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Possibility of no draft in 2011

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    I'm betting it takes less than a year for them to kiss and make up.

    Jim Tressel: "a gentlmens code only applies to gentlmen"

    "they give him the lane and.... OOOOOOOOOO. LEBRON JAMES WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!"


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      Cowboys and Redskins would be the Yankees and Red Sox of the NFL.

      Thanks BoneKrusher! The Sig King!


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        Hypothetically speaking, if there was by some long shot no draft in 2011, that means the 2012 draft is a super draft with 2 years worth of prospects.


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          The CBA is in it's position because of greed, so when the prospect of losing more money presents itself, something will be worked out.
          Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

          Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
          Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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            Originally posted by Hwoarang View Post
            If there is no salary cap just give the Redskins the next 3 super bowls because Snyder's going to buy up every good player available.
            No kidding.

            Carson Palmer drops back to pass in a four wide receiver set, up 42-3 early in the second quarter. Down the field are Reggie Wayne, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Optimus Prime.

            I can't wait for that.


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              Originally posted by 24cadillac24 View Post
              I don't even want to think about a world without the draft..

              Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner



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