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    I think you touched on it, there's more money available nowadays than quality free agents to sign.

    And players and their agents know that.
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      Originally posted by Geo View Post
      Douchebag is right, I really detest how he's handled this offseason. Look, no one is putting a gun to his head so that he has to stay in Carolina, but all this public crap? Like if two NFC South teams are on this list of four, when no one in the division plays a 3-4 defense which he supposedly desires so much to play for, and how he'll refuse to play for anyone not on the list, and so on. It's just dumb imo.

      If he has to play under the franchise tag for one more year in Carolina, then so be it. It's not like he has to sign a long-term deal, and I doubt they could afford to franchise him again next year (and if they did, he'd make between 45-50M in three years).
      I don't really want to see him in the uniform any more. After he came out and said "I don't want to be a Panther anymore" he hurt the team, and then saying "if they franchise me, I'll demand a trade" he hurt the team further and then by saying "there's only 4 teams *COUGH DALLAS COUGH* he's kicked the Panthers right in the balls and has closed off a massive portion of the trade market. Its a douche move, since now if only two of the three are interested they can deliberately keep the trade price low.

      Originally posted by PackerLegend View Post
      So from that list of all those big free agents everyone was excited about who is left? Fat Albert, YourMomma, Warner, Peppers, Gross.... but Gross will probably sign and then Peppers gets tagged so basically no one.
      Gross was never going to hit the open market, Albert will be hitting the market no doubt. Peppers isn't wanted on the team by many any more so him being tagged is just a way to get something out of losing a probowl Pass rusher.


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        There is a report on ESPN that Peppers, if traded, is interested in four teams. One was leaked is Dallas, 2-3 of the other 4 are NFC teams.


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          Originally posted by Geo View Post
          Originally posted by 49erNation85
          I dunno even half of those guys why did we sign them jeez.


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            Darnell Dinkins or Jason Wright need to be franchised IMMEDIATELY.


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              Originally posted by Geo View Post
              Mark Schlereth on TV today said, I kid you not, that the Titans could franchise Albert Haynesworth. What a complete dumbass.
              Oh I saw that and was pissed....

              These guys are making probably **** tons of money and they're wrong half the time. The other half they just come off sound stupid and uninformed. Seems like some of the time their answers are pre written just to make sure theres some disagreement.....

              I really wish I got NFL Network here....sigh.


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                Originally posted by BeerBaron View Post
                Oh I saw that and was pissed....

                These guys are making probably **** tons of money and they're wrong half the time. The other half they just come off sound stupid and uninformed. Seems like some of the time their answers are pre written just to make sure theres some disagreement.....

                I really wish I got NFL Network here....sigh.
                With tools like Jamie Dukes and Deion Sanders (great player, horrible analyst), NFL Network isn't much better than ESPN as far as analysts go.


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                  Originally posted by Geo View Post
                  You can only do it so many years, because it costs 120% to do with each following year.
                  I thought there was no circumstance you could do it 3 years in a row,

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                    What drives me nuts about the tag is teams aren't supposed to be able to use it this freely. The way the franchise tag was written into the CBA is you franchise a player so you can match any deal, but once you've signed the long term deal you cannot use the tag again during the length of it. So say Peppers got tagged and then signed a 5 year deal you wouldn't have a franchise tag available for 5 years. But teams immediately got around that by having players sign the tender offer first, then the extension, meaning they always have it and can rely on the knowledge they can use it on a player every year. And with all the cap manipulations giving nearly every team room to do whatever they choose, there's nothing to stop them using it on B players.

                    As soon as possible scrap it, leave the transition player tag in place (which gives the right to match a deal but no compensation if a team declines) and let free agency be fun for the fans.


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                      The problem with the transition tag though is you get no compensation, and team's will poison pill you all up and down.


                      I think only transition tag used since the Hutch/Burleson thing was Starks for the Steelers last year, and no one else wanted him.


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                        D-Sproles gets the tag. Too many people walking around San Diego with their "43 Lightning in a Bottle" shirts. 6.6 mill is pricey, hoping he signs an easier long term deal. Still, can't say I'm sad about keeping the young buck. Hopefully we see some more screens.


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                          He's what I think. Keep the franchise tag, but make some adjustments. No player can have the franchise tag used on them in consecutive years. Also, make it where the franchise tag player gets paid the same as the highest paid player at his position, not the average of the top 5. This just makes the franchise tag less attractive for teams to use. And if a player could be considered for two different positions, you have to tag him at the position that pays the most.

