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    Originally posted by captainjack27 View Post
    I'm still not buying Frerotte over Leftwich. Not a chance in hell I'd take that. But smokey made a good point.
    Well neither am I. I am just answering to the point of Ferotte doing ok for a time.


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      His wind up and lack of any sort of touch on his passes just make me not a big fan at all.

      He does deserve a second chance though. I thought he did well in mop up duty for Ben this year. He was impressive against the Skins.


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        Originally posted by ShadowPanther View Post
        Not to be a homer, but explain why that argument couldn't be made? The line was a large part of why we finished in the top three rushing offenses. I don't think that was an outrageous statement.
        now i agree, they are not easily top 3 but an argument can be made. They are easily top 5.


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          Originally posted by Brent View Post
          Probably Minnesota...

          He would be a lot better off than ole' Tarvaris "what team is Berrian on?" Jackson


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            Really don't like him in Minnesota. Far too many questions on our OLine for him to be effective.

            We really only have 2 guys who are even average level pass blockers and one of them is a free agent. McKinnie has proven time and again that he can maul in run blocking but anytime he faces a guy with even above average speed he is done. RT is a complete crapshoot but hopefully it will be McKinnie next year and we take a legit LT in the first, but I've been hoping that for 4 years now and had no luck so can't see that suddenly happening.

            Minny are in a tough spot really when it comes to QB, we need someone who can either make time with their feet or a super quick release because there is going to be pressure on probably 9 out 10 pass plays coming off the edge, which I guess is slightly better than having it in your face, but it's still not a good thing in any way.

            I still certainly think that OL and S are the big needs for Minny. We have needed those two positions since Childress took over and he has shown no interest in addressing them, I can't see that changing, he seems convinced that Sharper is still good enough to start in this league and even scarier that Cook should even be in the league.

            Props to BK on the sig!


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              Great Offensive Line - check
              A top tier RB - check
              Above average to good receivers - check
              Where does the myth of the Great OLine come from? I just read through the topic and saw it mentioned at least twice, does anyone who actually watched the Vikings agree with comments like this? Ryan Cook shouldn't be in the NFL, Birk is very good, Hutch is great, McKinnie can run block but he can't pass block. I like Herrera but to call him an average pass blocker would be about as nice a way as you could describe his pass blocking. We just don't have a great line, especially in pass protection.

              We do have a great RB and a very good backup, who doesn't get near enough carries.

              WR is a question, Berrian can go deep and thats about it. Rice cant stay on the field and as much talent as he has, he is just about a bust by now because of it. Wade is a 4th string wideout, Shiancoe is meh.

              Props to BK on the sig!



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