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The Return of Touchdown, Interception, and Yards Jesus.

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  • Originally posted by umphrey View Post
    Favre could tell one of his golfing buddies that "football would still be fun to play professionally" and it would make ESPN's front page
    Yeah, things such as this are why I stopped watching ESPN with the exception of coverage of actual sporting events. It's gotten out of hand, they're like those 24-hour news networks. They have to fill the airwaves with something because they make the time slots for it. So, if turning hearsay and rumor into fact is what they have to do, then they will. Odds are he just wants attention or ESPN is desperate, possibly both.

    "Oh wait, this just in, Brett Favre shot a hog on his property. We'll get reaction from our analysts. Does he still have that killer instinct in him? Let's send it over to our panel!"

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    • PFT 'reporting' Favre wants to return to football with.......

      the Carolina Panthers.



      • If PFT even knew where carolina was on a map it would be a miracle.


        • I don't believe this. First, the Panthers don't have the cap to even think of having Favre, and second, the Panthers don't own a first round pick so I doubt they want to trade away their other picks, and I doubt they would trade their young talent.
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