                          Also, I'd decrease the compensation the team that uses the franchise gets if another team were to sign said player. I'd make it where if another team signed the franchise player, they wouldn't have to give 2 first round picks anymore, but rather a 2nd round pick and a conditional 4th for next year that can become a 2nd. This way players who get franchised aren't automatically taken off of the market because the amount other teams have to give up to sign them isn't ridiculous. However, teams franchising a player could still trade said player.

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                            walter jones and or pace got it for a bunch of years before finally getting that longterm contract

                            The way it is

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                              Originally posted by Geo View Post
                              1. What a stupid argument. I wanted to write this up for an article, but I might as well get to it now.

                              If Polian ever had the following '10 free agents:

                              - QB Philip Rivers
                              - RB LaDainian Tomlinson* (he's signed through '11, but he won't see those last two backloaded years)
                              - WR Chris Chambers
                              - WR Vincent Jackson
                              - WR Malcolm Floyd
                              - LT Marcus McNeil
                              - OLB Shawne Merriman

                              and the following '11 free agents:

                              - TE Antonio Gates
                              - NT Jamal Williams
                              - S Eric Weddle

                              and he spends almost $7M for one year of Sproles? When the current CBA forces you to construct contracts to increase by no more than 30% from one year to the next? Then he would be a complete moron.

                              2. Chargers fans thought the team could trade a franchised Michael Turner, if I recall. They sure got that 1st round pick there.

                              Who's going to give up a draft pick for a scatback/return man, when they have to pay him too? And once he signs his name to the franchise tender, his '09 tender is guaranteed.

                              Smith should have just drafted Knowshon Moreno this April, to take Sproles' place this year and then take over for LDT next year. And then you draft a complementary back next year.

                              Craig Davis was a 1st round pick, one would think he could at least serve as the return man in the meantime.
                              I'll actually address the second statement first. The only time we thought we could get a first for Michael Turner was when he was a RFA, and we placed the highest tender on him. I believe the Titans offered a first, but wanted Turner as well as our first in exchange.
                              We placed the franchise tag on him when he became a UFA last year, but everyone including their mother knew that we weren't going to get anything in return for him.

                              As for the first question, there are certain people on your lists that won't command as much money (as well as more expendable). The major ones that need to resigned are Rivers, Merriman, McNeill, and VJ in 2009. If LT restructures (which I strongly believe he will), and Sproles gets a new contract, then Rivers will be extended as well as one other major player. Additionally, if the CBA doesn't get done, then Merriman, McNeill, and VJ all have an extra clause in their contract that allows us to keep them for another year (ie. McNeill becomes a RFA instead of UFA).

                              As for 2010, unless Weddle completely lights it up in the next two seasons, I don't see him commanding a huge salary at all. Cromartie, if he bounces back from this past year, will probably though. Jamal is getting up there in age so he's not going to command that much (we're probably going to draft his replacement either this year or the next), and if he does want more money, then we're probably not going to resign him. Gates and Cro are the only ones I worry about, though both have injury concerns this past year.

                              As for Sproles signing the tender. I don't think the risk is as great as you think. If he was injured then he would probably signed that tender in a heartbeat. Besides, most players hate the franchise tag. He'll hold off on signing that thing as much as possible. And there are probably teams interested in a returner/scat back. Heck, the Jaguars signed Drayton Florence to a 35 million dollar deal to be their nickel corner. So you know someone's stupid enough to do it. Plus, unlike Florence, Sproles isn't a total idiot and actually showcased his talent quite well this year unlike Florence's contract year where he was replaced by Cromartie.

                              AJ Smith comes from the Polian branch of doing things. He'll keep the major players and the rest will be replaced.
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                                You're right on Turner, they didn't franchise him, and the current CBA possibly helping out. Although surely we can agree it's risky to bank on that, even though I personally think there won't be a new CBA by the start of next season (I don't think we'll get to a labor stopage though).

                                Polian actually never locks up players until they are very close to free agency, for whatever reason. I wonder what his thought process is behind that, but I digress.

                                His philosophy, as you say and he's said, is to keep the great players, not the good ones. I imagine Smith feels the same.

                                But I don't think Smith can wait to do all of that, given how many quality free agents are coming up this year. Why not use some of this year's cap space to sign one or two guys now, at least? Even if he doesn't plan on signing Merriman long-term given his knee, maybe he'll franchise him for a year or two to see how things progress, Smith still has some guys he needs to lock up.

                                First and foremost, Philip Rivers has to be re-signed. One of the three starting wide receivers as well, most likely Jackson, although I'd aim for two of them. Chambers is the oldest, but he's the receiver I fear the most if he's healthy and playing with Philip Rivers - they have a good chemistry and he can be hard to cover, when you're concerned with Gates and the RB. Floyd is younger and is a bigger body though, would probably come cheaper.
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