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  • Rescue Players from your Rivals Game!

    I'm rather bored and I'm waiting on stuff to happen in the forum mock, so I thought up this little idea to kill some time. Should be fun and interesting reading others'.

    So heres what you do. You get to pick any one player from each of your division rivals to add to your team as they are right now.

    Also, you get to add any one potential free agent to your team.

    And then try to predict what your first two draft picks will look like after this.

    So heres an example for my team:

    3 Players from Division Rivals:

    Vikings - Adrian Peterson - He and Forte would be an absurd two back combo and when he's fully healthy, he may be the leagues best overall player. Jared Allen was also really tempting...

    Lions - Calvin Johnson - Megatron across from Hester would be some sick stuff...Even Orton should be able to hit a guy who's 6'5 230.

    Packers - Aaron Kampman - He's a little older and Aaron Rodgers was a little tempting, but Kampman is one of the leagues most consistent pass rushers always getting double digit sacks. He's bring that to the Bears' D which couldn't pass rush to save their lives.

    One Free Agent:

    Jordan Gross - I'd take him and make him our RT where he can play at a really elite level. Hopefully he and Chris Williams would give us a tackle combo for the next half decade at least.

    First Two Draft Picks:

    First Round - FS Rashad Johnson - A little early? Yeah...but I literally hit just about every other possible need except for FS and Johnson is the ballhawk I'd love to put back there for our Cover 2.

    Second Round - OG Duke Robinson - After setting up both tackle spots, I take our future at LG.

    So try it out....try and be fun and descriptive with your reasoning.

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    Colts: Peyton Manning duh....
    Texans: This is tough, between Andre and Mario but the Titans need offense so Andre Johnson it is.
    Jaguars: Rashean Mathis because we need corner depth

    Free Agency: Julius Peppers to add to an already scary d-line

    1) Percy Harvin, WR- I usually hate seeing Percy Harvin to the Titans, but that's because I don't see him as a #1. However, with Peyton and Andre in there this pick is much more acceptable to me.
    2) Jared Cook, TE- Just adding another playmaker.
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      Texans- Demeco Ryans, beef up the defense some more
      Jaguars- MJD would become top running and recieving back, better then westbrook
      Titans- Haynesworth easiest of all the picks, absolute monster.

      Free Agent: Nnamdi Asomugha best shutdown corner in the game

      1) Peria Jerry- even with haynesworth the DT spot could use some help
      2) Rashad Johnson
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        Vikings - Adrian Peterson - Have to take him. Kevin Williams would have been my pick if we stayed with a 4-3, but I don't think he's a 3-4 NT.

        Lions - Calvin Johnson - We are stacked at WR already, but there is no one else to take from the Lions.

        Bears - Lance Briggs - There is no one from their offense that'd be worth it. It's too bad there's no one in the division that'd be a 3-4 OLB, so Briggs is added to play inside.

        Free Agent - Terrell Suggs - Finally a 3-4 OLB, and very good one at that.

        First Round - BJ Raji - With Terrell Suggs filling the other OLB spot that allows us to get our NT.

        Second Round - Duke Robinson - Not a ideal ZBS player, but the best lineman that'd be available at that point in the draft. He'd bring some much need strength to our offensive line and could allow Colledge to move to tackle.


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          Arizona Cardinals - Larry Fitzgerald. Playmaker who could revamp our offense by himself.

          Seahawks - I don't think I want anyone from this team

          Rams - Chris Long. Could develop into a terror on the pass rush for us.


          1. OT Michael Oher. We pick up this man beast to man the right side and sure up the O-Line for years to come.

          2. Rashad Johnson. Ball Hawking Safety who could develop into a starter for us in his first couple seasons.


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            Cowboys- DeMarcus Ware to help the Skins horrid pass rush
            Giants- Eli or Osi. It's a toss up but I'm confident in Campbell. A taller WR to compliment Santa would help too.
            Eagles- Asante Samuel, we could use a good corner.

            Free Agent
            Haynesworth. Major pipedream there though.

            1) Jason Smith- the o line is aging fast and he would help
            3) Fili Moala- can play a few different positions if needed on defense.

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              Vikings CB Antoine Winfield. He's scared of Calvin Johnson so when you can't beat em join em.

              Packers: I like Kampman. Hard worker. Good against the run too. Kampman teamed with Avril, White would work for me.

