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Which team has the best wr corp?

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  • As much as I love the GB WR corps, they are not going to have Favre throwing to them this season. An unsung member of GB's corp is Ruvell Martin, 6'4" udfa that just makes plays when given the opportunity and has the lowest drop percentage on the team since he's been with the Packers. We'll see for the group how they look this year. If they come close to the number sthey had last year, then they'll have proved something.

    I like the starters for the Browns and Cardinals, but on game day New England has the best group IMO, as I think even without Brady that group would still produce.
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    • Originally posted by d34ng3l021 View Post
      I would have to say its Detroit.

      Roy Williams (best: 82, 1300, 7)

      Calvin Johnson (best: best WR prospect ever)

      Mike Furrey (best: 98, 1100, 6)

      Shaun McDonald (best: 70, 940, 6)

      I think GB (Driver, Jennings, Jones, Nelson) and Colts (Harrison, Wayne, Gonzalez) come close.
      Roy Williams is the most overrated WR in the league.

      Reasons: Only gone over 1000 yards 1 time, only stayed healthy for a full season 1 time in 4 years, never has had double digit TD's, very inconsistent.

      I thought it was a joke when people were saying they would take him over Boldin or Ocho this offseason.


      • Green Bay is my choice.

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        Oh, my bad. Didn't realize SWDC was the pinnacle of class and grace.


        • I say it's gotta be New England.

          I believe that there are a couple receivers that are gonna take off this year on other teams that are gonna change things, (greg jennings, Holmes, calvin johnson) but right now its gotta be New England. Randy Moss is an absolute beast, he just broke a couple wr records, and he may not be their biggest weapon. Wes welker is just about as much a guarantee for offense as Moss is, and that's scary.

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          • Originally posted by jsa230 View Post
            quick stat: steve beaston-8 catchtes, 92 yards, 0 tds. wtf
            4th Receiver? its not like arizona played like GB and had 4-5 Receivers almost every other snap

            btw wicket: Jordy Nelson is God/Chuck Norris


            • My Rankings:

              New England
              Green Bay
              Detroit(If they live up to potential)

              Up and Coming: Washington

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