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Broncos extend LB Williams contract

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  • Broncos extend LB Williams contract

    During the offseason, Denver revamped its linebackers. Now the Broncos are revamping one of their stalwart linebackersí salaries. Saturday night, Denver signed linebacker D.J. Williams to a five-year, $32 million extension that included $13 million in guaranteed money.

    Williams had been scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after this season. Instead, he now will become the highest-paid linebacker in NFL history without a Pro Bowl appearance.
    Can't believe he didn't make the pro bowl so far.


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    I think it's more of a matter of who was in front of him. Not that he isn't pro bowl worthy, because I believe he is, but I think there have been much better years from players and much more hype for others. I like DJ Williams though, has he moved back to the WILL spot yet? I think he looked much better then there he did in the middle.


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      Yeah, I heard they moved him back to the weakside. He's a good player, and I certainly think that Pro Bowl draught will come to an end pretty soon.
      Originally posted by 21ST
      He was protecting his self
      Originally posted by tjsunstein
      From what? His leg?
      Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck
      That leg has had it out for him since day 1.
      "We're the quiet guys, the guys before the storm. And then we hit you."

      DeMarcus Ware


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        He was terrible when he played Mike but that wasn't his fault.


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          He's a natural weak side guy, smart move locking him up...I love comparing him with Derrick Johnson, there was a poll I made about a year ago and it was pretty dead even on who people thought was the better player.

          Originally posted by Scott Wright
          I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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            Very good move, he should only improve now he's back at his natural position.

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              Tough for a 4-3 OLB to make the Pro Bowl with all the 3-4 guys racking up the sacks. Then again on the flip side its tough for 3-4 ends to make it as well.


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                Ahh damn, one of my favorite players, I wanted to see him in blue eventually.

                Oh well, he'll still beast it up.



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