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    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
    Am I the only one who thinks the Redskins could have a damn good offense? Not necessarily this year, but moreso next year. It all depends on their rookies and how they pan out, and how long that oline can hold up for. They have potentially a very lethal offense. The question now will be however their defense, as I have no faith that their DC will do a better job than Greg Williams did.

    -Superficially, Ken Whistenhunt looked like a great hire. But now with hindsight, Ive realized it was a match made in hell. Whistenhunt loves the vertical pass game and wants to run and throw it deep. Leinart....has a lollipop arm. And we should be surprised Ken keeps toying with him and trying to extend Kurt Warner? Its a terrible fit. Whissy is a great coach, but his system just doesn't match up with Leinart's strengths. Under Dennis Green, Leinart showed flashes of greatness. The WCO fit him perfectly, they have WCO WRs, a WCO running back, and a WCO qb. I feel Leinart could be solid in the WCO, but under Whistenhunt, I don't know. I was always worried how Coughlin would ruin the development of Eli Manning, and I'm now affraid of what Whistenhunt could potentially do to Leinart.
    The Redskins and the Cardinals need to switch coaches ASAP.

    Whiz's offense would be a MUCH better fit for Washington. Campbell's best attribute is his deep ball and ofcourse Moss and Randel El's best attribute are deep routes. Portis and Betts can give you a 1-2 punch that can allow you to have a run-oriented offensel. Plus his offense is a much match-up for the NFC east that the NFC west.

    Zorn is a WCO guy. The Cardinals are a WCO team through and through. Leinart is a WCO qb with his mid-range accuracy, Boldin is pretty much born to play the WCO and while Fitz would probably be a shade less effective, he is too good to really be held down. Edge is a serviceable back who is at a very similar stage as Alexander last year.


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      Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
      I assumed it was Tice, if not, then i stand corrected to a degree. Can a Jag's fan confirm or deny this?
      The turnaround with Garrard probably came moreso from QB coach Mike Shula and Dirk Koetter than anything. Last offseason, Shula spent a lot of time reworking Garrard's mechanics, because he had a small hop or hitch in his dropback, especially when he was throwing the deep ball.

      Mike Tice's biggest impact has come with the offensive line. They've become an absolutely dominating unit (especially in the running game) under his watch.



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