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    1. S, LaRon Landry. With him on our team, our defense is top five.

    2. OG, Chris Snee. We had a gaping hole on the left side of the line for most of last year. Snee would patch that right up.

    3. DE, Justin Tuck. I'd tell Wade he better find a way to use him.

    Free Agent: Albert Haynesworth, DT. Stick him in the middle, problem solved.

    Rd2. BPA (OL most likely).


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      Originally posted by MetSox17 View Post
      1. S, LaRon Landry. With him on our team, our defense is top five.

      2. OG, Chris Snee. We had a gaping hole on the left side of the line for most of last year. Snee would patch that right up.

      3. DE, Justin Tuck. I'd tell Wade he better find a way to use him.

      Free Agent: Albert Haynesworth, DT. Stick him in the middle, problem solved.

      Rd2. BPA (OL most likely).
      You're supposed to take someone from every team.


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        Vikings: Adrian Peterson, unfortunately he is best back in the league.
        Lions: Calvin Johnson, no one else is any good.
        Bears: Tommie Harris, toss up between him and Briggs but he could probably play DE in our new scheme.

        FA: Terrell Suggs - He and Kampman would provide a destructive pass rush.

        1st round: BJ Raji - He can plug the middle of the line for years to come.
        2nd round: William Beatty - the eventual replacement for Clifton.

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          Baltimore - Ed Reed, I love watching him play, what can I say.
          Pittsburgh - James Harrison, LB depth and finally someone to get to the QB.
          Cleveland - Braylon Edwards, Carson could complete a pass or two to him.

          FA - Ray Lewis, Dhani Jones played well but Ray-Ray and Ed Reed would be amazing.

          Round 1 - Jason Smith OT
          Round 2 - Alex Mack C

          Biggest problems of offensive line (most importantly) and lack of pass rush are addressed.


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            Cowboys - Damarcus Ware
            Eagles - Desean Jackson
            Redskins - Laron Landry

            FA - Terrell Suggs (We need more ASU players!)

            Round 1 - Knowshown Moreno
            Round 2 - Hakeem Nicks

            Originally posted by Halsey
            I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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              Jets- Darelle Revis: thought about David Harris but we need a corner like Revis.
              Dolphins- Jake Long: Long could play RT until Light hangs 'em up.
              Bills-Marshawn Lynch: Despite his recent legal issues he could be a horse for the patriots.

              FA: Terrell Suggs: it will almost certainly not happen, but hey, I can dream right?

              1st (#23)- Louis Delmas -a reach yes, but if CB and OLB are filled then why not.
              2nd (#47)- Tyson Jackson- Depth at 3-4 DE can always be used, and he could be a potential replacement should Seymour leave via FA next year.
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                Bears - Devin Hester, Anytime he gets the ball he has the ability to take it to the house and We would need a person like that on special teams

                Lions - Calvin Johnson, He would give us the WR Threat we havent had since Moss.

                Packers - Well I guess Aaron Rodgers..He played very well this year and We need a QB badly.

                FA - Vernon Carey/Jordan Gross. Either of them to fill up the RT position.

                Round 1 - Alphonso Smith CB, Having Winfield and really no one else we need to sure up the CB position
                Round 2 - Shawn Nelson/Ron Brace - Shaincoe came on in the middle of the season but could also use Nelsons athleticism and looked good in the Senior Bowl. Ron Brace to take the spot of Pat Williams when he retires. Either of them would work.
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                  Chargers - NT - Jamal Williams, big stud NT to anchor our 3-4

                  Chiefs - WR - Dwayne Bowe, best player on the Chiefs, not really a position of need, but Marshall / Bowe / Royal combination makes me happy

                  Raiders - P - Shane Lechler, currently a free agent, but he can kick the hell out of the ball. and gets lots of in 20's.

                  Free Agent - OLB Julius Peppers, says he wants to be in a 3-4, becomes a star in the Broncos new 3-4


                  1 - Rey Maualuga - we need 3 starting LB's for our new 3-4, 2 if we sign Peppers.

                  2 - Ron Brace - 3-4 NT prospect, moves to DE since we have Jamal Williams.


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                    Ravens: Ray Lewis, ILB (the ravens D' would fall apart, GREAT SUCCESS)
                    Browns: Joe Thomas, LT (Explains itself)
                    Bengals: Leon Hall (He played for Michigan!)

                    Round 1: Darrius Heyward Bey
                    Round 2: Jarron Gilbert

                    Realistic draft:

                    Round 1: Phil Loadholt
                    Round 2: Jarron Gilbert


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                      Steelers - LaMaar Woodley - Kind of a weird pick but Harrison is on the wrong side of 30 (still damn good) and Woodley is exactly what the Browns need, a very good pass rushing OLB, with room for growth and development. I would love to have him on the Browns.

                      Bengals - Leon Hall - I don't think he is amazing, but he seems pretty solid and the Browns need corner depth big time.

                      Ravens - Haloti Ngata - Even with Shaun Rogers on the d-line the Browns could really use another stud up front, with LaMaar Woodley included the Browns front 7 would be improved by a ton.

                      Free Agent - T. Suggs/TJ Houshmenzillah - Suggs would be another huge upgrade for the Browns on defense, although I do not want to give up all hope on Wimbley, his progress has seemingly stopped completely and even regressed. TJ would probably be my second choice, why??? Because the Browns really missed having a target at receiver that was reliable last year. Donte was hurt all year and Braylon Edwards couldn't catch ****. My only problem with this is his age, but I believe with the type of receiver TJ is, it wouldn't be as big of a deal as it is with other players.


