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CBS sportsline overrated underrated NFL players for each team..

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  • CBS sportsline overrated underrated NFL players for each team..

    As a Buffalo fan Prisco has Kelsay as overrated and Crowell as underrated

    I would say Evans/Kelsay as overrated

    And Langston Walker as underrated

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    He is right on with Arnaz Battle, one of the most underrated players in the league. Sure-handed, tough, hard working, consistent, and a great teammate.


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      I'd say he got the Packers right but in general I think he uses too many clichées for overrated players (Roy Williams, Shockey, Deangelo Hall etc.).

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        im very glad he didnt list urlacher as overrated for the bears.....waaaaaay too many people do that and i didn't want to have to break out my rant defending him


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          Good selections for the Skins.

          However I might want Stephon Heyer or even Cooley in the underrated as well.


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            i'd agree with the Jets selections. Although i ersonally don't believe that we think we are getting a 'premier' edge rusher in Pace, i will say he is overrated if that is actually what is expected. I'm hoping for a solid edge rusher, something that we didn't even have last year.

            I would have said KKerry Rhodes for underrated, because the general fan has no clue who he is, at least as far as i can tell. Harris was a rookie last year and therefore i think takes a back seat to Rhodes as far as what reputation he should have and what he does have. I could be mistaken on Rhodes' rep though

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            You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.


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              Those are good choices for the Bills.
              I'd also say that Langston Walker is underrated.

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              my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
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                Overrated: RB Ahman Green. There are some who think he's still an elite runner. I don't. So he gets the nod here on a tough team to find an overrated player.
                Who are these people who still think Ahman Green is an elite runner? I thought that crowd died like 3 years ago?


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                  peppers isn't overrated, noone talks about him as one of the best DE's in the league anymore.

                  good choice with chris harris though


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                    Underrated: G Jahri Evans. It's a shame he didn't get voted into the Pro Bowl last season. He's as dominant a guard as there is in the league. Too bad nobody knows it.
                    This dude knows what's up.


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                      I dont think Hall is overrated at all.

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                        Originally posted by Hwoarang View Post
                        This dude knows what's up.
                        bloomsburg ftw! PA state schools stick together


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                          People really do sleep on Jason Brown. Baltimore's Guard situation is set for like the next 10 years if Jason stays at Guard. I wouldn't call Chris McAlister overrated. I still think he's a Top 10 or Top 15 Corner when he's healthy. Fred Bennett is without a doubt underrated as well. He's probably the only sure player in our secondary right now with Daunta out.
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                            I disagree with Larry Johnson for the Chiefs I would say Brain Waters would be a better pick he has not looked the same with out Wille Roaf next to him.


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                              I don't believe Donte Stallworth is expected to be an elite receivers, just a reliable second.

                              Overrated for Browns would have to be Derek Anderson (although I don't think hes bad, I just think people were overrating him.)

                              Underrated IMO would have to be Jamal Lewis... people talked so much trash about him last year and he was put behind a good offensive line and ran for over 1,300 yards.



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