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Gonzalez still wants to be traded?

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    Originally posted by Mr. Stiller View Post
    It's possible.

    Offer Arizona a 2nd for Boldin which, in this class I think is worth dealing with, they can't keep Fitz and Boldin forever.

    Offer KC A 3rd and 5th (What Jenkins and Rogers went for last year) for Gonzalez.

    Take an OT with Pick 1, and possibly trade down with Pick 2, Getting possibly a 2nd and 3rd.

    Thus grabbing Boldin, Gonzalez and a near full draft.
    That trade (Boldin for 2nd) would favor the Eagles big time no way they could pull that off IMO.
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      That deal wouldn't even work in madden (I think)


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        No way in hell Boldin goes for a single 2nd round pick. Maybe 2 seconds but I doubt even that would fly. The guy may be unhappy, but he had monster numbers despite having his face busted and missing games. Total stud. Worth waaayyyy more than a single 2nd, and it's a safe bet that teams with higher second round picks would outbid Philly if the Cards found it acceptable.

        And Jenkins & Rogers were both underachievers before being traded (see: Moss, Randy), so their respective values were low. Gonzo is a stud, and continues to play like a stud every year. KC would let him go for a 3rd rounder before the trade deadline when their season was sunk, why would they let him go for that with high off-season hopes?

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          IMO unless Gonzo flat out fights the Chiefs ever step of the way to get out he is not going any where his value to the team is more then we could get in a trade.


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            Just some rookie stats of the last few 1st round TE's. Tony G could put those stats up 4 years from now.

            2008 – 30th overall: Dustin Keller, New York Jets – 48-535-3
            2007 – 31st: Greg Olsen, Chicago – 54-574-5
            2006 – 28th: Marcedes Lewis, Jacksonville – 41-489-2
            2005 – 30th: Heath Miller, Pittsburgh – 48-514-3
            2004 – 32nd: Ben Watson, New England – 49-643-3
            2002 – 21st: Daniel Graham, New England – 38-409-4
            2002 – 28th: Jerramy Stevens, Seattle – 45-554-5
            2000 – 27th: Anthony Becht, New York Jets – 40-356-4

            Does the raise his value or lower it ?
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              Originally posted by Go_Eagles77 View Post
              That deal wouldn't even work in madden (I think)
              I traded Lito and a 1 for Boldin in Madden. It saddens me deeply that this doesn't work in real life. I probably could have had Fitzgerald too, but I have a man-crush on Boldin.



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