                      Aaron Curry first round - PLEASE.

                      Second round is hard to tell, I would prefer to get Clay Matthews Jr, but that would be so many linebackers to add in one offseason (realistically though, we won't get a player from each divisional team so I would prefer these 2 players in round 1 and round 2.) I also wouldn't be upset with the best receiver available here.


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                        Vikings- Adrian Peterson: no explanation necessary here. He's one of the best running backs in the league. Team's have to game plan for him. Not only would he make the Packers a super bowl contender, getting him off of the Vikings would make them an average at best team.

                        Bears- Brian Urlacher: It came down to Harris, Briggs, and Forte. Forte would be my pick for the same reasons Peterson was but it would be pretty crowded at tailback with Peterson and Grant already on the team. A linebacker corps of Kampman - Urlacher - Hawk - Barnett would be pretty decent

                        Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson: Basically because he's the only NFL player on their roster. Redding would make a great 3-4 end but Johnson is a prototype, perfect wide reciever

                        Free Agent- Nnamdi Asomugha: Do I need to explain? He's the best man corner in the game.

                        Rd 1: BJ Raji
                        Rd 2: Max Unger

                        Our starting line ups:

                        DE- Justin Harrell/Johnny Jolly
                        DT- BJ Raji/Ryan Pickett
                        DE- Cullen Jenkins/Colin Cole

                        OLB- Nick Barnett/Brady Poppinga
                        ILB- AJ Hawk
                        ILB- Brian Urlacher
                        OLB- Aaron Kampman

                        CB- Charles Woodson/Al Harris
                        FS- Nick Collins/Aaron Rouse
                        SS- Atari Bigby/Charlie Peprah
                        CB- Nnamdi Asomugha/Tramon Williams

                        QB-Aaron Rodgers/Brian Brohm/Matt Flynn
                        RB-Adrian Peterson/Ryan Grant/Brandon Jackson
                        FB-Korey Hall/John Kuhn
                        WR-Calvin Johnson/Greg Jennings/Donald Driver/James Jones/Jordy Nelson
                        TE-Jermichael Finley/Donald Lee
                        LT-Chad Clifton/Breno Giocomini
                        LG-Max Unger/Daryn Colledge
                        C-Scott Wells/Jason Spitz
                        RG-Jason Spitz/Alan Barbre
                        RT-Mark Tausher/Tony Moll

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                          Pittsburg: Lamarr Woodley (could be another great pass rusher and could replace Suggs if he left)

                          Cincinnati: Keith Rivers (can play ILB next to Ray and eventually take over)

                          Cleveland: Braylon Edwards (will be the big target Flacco needs)

                          FA: Nnamdi Asomougha (E Reed + Nnamdi = don't even bother throwing)

                          1st Round: Tyson Jackson (some depth at D-Line and is a nice fit in our D)
                          2nd Round: Shawn Nelson (a athletic target who can stretch the field and replace Heap)


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                            Eagles- Stewart Bradley- MLB- A young talented MLB, who will be an upgrade over Antonio Pierce, we could have had him but we picked the wrong big strong white guy, we took Zak DeOssie in front of him and that was a mistake.

                            Redskins- Laron Landry- FS- Put Kenny Phillips at SS, and Landry FS, that is the best young secondary you could ask for. A hard hitter who is a playmaker would be completely freed up by Landry's ability to cover the whole field. That tandem would just make me cream my pants.

                            Cowboys- DeMarcus Ware- OLB/DE- I honestly do not care if he really would not have a position with in a 4-3 with NYG, but he is IMO the youngest and best defensive player in the NFL. He could play SAM in a role similar to that Kiwi's last year.

                            TJ Houshyomomma- WR- If Plax does not come this is definitely a huge need on our offense, and a pro bowl caliber receiver would do wonders for our offense. He has a good enough size and physicality to be a red zone threat, and is a very reliable and consistent target for Eli Manning.

                            Round 1- Kenny Britt- WR- We may have gotten Housh, but someone like Britt to come and develop into a #1 to either replace or play alongside Housh is key to keep our offense in top shape.

                            Round 2- DT- Ron Brace- We need a big NT type DT, to stop the run, although Cofield is decent, his contract and Fred Robbins's are both up soon. Ron Brace can give the NYG defensive line something it doesn't have a true NT/run stopper.

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                              Seahawks: Lofa Tatupu, I would put him next to Patrick Willis as the complimenting ILB.
                              Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald, does this really need an explanation?
                              Rams: Alex Barron, we need a better RT and he's young and decently talented.

                              1st round pick: Everette Brown, this is assuming that Aaron Curry isnt available. We need a pass rush badly.
                              2nd round pick: Ron Brace, we need a nice big NT to clog up the middle and he works perfectly.

                              Free Agent: James Sanders, we need a FS because Mark Roman sucks.

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                                For the Steelers:

                                Browns - Give me Joe Thomas. I'm not as high on him as most, but he is a young Pro Bowl caliber LT. I'd be happy :)

                                Ravens - Haloti Ngata. Not that we need him per say, but he would definitely be useful and we could have a nice rotation going.

                                Bengals - Chad Johnson. Would have taken Housh, but other than Chad, no one I'd really want. He'd be a nice slot receiver :)

                                Free Agent:

                                Jordan Gross. Thomas and Gross can develop in the tackle spots.

                                Draft (using Scott's Mock for who is available):

                                1. Alex Mack - Get a superior center to pair with those tackles.

                                2. Coye Francies - A sick cover corner who can start as a nickel and move up.

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