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    Originally posted by cov1963 View Post
    Realese Bryant and Sign Lelie ??????????
    Less money, less problems, but less talent. Same type of reciever though. Only less physical.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the signing... but he's a #3.

    And about Mike Vick somehow causing recievers to drop open passes ALL THE TIME, two works: come on.

    Theres a big difference between missing guys and dropping passes, this is why Vicks percentage is low. Crumpler made the pro bowl, and that guy probably dropped more passes than any tight end in the league. Jerramy Stevens included. But his numbers were high because Vick found him in the endzone with great passes every game. Watch the games. It's not Vicks fault most of the time.

    You could probably make a good highlight video of Crumpler, Lelie, White and Jenkins dropping pass after pass. And you could probably put a good 'circus' theme song in the background too, if one was so inclined.

    Thanks jkpigskin!


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      Originally posted by Stash View Post
      How long are ATL fans gonna blame the receivers before they wake up?
      Let's see... Vick is... 26... let's say he plays until he's... thirty-three or thirty-four. I say 7 to 8 years.

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        Originally posted by Shiver View Post

        White - 64
        Jenkins - 83
        Lelie - 68
        Crumpler - 103

        Pretty well spread out for "1 read and go." Maybe it was because Crumpler was the only reliable receiver he had? All of them had dropsies down the stretch, Crumpler included. Not only that, Lelie was out muscled in every 'me or him' situation with the ball in the air. He was the same way in Denver, of which I saw plenty of him because of where I live. He has always had an awful catch %, with every team he's been on. His slight decline in performance was due to volume, playing time and passes, in '06. Since when did all these 49ers fans become Lelie fans? Oh yeah, when their team signed him. I respect Craigo for actually not showing the characteristics of a sheep. He is a decent signing, but besides '04, he hasn't been very good.

        He isn't an upgrade over Antonio Bryant, on the field that is.
        And your just basing that off the one bad year he had with the falcons. After he missed all the the OTA's, Mini Camps and all of training camp. I'm sure Bryant would of struggled with the niners also had he been brought to the team that late. It's hard to get on the same page with a QB when no continuity and timing are devloped in the offseason, especially for a poor pocket passer like Vick.



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