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Players want Pro Bowl in Hawaii

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    Originally posted by CC.SD View Post
    Goodell just missing and missing, yet he keeps swinging. Amazing.
    I doubt this is goodell's brain child. Sure he signs off on it, but it wouldn't be his idea.


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      This is due to the cost having an event in Hawaii cost probably doubled it would cost in the continental usa. With the light of the economic crisis the nfl does have to worry as well about finances and if these prima dona multi-million dollar players want to keep it in Hawaii im sure they wouldnt object shelling out the money to take them and there families over there rather then having the nfl pay for it. The fact is when you have multi billion dollar industries going under with this crisis the nfl should be smart about what and how they spend their money because you never know what can happen in the near future. As for these players who sit and refuse to play in the game should think again who the people are that fill the seats up when they do play, which endlessly put the money in their pockets and be grateful to give the fans one last game to watch in the season.


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        2010 in Indy, in their new stadium? Perhaps he's trying to drum up some more income for teams?

        Of Course this would still eliminate teams of "Cold Weather" outside domes, which, still annoys me to this day we'll never see a Superbowl in Pittsburgh, Foxborough, Baltimore, Green Bay, etc.

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          wtf...........I have grown up with the pro bowl in Hawaii. I'm pissed. What now? Have a Pro Bowl in Green Bay?

          Down with Roger Goodell!

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          You are just a terrible person.
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