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Who are your top ten players?

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  • Who are your top ten players?

    Regardless of position.

    Mine, in no particular order:
    Ladainian Tomlinson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Demarcus Ware, Albert Haynesworth, Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, Steve Hutchinson, Brian Westbrook, Terrell Owens

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    LaDanian Tomlinson, Patrick Willis, Mario Williams, Brian Westbrook, MJD, Devin Hester, Peyton Manning and Shawn Andrews. No order, just throwing out names.


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      Based on talent or production or both?

      Manning (of the peyton sort), Peterson (of the Minnesotan sort)....I give up. If it is pure talent there are going to be a lot of underachievers on here....I just started a list with nothing concrete in mind....If the OP can clarify then I think it will help us all out.


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        Its based on personal preference BB


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          Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, LaDainian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Brian Westbrook, Randy Moss, Walter Jones, Jared Allen, DeMarcus Ware, Champ Bailey.

          Honorable Mentions: Nnamdi Asomugha, Ed Reed, Brian Urlacher, Tommie Harris, Albert Haynesworth, Kevin Williams, Terrell Owens

          This is hard.

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            Haynesworth,Casey Hampton, Peyton, Urlacher, Jared Allen, Patrick willis, Marvin Harrison, Kirk Morrison, Steve smith, Robert Gallery. These are my favorite players to watch.


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              LT, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, Steve Hutchinson, Shawn Merriman, Ed Reed, Devin Hester, Adrian Peterson.

              And there's loads more guys that come close, I think that those guys really stand out at their position.

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                Lamarr Woodley, David Harris, Patrick Willis, Shawn Merriman, Adrian Peterson, Antoine Bathea, Brian Westbrook, Bob Sanders, Joey Porter, Peyton Manning.

                No particular order.



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                  Ladainian Tomlinson, Brian Urlacher, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and all offensive linemen

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                    -Ladainian Tomlinson
                    -Peyton Manning
                    -Tom Brady
                    -Adrian Peterson
                    -Brian Westbrook
                    -Bob Sanders
                    -Brian Urlacher
                    -Jared Allen
                    -Randy Moss
                    -Shawne Merriman

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                      LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Urlacher, Albert Haynesworth, Nmadi Asomugha, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Steve Hutchinson, Adian Peterson, Randy Moss, Shawn Merriman.

                      there's a heap of guys I'd still put in there, but that's my top 10 in no order. This is hard.

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                        -Brian Urlacher
                        -Devin Hester
                        - David Garrard
                        - Reggie Wayne
                        - Nmadi Asomugha
                        - AP
                        - Joe Thomas
                        - Ed Reed
                        - Marques Colston
                        - Tommie Harris

                        Alot of personal preference
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                          Randy Moss
                          Adrian Peterson
                          Shaun Andrews
                          Tom Brady
                          Peyton Manning
                          Shawne Merriman
                          Nmandi Asomugha
                          Mario Williams
                          Patrick Willis
                          Ed Reed

                          this is tough. shout out to Antonio Cromartie.


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                            Tom Brady
                            Peyton Manning
                            LaDainian Tomlinson
                            Adrian Peterson
                            Randy Moss
                            Brian Urlacher
                            Champ Bailey
                            Nnamdi Asomugha
                            DeMarcus Ware
                            Shawne Merriman

                            That was hard...


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                              Since Jordy Nelson is obviously the best player, i just won't include him to be fair.

                              - Ladanian Tomlinson
                              - Steve Hutchinson
                              - Brian Westbrook
                              - Peyton Manning
                              - Tom Brady
                              - Randy Moss
                              - Nnamdi Asomugha
                              - Demeco Ryans
                              - Walter Jones
                              - Devin Hester



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