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Broncos Cut CB Dre' Bly

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    He should go back to the Lions or maybe sign with the Falcons I remembered he wanted to go there.


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      Denver is scrapping Defensive starters left and right, I think they are only down to 4 starters left...I think it's pretty obvious Free Agency and the Draft will be all about re-tooling on that side of the ball, but trying to find that many new starters in one off-season is going to be tough.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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        Originally posted by njx9
        hardly relevant. we could sign all new starters from UDFAs and it wouldn't be worse.

        i've just got my fingers crossed that DJ is moved before this is all over.

        he wouldn't be my pick at CB, but maybe if the idea was to move him to S? i'd have to go back and watch some tape.
        DJ not going anywhere

        D.J.'s new deal helps with cap
        By Mike Klis
        The Denver Post
        Posted: 02/18/2009 12:30:00 AM MST

        Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams had a $4.5 million roster bonus due March 2 that was converted into a more salary cap-friendly signing bonus, money guaranteed. (Getty Images)

        By agreeing to change essentially one word in his contract, linebacker D.J. Williams provided the Broncos with $3.6 million in salary cap relief for the 2009 season.

        In return, Williams was rewarded with the peace of mind that came when his bonus was transferred from possibility to certainty.

        This is what the business side of sports calls a win-win.

        Williams' $4.5 million roster bonus due by March 2 was converted into a signing bonus. Signing bonuses, unlike roster bonuses, can be prorated over the length of a contract, or five years in Williams' case.

        The prorated portion of Williams' signing bonus comes out to $900,000 a year. There was no reason for Williams to hesitate over the change in contract language because his
        Denver Broncos

        signing bonus, unlike his roster bonus, became guaranteed.

        Contracts could become a major order of business this week as the Broncos send their new management team of coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Brian Xanders to the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. The combine begins today and runs through Tuesday.

        Besides Williams' revised deal, the agents for center Casey Wiegmann and wide receiver Brandon Marshall are hoping the Broncos will be amenable to discussing contract extensions this week in Indianapolis. Wiegmann, who is to receive the veteran minimum $845,000 salary in 2009, and Marshall, who is scheduled to make $2.2 million, are in the final years of their contracts.

        There had been preliminary discussions between their agents and Broncos executives Jim and Jeff Goodman, but the Goodmans were dismissed last week. Talks would have to begin anew with Xanders.

        Financial commitments are part of every player evaluation, as was the case Monday when the Broncos cut six veterans, including defensive starters Dewayne Robertson, John Engelberger, Marquand Manuel and Jamie Winborn. The cuts generated $22.2 million in cap savings $16 million from Robertson alone.

        The Broncos may also be facing a decision on outside linebacker Boss Bailey, who is due a $2 million roster bonus in early March. Bailey played well when healthy last season but suffered a season-ending injury in Week 7.

        Among the Broncos expected to receive their respective roster bonuses due by March 2 are cornerback Champ Bailey ($2 million), guard Ben Hamilton ($500,000) and wide receiver Brandon Stokley ($500,000).


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          I wouldn't really be interested from New England's point of view. Anyone remember Fernando Bryant?


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            Whats the deal with DJ? The two Broncos games I saw he was making lots of plays on the ball carrier and in space. I saw him against Buffalo and Tampa.


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              DJ seemed to do alright early in the year, but he definitely is not worth the money he got in his contract. He, IMO, is an average LB in the NFL. The contract he got was highway robbery.


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                Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
                I wouldn't really be interested from New England's point of view. Anyone remember Fernando Bryant?
                Bly could be Terrell Buckley or RW McQuarters if he embraced the nickel role. No shame in that at all... I've always liked Bly, but he's never had safety help...which both exposed him and helped him get paid because he just doesn't drop INT's (great hands, he did the Woodson/Bailey/McQuarters duty at UNC by playing both CB & WR on top of RS). He'd be an amazing nickelback.
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