420 View Post
                    langston walker is garbage

                    Gonna have to disagree with you there, seeing as he became very good player once he got out of Oakland and lived up to that seemingly laughable contract we gave him.


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                      McKinnie isn't necessarily overrated.. I thought he was very good last year, he got banged up towards the end.

                      I still think he hasn't hit his peak yet.
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                        The Pace analysis is wack on some many levels:

                        1. He was hardly a great edge rusher this year. 6 sacks is good, but not holy crap good.

                        2. It was only 6 sacks, I doubt we paid for *just* this guys sack racking ability. The Cardinals asked this guy to do alot within their D, and he didn't suck at it. He's good at playing the run and dropping back in coverage too.

                        3. Pace = Piece to the puzzle. He got paid like a king because of the market, not because the Jets expect him to be their savoir.

                        And whats Vernon Davis doing on an overrated list? He's on everyones "wait and see" list, but I don't hear any serious hype trains.

                        Anthony Montgomery is a beast.


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                          I'd agree with the Packers I guess. Bigby is up for debate - depending on who you talk to he is either the best thing since sliced bread or the first guy we are trying to replace. It was hard to tell whether he was a young player improving or a flash in the pan.

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                            I can't stand CJ, let that be known... But the man is not overrated.

                            Yes he fails to show in big games (those are all TJ) but the numbers don't lie.


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                              Right on with Sean Jones being underrated.


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                                I don't really like the Bucs picks:

                                Jermaine Phillips had his 2nd good season last year. He doesn't get much hype because he hadn't played all that well in his first four years. He's had a couple good seasons and looks to be a player, but I think Barrett Ruud and Jeff Garcia are more underrated than Phillips. I expect Phillips to get more recognition and pro bowl consideration should he have another year like last season.

                                Ronde Barber is a bad pick for most overrated. I can't remember the last time I've heard anyone refer to him as an elite CB. Even when he picked off 10 passes in 2001, people were calling him a pure system player. Ronde's stats fell off a bit last year and at 33, he appears to be entering the downside of his career, but he's still solid. This spot should go to Ernest Graham or, dare I say . . . Mr. Derrick Brooks (blasphemy).



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