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It takes more than running the ball and playing D to win in today's NFL

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    Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
    Last 2 superbowl winners- New York Giants and Pitsburgh Steelers(defensive and running teams)
    Last 2 superbowl losers- New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals(passing teams)

    End of discussion
    If you watched any games this season... the Steelers were not a Running team.

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      Originally posted by njx9

      "teams have to be good at stuff to win."

      is this really the statement being discussed? that a team needs to occasionally throw to win?

      god i hate the offseason.
      What, you don't like metafootball?

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        It's funny to me that many fans seem ok with a mediocre QB starting for their team. They seem to think the key to the NFL is all building a great team around a QB and then the QB just needs to avoid mistakes. That's wrong. Having a quality starting QB who can makes bad teams into good teams and good teams into great teams. What's really puzzling is San Francisco fans who are ok with Shaun Hill as the starter. Those fans are either young or have short memories. The only times the 49ers have been relevant was when they had great QB's. Those same fans will tell you that the 49ers just need a QB who 'won't lose games' and they can win with defense and handing the ball to Gore...


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          Originally posted by Mr. Stiller View Post
          If you watched any games this season... the Steelers were not a Running team.
          In the playoffs we kicked it off running a good amount.

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            So you're all telling me that I can't sum up all of football strategy into one universal overarching sentence?



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