              Bears: Urlacher striclty because of the Old Spice commercial. Who's laughing now. Me

              Not that coming to Detroit right now is saving anyone but one day it might be. Right now we'd be saving players from working overtime in January. Brrrr too cold for football.

              Free Agent: Albert Haynesworth. Really really long shot and probably was playing for a contract but we need a good DT in the worst way.

              1st pick QB Matthew Stafford. The future for Detroit.

              Pick 20: James Laurinitus. But only if after every tackle he yells Awwwwwwwwwww what a rush.


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                Bears: Tommie Harris, gives us our other DE for the 3-4.
                Lions: Calvin Johnson, beast.
                Vikings: Kevin Williams, NT role.

                Free agents:
                Terrell Suggs, OLB role

                1. Aaron Curry, ILB role
                2. Duke Robinson, gives us stability on the o-line.


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                  Browns: Joe Thomas
                  Bengals: Leon Hall
                  Ravens: Haloti Ngata

                  FA: Jordan Gross

                  Rd1: Percy Havin
                  Rd2: Eric Wood

                  Oline: Thomas - Wood/Darnell - Hartwig - Colon - Gross
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                    Buffalo Bills - Marcus Stroud, DT (would be moved to DE for the Jets).
                    Miami Dolphins - Jake Long, OT
                    New England Patriots - Randy Moss, WR
                    Free agent - O.J. Otogwe, FS

                    1. Mark Sanchez, QB
                    2. Darius Butler, CB
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                      Cowboys - Jason Witten - Best TE in the NFL
                      Giants - Justin Tuck - Would make a great pair with Cole
                      Redskins - Laron Landry - We'll need a FS with Dawk a FA to be
                      Free Agent - Jordan Gross - Probowl LT/RT
                      Draft - Knowshon Moreno and Hakeem Nicks - Future RB and starting WR


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                        Chargers- Jammal Williams NT- He would improve our defense a lot. Would add the NT we have been needing for some time

                        Broncos- Brandon Marshall WR- One the best young WR's in the game. Would be Russell's #1 target

                        Chiefs- Brandon Albert OT- With him and Mario, we could have the best pair of young OT's in the game

                        Free Agent-Terrell Suggs DE/SLB- Our new DC loves to blitz. Having Suggs play SLB on 1st and 2nd down, then DE on 3rd to get a good pass rush, our defense would be very fast. Morrison, Howard and Suggs..... championship

                        1st Round- BJ Raji NT- Would replace Williams. It takes time usually for rookie DT to succeed in the NFL quickly. Having Williams, Kelly and Raji as our DT's would be scary.

                        2nd Round- Alex Mack C/OG- Would come in and start at either C or RG for us. Depends if we resign Grove or Carisle.

                        Overall- I think if Russell played like he did at the end of the season, this team would make the playoffs.

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                          From the Giants: Brandon Jacobs, woudl give us a great RB to compliment Westy and give us a reason to try to run the ball more.
                          From the Cowboys: Jason Witten, TE is one of our biggest needs right now, and Witten is the best in the game right now IMO.
                          From the Skins: Laron Landry, one of the eltie Safeties in the league and would end the need for a Safety.

                          FA: Jason Brown, I love this guy and he is very young. Could be used at any interior OL position and would allow Andrews to kick out to RT if needed.

                          Round 1. Well if this were to happen our only major need left is LT. I'd say we trade up with a sweet package and get Eugene Monroe or Andre Smith to be our LT.

                          Round 2. Kenny Britt or Hakeem Nicks, whoever's avaiable, most like Nicks will be gone, but yeah, that'll work.
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                            Browns: Joe Thomas
                            Bengals - Leon Hall
                            Ravens - Haloti Ngata

                            FA - Jordan Gross

                            1. Percy Harvin
                            2. Duke Robinson

                            Put Thomas at LT, Gross at RT. Robinson starts at LG. Stapleton, Colon, and Simmons battle for RG. Hartwig stays at center. Harvin gives us another receiver and a nice option as a return man.

                            Move Ngata to a 3-4 end. Smith, Hampton, and Ngata would be the most dominating DL in the league. Give me Leon Hall at corner to fill the void left by McFadden.

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                              Bears: No one, I hate them all so much that I wouldnt want any of them.
                              Vikings: Adrian Peterson
                              Lions are not our rival even though they're in our division.

                              FA: Jordan Gross

                              R1: Everette Brown
                              R2: Best OL available, or Larry English if possible.
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