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    I would be shocked if the Patriots even considered a trade that forced them to pay the price associated with a #1 pick - or anywhere in the top 5 for that matter.

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      Originally posted by BBIB View Post
      29 TDs = Top 5 in the NFL that season.

      Don't even give me that completion percentage non sense with all those dump off passes they called for Cassell a game. He had about the most passes thrown between 1-10 yards than any QB in the league.

      Cassell did it with a far superior system and he did it with Randy Moss and Wes Welker who I'd take any day over the cast that Anderson had.

      Anderson is a year younger, has a stronger arm, and Anderson didn't warrant freaking two first day picks
      Sorry, but you have to get it done in the offense you play in; it includes taking what's given to you, not throwing ridiculous passes downfield when they are not there. Anderson has never been an accurate QB in college (and was also a turnover monster like he is in the NFL) and he is not all of a sudden going to get more accurate in the NFL. Anderson had Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow, and a running game, something the Pats don't have so there was even more pressure on Cassel. Far superior offensive system? Again, you exaggerate.

      A year younger in this case means nothing. Neither guy had much experience before grabbing the starting job.

      Strong arm means nothing in the system you play in if you don't need one. Anderson totally regressed in 2008. If Anderson is so great, he keeps Brady Quinn at bay. Cassel is behind Tom Brady, for God's sake!

      The fact is that the market for QB will pay a premium for anyone competent. Anderson is looking like a flash in the pan. Cassel? He could be, but we don't know, and a team will take the shot by offering two draft picks for him. There were no offers like this for Anderson when he was a RFA.

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        I could be mistaken, but I think that if the Pats traded Cassell, he would have to agree to a new contract, giving him the option to void any trades and just take the franchise money for a year of backup duty.

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          ^Correct. But what are the chances he chooses to take 14.5 million to be a back up for one year over a competitive, multiyear deal that will likely include somewhere around 10 million guaranteed and be the #1 guy?

          My guess would be the chances are pretty slim. Nobody chooses to be a backup.

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            Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
            Because he played on a team with Randy Moss, automatically he's a scrub?
            Scrub? No. But let's not pretend that having Randy Moss and Wes Welker isn't a big advantage for a quarterback.

            Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
            Let's not forget that the o-line fell off from its play last year, and they had absolutely no running game to speak of.
            "They had absolutely no running game to speak of," yet finished 6th in the NFL in rushing yards per game? 7th in average per carry? 4th in rushing touchdowns and rushing attempts?

            In the six games Matt Cassel posted a 100+ QB rating (excluding the season finale because of his limited involvement), the Patriots rushed for 963 yards on 170 carries (5.66 ypc average; 160.5 ypg) with nine rushing touchdowns.

            Absolutely no running game to speak of? I'll have to disagree.

            Originally posted by DeathbyStat View Post
            If you were the lions would you give up too first rounders for Cassel?
            Absolutely not. I have to assume at this point that, if Cassel is traded, it will involve a first round pick. Me personally, I'm really not sure I'd do it. If I'm going to make that move, I'd rather it be for a conditional 2010 pick that could turn into a first rounder if he meets certain benchmarks and proves he isn't a one-year wonder.



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